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Wow it's been a while. Well, in my last entry i was complaining about getting the FIRST black head. That was 9 months ago. Since then i have been getting the equal amount of little white heads but more blackheads, like one every three weeks.

The oil has remained the same since 9 months ago. It's summer and the temperature is in the 90s and that aggravates my oil glands.

By the way, the last time i went to the doctor (9 months ago) i was prescribed Epiduo. It sucks! When i apply it to a nascent pimple it never gets rid of it. A pimple will actually go away if you just leave it alone rather than applying chemicals to it.

The reason i am writing this entry it's because i just got another blackhead. I have thought about going on Accutane again but i'm 26. I wish it would just go away NATURALLY.

OVERALL, it's allright. Skin is better than before i started Accutane. After 2.3 years, it's 30% better, which is good! My regimine: 10% Benzoyl Peroxide during the day, regular face wash at night.

Well, i will be back in a couple of weeks. Hopefully by then my acne will slowly start disappearing NATURALLY. What i'm gonna start doing is STOP drinking and START consuming more Vitamin A foods, see how that works. Be back in two months to let you know the CHANGES.



Post Accutane (Day 600)

Well everything has come crushing down. The oil has come back to a significant amount and today i got my first black head after so many little white heads on my face. The bad part is it got in my cheek and it was HUGE.

It was so huge that when i popped it, the blood just streamed. I thought i would never get one of those again but here i am again. I had to pop it 'cause it was gonna do so anyway and i dont want it to happen in public or something like that. Now that's gonna leave a huge crater.

I would like to go back on accutane but i'm working full time now and can't get the state benefit, so i have to pay like 25% of all costs, which for a 5 month period on accutane, it will be like $1,000 for all blood, doctor visit, and accutane itself.

Well so long everyone. If i don't come back in a few months then i'm in a better place, but with my luck i'll probably get acne as a spirit as well =(


Post Accutane (Day 485)

so it's been 15 months and although i dont get those big nodular pimples, i still get the occasional white heads here and there...but the worse problem is the return of oily skin. I remember two week after stopping accutane it started to come back and as months progressed little by little the oilyness came back. Now at month 15 i have to wipe my face after four hours because it gets so darn oily again, not as bad as before but it is getting there IM 25 I THOUGHT NATURE WOULD TAKE ITS COURSE AND I WOULD STOP HAVING OILY SKIN ALREADY, INSTEAD THE ACCUTANE IN MY BODY IS RUNNING OUT AND NOTHING !!!

anyway, my second concern is HAIR LOSS. See, i've always been a dude who likes to grow his hair ,NOTgirly long but just enough that it covers my ears and is respectfully enough for work and stuff. But unfortunately i have not been able to grow my hair beyond 4 inches because then it starts falling off like crazy. What's worse recently a relative told me i have very thin hair. And when i went to cut my hair the other day, the hairdresser told me i'm losing hair because of oily hair

see i thought oily hair causes hair growth but browsing the web i find that oil in scalp causes hair follicles to clog and even prevent new hair growth. But evidence has it, and all accounts from accutane users, DRY scalp causes hair loss. So What, is it both???

Well, until later ... hopefully the next time i post here i my skin has gone dry from natural biological functions or something...come on! i'm tired!!!


It's been about a year since i finished my 5-month course of Claravis and i am satisfied. Though my skin is still oily, it is not so as before. Summers are worse since it makes my face icky. I get the occasional zit but it either turns into a white head or it disappears, nothing of that nodular pimples anymore, thank fully. I would like to go on another course so that i stop being oily all together though, but doctors these days wont prescribe it to you unless your face is destroyed. I have noticed one serious complication though and here is a question to all POST TANERS.....

Before accutane i hardly used to get sick, perhaps once a year from a cold but that's it. HOWEVER, since i stopped accutane a year ago, i've gotten sick more often. So far i have been sick about 4 times this year; either with a cold, fever, flu, or sore throat. This was never me before. I mention this because i've read the box and it mentions possible compromises to the immune system and even my doctor mentioned this. are any post-taners out there experiencing a decrease of their immune system? Thank you.


Post Accutane (Day 212)

Yup i have come back.

So it's been like 6 months since i have stopped accutane and i am satisfied with the results. My oil is down 50%, which is very good compared to having such an oily skin that it irritated my eyes. Back then in about 4hrs my face would be shinny. Now, after a 14hr work shift my face is a little oily but not that bad, plust it could be winter. Im sure during the summer my face will really get oily again but since i will be 25 by then i hope nature will vanish the oilyness.

