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Day 36

Unfortunatly, things have taken a turn for the worst im afraid. Alot of my other symptoms have started to go away if not completely gone away ( except the lips which are still crazzzy dry), BUT my acne is possibly the worst its been. I dont have many whiteheads now but i have ALOT of big red zits. They are painful and last a long time. They dont dry up fast like they used to when i first started the drug :) It really sucks. I had thought my forehead was clearing up but then BAM, i get a million new huge zits on my forehead. It seems if i get a big zit, as soon as it starts to go away, another one replaces it!! that is so frigin frustrating!! my cheeks look like a volcano erupted! ive been on accutane for a month now and i expected to see at least a little improvement but its only gotten worse :D


day 18

ok, well all is not well.

I just broke out like crazy and its pretty nasty. My whole face is red and bumpy and i just want to put a bag over my head. My head isnt as itchy anymore although i do get the occasional urge to scratch. I find it really hard to keep my hands away from my face. I know its bad but its so hard to stop. My lips are the most dry they have ever been. Im applying chap stick all the time. Sometimes i feel a mild pain in my lower back... i was thinking i should tell my doctor about that the next time i go in. I also occasionally have a little bit of pain in one of my heels. Bothe the back and heel pain were not there before accutane. I think thats all i have to report on today.


day 9

ok, so yesterday i developed a new symptom of this lovely drug. i started getting quite an itchy scalp. i guess its just drying my scalp out but its kinda annoying if im in class and i keep scratching my head...

Ive found that im getting alot of whiteheads, alot more than usual but they are drying up pretty quicky which is good.

Although my lips are dry, they arnt cracking so its not painful, just annoying.

My face is really red which i hate. I just avoid mirrors.

I find it hard to keep my hands away from my face. I know thats bad but i cant help itttt!

oh, and the area just aroung my nostrils is kinda dry.


day 4

ok, day 4 and i dont know if its because of accutane or not but ive really started to break out. its horrible. all over my face just in time for going back to school...great ;)


You know what really pisses me off?

When someone ur talking to, who by the way has clear skin, starts either feeling their face or looks in a mirror and says, "oh man, im getting a zit". Its like...um, excuse me, i dont think you could have picked a worse person to say that to. Here i am with a huge crop of zits growing on my face and there she is complaining that she has one tiny microscopic bump.... how insensitive are people? jeez.

And then there are the people that feel the need to point out that you have acne. What do you say to that? "oh thank you for pointing that out to me, i would have never known if you didnt speak up. I never noticed it the last million times ive looked in the mirror. You have saved me much humiliation by letting me know." right ;) It really baffles me. Like do they actually believe they are helping??

AND dont forget the people who, when you really piss them off, they feel the need to cast the low blow, "ya... well... ur skin is gross! HA!", ok, thanks, im sure people will finally think you are the cool kid just because you made that comment.

Ok i think ive run out of things to rant about for now. Until next time...



oh, i forgot to do a little introduction.

Ok, so i just turned 20. i think my acne started in grade 9, but it wasnt bad. it started to really bother me maybe around grade 11. Unfortunatly it has only gotten worse since then. It has really taken a toll on my social life. Now, i really dont like to leave the house because i dont want people to see my skin. my freinds will say "its just acne, no one cares" but the thing is, i care. I hate looking in mirrors, i try my best to avoid them. i have pretty much no confidence and it sucks. i just want to be able to go out and not worry about how gross my skin looks. and thats why i have decided to go on accutane. i really really hope this cleans up my skin. i dont know what is left if it doesnt work.


3rd day of accutane

Ok, so for a long time now i have been debating back and forth about whether to go on accutane or not. Finally i decided to just go for it.

So im on day 3 of accutane right now and i feel just the same as always. but then again, i didnt really expect anything crazy to happen after just a few days. Im expecting it to get worse before it gets better because thats what ive heard happens to alot of people. No dry lips yet. Although people complain about them, im kinda looking forward to that just because then i know that the drug is actually working. ive tried so many other things for my acne and nothing has ever worked. im so ready to be rid of it. Lets see what happens to this huge ugly zit in the middle of my chin ;)

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