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hi everyone!

this is my first entry in this blog. I have been struggling with annoying pimples for a while now but thankfully i think i've found something that works for me: The Oil Cleansing Method.

i probably wouldn't have ever found out about it unless i had been doing some research on mineral oil in skin products.

i have to say i have probably tried every skin care product out there from clearasil to duac gel, to neutrogena and lorreal... nothing seemed to be working for me.

eventually i gave up on all the products specially formulated for "oily/combination" or "acne-prone" skin. i stuck with aveeno ultra-calming face wash and then moisturized with pond's dry skin cream mixed with some eucerin extra-protective lotion. it seemed to be working for a while out in los angeles but now i'm back in humid, sticky florida...*sigh* i miss l.a....

but anyways...back to what i was saying, lol. so i was looking up mineral oil to see if it was bad for skin or not. (pond's dry skin cream's top ingredient is mineral oil) and i came to the conclusion that i should stop using that for my face.

i found this information out on this message forum and as i read through other people's comments, i stopped on something interesting. a woman was describing that yes, mineral oil was bad for skin and then she went on to talk about how she only uses olive oil to cleanse her face and moisturize as well. that sounded very interesting to me and so i decided to do a little more research on it.

that's how i discovered THE OIL CLEANSING METHOD. that evening, i took out our extra-virgin olive oil and decided to give the method a try. after following the steps i looked up at my face and it was glowing. "WOW," i thought. I hadn't experienced such immediate results with a product like that before.

the oil cleansing method recommends you use a cleansing oil combined with a moisturizing oil to both cleanse and moisturize your face. the top two oils mentioned are castor oil and olive oil but i found out that olive oil was a little too thick for me and so i decided to switch over to jojoba oil. i bought the castor oil at a health food's store (if you try this make sure the oils are the finest qualities and make sure the castor oil is cold-pressed) and the jojoba oil as well. i mix a bit of the two in the palms of my hands and massage the oil into my skin. then i lay a hot, wrung-out washcloth over my face and steam the oils to the surface. after two steams i simply wipe any excess oil away and that's that.

this is probably a routine i will continue to use. i love the way the oils feel on my skin and it seems to be helping to clear my skin.

i was skeptical at first "put oil on my face to cleanse my skin???!" but it really does work for me. oil cleanses oil the best. if you are interested in trying this method, please research it first. i did and i'm so happy about it. i feel like it is helping to reverse the harmful things i've done to my skin and being chemical-free feels really good to me.



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