SO i get the ocassional little white head here and there, like 2wice a week which is very good. Besides they are just little whiteheads that disappear after washing my face.

One IMPORTANT rule to those on accutane or who have finished their course: SCARRING is more likely and more visible if you damage your skin, say from popping a pimple or an accidental cut. See, the skin is very sensitive during and after accutane. SO if popping a pimple before accutane didnt leave that bad of a mark, now it WILL. i know so.

The results have been great but not excellent, but it's a nice feeling not having to stress about your skin while there's so much other stuff to worry about.

well kiddies, until later.


Post Accutane (Day 105)

Well, to answer the previous post's entry...YES Benzoyl Peroxide does help your skin A LOT after a course of Accutane. I'm currently using Clean and Clear 10% Benzoyl Peroxide two times a day and the 8-11 pimples i had on my face started fading immediately. Currently i have no active acne on my skin <<<knocks on hard wood>>>

My face isn't as oily as before but the oiliness is still there, i would say 50% of what it used to be, which leaves me with still a shiny and nasty skin, especially on a long day's work. I don't like it.

My Doctor was reluctant to prescribe me Accutane and i'm thinking if i ask her now she wouldn't prescribe me a second round to completely finish off acne and oily skin once and for all. However, i have found out that i can get Accutane without a doctor's prescription. This is highly NOT recommended for first time users because they are susceptible to bad side effects and even a stroke or heart attack, which can only be monitored through blood tests....

....However, this will be my second course and while i was in my first course ALL went fine, even in my blood results, EXCEPT when i got herpes and made my lips look HORRENDOUS. Other than that i know what to expect and stuff. But before i do this, i will go to my doctor next month and ask for a second course just to do things on the legit and safer side.

Okay, until then.


So i have been chosen to answer the question that everybody is pondering about: Do treatments like Benzoyl Peroxide work better after a course of accutane?

I couldn't take it anymore. I currently have like 10-11 zits on my face, including four pimples.

On my last visit to the dermatologist, my doctor told me to wash my face with Benzoyl Peroxide once a day. I chose no to pay attention to her even though when i asked her if BP will dry my skin rather than make it oilier she responded in the affirmative. She said "Accutane has changed your body chemistry FOREVER." Wow, i was shocked she used the word FOREVER.

In any case here i am, sitting here after washing my face with BP. In about a week i'll come back and see how the usage of BP is going. Poodles.


Well just as i feared. Two weeks ago when i left for vacation to my hometown my face was moderately oily with like one whitehead. I came back on tuesday and my face has been exploding since then. Not just whiteheads now, but pimples!

Last month my dermatologist prescribed me Benzoyl Peroxide 10% to wash once a day but i don't want to. I washed my face with it last night and this morning, and right now i already have two new zits that have developed.

Why did i have to be the 15% of Accutane users for whom the drug doesn't work? I am so pissed! If my acne doesn't calm down by the end of next week then i'm going to the dermatologist and demanding i take Accutane again.

As for right now, i'm gonna go back to washing my face with Clean and Clear microscrub face wash. I really don't want to put BP on my skin, for it will make me even MORE oily.

Until the next entry.


Well the oil has non-surprisingly come back. I'm all shiny again. It's only a matter of time before i start breaking out.

I can't believe accutane has failed me. I thought that all that cumulative dose was gonna maintain my skin dry or "normal" for months, instead it didn't even last a month. I must have a really good filtering system or something.

I don't know what to do right now. I'm gonna make an appointment with my dermatologist next week and see what she says. I'm afraid of going back on accutane again but i'm also scared of getting acne all over the place again.

Like i said, that's my luck. I'm one of the 15% for which accutane does not work =(



This is everyone's fear. After 21 days of finishing accutane the oil is BACK!!! And with oily skin comes breakouts. lately i have been having two pimples underneath my skin but they haven't surfaced yet.

This is a shame because most people experience dry skin months after accutane. And that ususally results in longer remission compared to those who get oil back right after the treatment.

Also my hair sucks. I guess it's true that people say: Hair grows way slower during and after accutane.



So if there's anyone out there wandering how long it takes for side effects to decrease after finishing accutane, from my experience i would say ONE WEEK.

After a week my very swollen lips decreased in size and i could eat comfortably without my lips tightening after i eat or drink. The enczema on the back of my hands went away as well. My lips are still a little bit swollen though.

Now THE FACE. I havent broken out since the beginning of my fourth month, so that i would make it 9 weeks and a half! However i felt something on my skin a few minutes ago after coming out of the shower. I'm not sure if it's a developing pimple or something else due to me scratching my face with a rough clothing frabric.

Oddly enough my doc told me after i finished accutane that i should wash my face with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. I've just been washing my face with regular water right now but since my face is becoming a little oilier as days go by i should start washing my face with a cleanser of some sort.

I dont know man, i hope i stay clear forever. With my luck i don't know how sure i can be of that. Sigh.


Oh man! After much patience and struggle i am finally done with my 5-month coure! Here's my end result:

My set cumulative dosage for 150lbs is 9,207mg and i finished at 10,200mg that's about 1,000mg over, so i should be good there. By the way, I've had acne for 12 years and it was moderate to severe. So you can imagine the scarring. I'm 24 right now.

Month 1: 60mg/day

Month 2: 60mg/day

Month 3: 60mg/day

Month 4: 80mg/day

Month 5: 80mg/day

I also haven't broken out in TWO months on my face. Today, however, i got a zit on my back. No biggie for now. I'm kind of scared because my face didn't end up dry as most people are complaining about at the end of their course. My face is a little bit oily.

I didnt have any severe side effect except for the LIP PROBLEM which was caused by contracting a cold sore from some person while doing weed, that with the suppression of the immune system and the severely dry lips screwed me. My doc said my lips should start feeling and looking better soon. Other than that i had enzcemic back hands. Other side effects became a little more apparent at the end of the course like FATIGUE, bloddy nose, and joint pain.

anywho, i don't find it necessary to post a post-accutane picture cause acne or no acne i'm still ugly. No need to scare the kids here.

Anyway, i wonder how long my face will stay clear. To people out there...PERSEVERE with this potently dangerous but very effective drug!


"when you go month 5 without any breakouts you will be done" -Dermatologist at the beginning of month 4.

Well, if that's the case then i guess in three days i am DONE because i haven't broken out for seven weeks. She hasn't officially left me off because i have been trying to make an appointment with her but it's nearly impossible. But i made one for the upcoming tuesday.

In any case due to my very disturbing lip problem i wouldn't want to do the 6th month because i want to start enjoying the rest of spring and summer. I already reached my cumulative and i havent broken out in a while. But i will still go to her anyway, just to get the OFFICIAL message.

My side effects right now include eczema on the back of my hands and FATIGUE. Yup, i feel SO tired and don't feel like doing ANYTHING. This is considering i don't do anything at my job either.

By the way, accutane does NOT make your hair grow faster. I haven't gotten a hair cut in four months and it's still very short. Back then by month 3 i would be all shaggy,not the case here.

Well, until next time.


sides effects= just the very swollen lips that has been present for the last month.

pretty odd but my face is a little bit oily and this is my last month on accutane. Why isn't my skin DRY like everyone else's. I'm afraid i will get acne back as soon as i end this 5-month course. i have been clear for 7 weeks though.

Anyway, i head back to the doctor next Monday, hopefully she takes me off this thing cause i can't bare another month. I already have reached my cumulative.

Anyway, work time, which means 8 hours of hell. Doh!


My lips are still swollen and the back of my hands are all enczematic. What else...i have this joint pain on right pelvis. I think it's from accutane 'cause i haven't done anything for it to injure.

Although i keep counting down the days before i'm off accutane and i can start recuperating my lips, the decision still needs to be made by my dermatologist. Hopefully she doesn't put me on for another month. I just want to end at month 5. I havent broken out in 6 weeks and i would have reached my cumulative by the end of month 5.

Anyway, i hate the sun. It makes my super swollen lips very shiny with the moisturizer i put on. I'm like a side show freak everywhere i go.


Stop looking at my lips people! I swear i hate society! Some people just rudely stare at you, don't they know it's damn rude? I'm about to knock someone out one of these days. I wanna carve my name on their faces while im at it

no side effect except for the lips currently. 15 days and i will fucking done!

haven't had no active pimples in 6 weeks neither.

fuck, i have to work 57 hrs this week. That's 57 hours of HELL with these acne issues.


Today at work someone took a look at my lips and says "gee, what happened to your lip?" "is it infected?" and then presumes to suggest "you gotta get that taken care of" ...NO SHIT you fucker!

Anyway, no accutane side effect right now except for the suppressed immune system that's preventing my lips from getting to its normal state. Other than that it has been 6 weeks since i have had a pimple.

My doctor said if i don't break out during the 5th month she will stop me. I want these next few days to fly by!


Same as last week. I still have swollen lips. It hasn't decreased one bit but i have started taking Motrin. It decreased the size of my lips last time before i stopped taking Valtrex and it all came back again.

So my regimen is 40mg of accutane during the morning with 500mg of Valtrex and 40mg of accutane during the night along with 200mg of Motrin. I'll take Motrin for the next three days and see if it decreases the inflammation.

AH! i am so tired of taking pills. If it all goes well though 21 more days and i am DONE with accutane.


Almost no side effect. Oddly today my face seemed oily. What's going on. I go from having normal skin condition to a little bit of oily while on day 125. I also have a little eczema on the back of my hands but nothing serious.

Now the big fish. My lips have stopped secreting the yellow stuff and it looks pretty good actually but it is still SWOLLEN. My lips looks huge.

But guess what. FIVE weeks and not even a little bump. I just hope this is my last month on accutane, if so 25 and i am done with accutane!!!


UGH. I haven't broken out in a month but i HOPE this is my last month on accutane because i frankly can't take this lip problem anymore. It's SO SWOLLEN.

Other than that i have no other side-effect.

I'm taking 1000mg of anti-bacterial and 500mg of anti-viral antibiotics for my lip problem each day on top of the 80mg of accutane. Thats 1,580mg/day folks.

I want this month to fly by. I wish i can just comfortably stay in my room for the next month but i cant! stupid work and stupid class, and STUPID society!


I only have one side effect from accutane right now but it is one MAJOR one. I've been with a bad cold sore outbreak for TWO weeks now. My dermatologist prescribed me Valtrex for five days and it worked for two days but when i didnt take it one day it came back AGAIN.

So tomorrow i have an appointment with the Doc again. Hopefully she can give me a magic touch or pill to rid of this severely swollen and yellow goo-secreting-lips problem. Other than that my face isn't even dry, it's just normal. Also, 28 days and no pimple.

Man, i'm stressed.

If i continue like this no way i can finish my course in 32 days.


Day 114 (80mg/day)

The only side effect that is affecting me still is the lip problem. I've tried EVERY lip balm/moisturizer out there. Today i went to buy Carmex, designed for cold sores and dry chapped lips, and it seems to be doing allright...but only time will tell.

The swolleness has decreased and my lips reduced its secretion of the yellow fluid. I wonder if having a "cold sore" and taking accutane, which suppresses your immune system, is a good thing.

Other than that everything else seems fine for now.

37 more days until i finish accutane. YAY.


Day 110 (80mg/day)

I went to my doctor on thursday and after examining me she said she's 90% sure i had a severe herpes outbreak. The herpes might have been gotten from the sharing of blunts. But in any case she prescribed me Valtrex! Wow, i never thought i would be taking that drung. I would scoff at those Valtrex commercials.

Equally important she suggested i continue with accutane, so here i am! I haven't broken out in over three weeks but today i developed two tiny little bumps. They're really small. She told me if by the next visit i am still clear she will stop me by month 5. YESSSSS! With my dosage i would surpass my cumulative dose by then.

So right now i sit here waiting for the Valtrex to cure my lip problem and wait 40 more days when i am off the drug and can Hopefully enjoy the rest of my life acne-free.

Until next time.


Everything was going so well until my lips swelled up to unimaginable proportions, destroying the first layer of my skin lips...and even inhibiting my ability to eat and laugh...It was too dry.

The positive thing is that i haven't broken out in three weeks. I have a doctor's appointment This friday and she will tell me what my next step is.

Is 3 months and 19 months of accutane enough for complete remission. It will be a miracle if it is for me.

Until then. :)


Day 107 (80mg/day)

The lip has gotten terribly worse as you can see from the link to the picture below. My lips has swollen up considerably that walking around in public is as embarrassing as having acne. Though my face has cleared up, i now face getting taken off of accutane if this problem persists.


I don't know, is it a cold sore or a severely infected lip? In any case, if it doesn't go away by monday i'm gonna make an appoint with the dermatologist for Wednesday. Hopefully she cures it and allows my to finish month 4 AT LEAST.

It was 78 degrees out today, i dream of the day where i can go out with no acne, the day comes but now i have an IMFLAMMED lip. Sigh.

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