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I started OrthoTricyclen-Lo yesterday. So far no serious side effects healthwise. Other than that, my skin is getting clearer and clearer!!!! Not because of the birth control since I just started, of course, but scars are fading even faster than before. My skin is also really soft and feels good to touch. I'm amazed at the results thus far. Like I said, I don't have "perfectly clear" skin yet, but it looks pretty damned good, even in comparison to 4 days ago.

I can't remember if I reported this but I finished up the Proactiv lotion and switched to Paula's BP a few days ago. I'm also starting to use the jojoba oil more frequently in the evenings.


Day 106

My face is definitely clearing up...fast! My sister has way better skin than I do but was with me the other day and we were talking and she just started staring at me and said, wow you have like no zits! your skin is so clear!

This was SUCH a surprise, given that her face is better than mine AND I really did still have like 1-2 zits on my face, not to mention a ton of scars. It was such a great feeling to hear all of that. I'm still on the neutrogena-combo, and my proactiv lotion ran out last night so I'm now switching over to Paula's BP solution. Hopefully it has the same effects.

Scars are definitely, definitely fading!


Day 98

The Neutrogena combination is working wonders! My scars have definite, visible improvement and using the Neutrogena moisturizer at night REALLY balances out what used to be dryness from BHA. My face is incredibly smooth and my scars are fading away very, very fast.


Day 90

Wow ok I stopped using Paula's BHA liquid altogether.

I use the Neutrogena healthy skin moisturizer at night (AHA formula) and the neutrogena 3-in-1 thing during the day (BHA) with the olay moisturizer.

It has done wonders! Definite, definite reduction in scars. AND my skin isn't flaking out all over the place like it did with Paula's BHA liquid! I'm very happy with the initial results!!!


Day 87

My skin is improving a lot. I still get new breakouts but for the most part everything is "calming down." I can tell it's improving but it's hard to judge the progress. I can say that I feel like I have less "caves"---my skin is definitely smoother. I still have a lot of scar marks on my forehead and on my cheeks/jawlines. But the scars on my forehead are "worse" for some reason, I don't know why! It might be because that's where I've been broking out in the past months.

I bought some new skin care stuff to use for the scarring. Well, first I bought the Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover. It works really well, has a bit of an 'oily' texture to it (it's liquid) but otherwise wiped my eye makeup off right away.

I also bought the Neutrogena's Healthy Skin face lotion with spf 15, and the Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment.

After checking out reviews for the healthy skin face lotion I decided to get it---it seems to work on people's scars. It has AHA in it, so I used it tonight for the first time instead of Paula's BHA liquid. It definitely has the effects everyone says it does--it makes your face look like it has shine beads in it, and it also tingles with a slight redness. As long as I don't break out in a rash I'll probably continue to use it in the evenings and then try Paula's BHA formula during the day.

The Stress Control is another BHA product but in lotion format. I felt like Paula's liquid formula was too drying so I thought I would try a cheaper, more moisturizing product. It is also a Paula's Pick.

My friend saw me yesterday and remarked how dramatically better my face has gotten in the last couple months. This is definitely good news; I hope it continues I would really really like to get rid of some of these scars!


Day 79

I've been rubbing jojoba oil into my face the last couple of day and that has made the world of difference to previous complaints of dryness. Otherwise, things are looking great :)

I still wouldn't consider my face to be "perfectly" clean, but it is starting to look more 'normal.'


Day 77

I finished the Olay cream this morning, which means it lasted for 60 days since Day 17 was the first time I used it. That's not bad for $18. I haven't used up my face wash yet but I will soon.

Otherwise, my skin is getting better and better every day. I have mostly scars leftover at this stage, not many pimples really. The scars take the longest to heal but there really is improvement so whatever I'm doing is working. Paula's formula is still working well but I can tell my skin is a little dry. I might actually go to the salon and get one of those glycolic acid masks in the summer. I'm considering getting Paula's skin lightening product too.


Day 74

My face is just a bit drier than I would like. Otherwise, my skin is getting clearer and clearer every day. I don't have those dark spots on my skin under my makeup anymore. I mean, I have a little but it's not as pervasive as they had been before.

Still haven't finished the olay moisturizer, which is good to know. l also haven't finished the Neutrogena cleanser yet.

I finally threw away over 5 lbs of shit skin care material over the weekend. It was a great feeling!


Day 69

Amazing progress on scar reduction in the last few days. I'm still a little shock that my little oil of olay moisturizer has held up this long, too. I still haven't had to use the replacement bottle I bought a few days ago.

I've been applying Paula's BHA liquid twice a day for the last 2 days. My skin is starting to dry up more, but I actually think it's more of an exfoliating-dryness as opposed to a dry-dryness, if that makes any sense. I still have my Neutrogena at-home microdermabrasion kit so I'm going to try to use it this weekend with a fresh batch of aspirin mask to try to manually scrub and exfoliate out some of the dryness. Otherwise I just gently rub my face in the shower with my fingers to get rid of most of the dry skin.

I used a couple drops of jojoba oil last night to help the dryness.


I can see my personality coming out more with each day. I used to restrain my personality and humour because I was afraid if I attracted attention then if someone looked at me then they would be repulsed by my acne. I wouldn't make eye contact with people because I was always thinking, "are they looking at the acne on my face?"

I don't think ANY of these thoughts anymore! I've also noticed that I've been getting more "glances" from guys and that I'm more willing to go out in public places. I used to stay at home all the time because I didn't want to show my face in public. It would interfere a lot with my social life and just enjoyment altogether. I can tell my self-confidence is increasing and I'm taking more chances in the dating department.

I stress that my skin is NOT perfect (yet?!). You can still tell that I have acne scars underneath my makeup (I don't like to wear it heavy) but since the intensity of the scars has diminished they look more like light, faded spots as opposed to the dark brown spots that used to show up underneath my makeup before. I was hangign out with one of my guy frineds (who has a girlfriend) and maybe it was a combination of my confidence and improved skin but he was being a lot more 'friendly flirty' with me, which felt good!

Here is an update of my product usage:

I still try to drin kwater/ACV 3x a day.

Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser

Paula's 2% BHA liquid at night; Proactiv Toner in the morning

Proactiv Lotion (2.5% BP)

Oil of Olay 7 in 1 total effects daily moisturizer

Daytime only:

Clinique 25 SPF Super City block

Revlon Colorstay liquid makeup (Sand Beige for Normal/Dry skin)

I'm debating about what to do when I run out of the Proactiv Toner. Should I lightly apply Paula's 2% BHA formula, or should I get a 1% BHA formula instead so that my skin doesn't dry out?


Day 64

I started using Paula's BHA on Day 47 and the change since then has been amazing. It's been 17 days, or roughly 2.5 weeks and the improvement on my face is dramatic. When I first started using it my face was a little sensitive. I didn't break out in rashes or anything like that but basically every single (large) pimple possible sort of erupted on my forehead and all my pimples/zits felt sensitive to the touch. Another week later, almost all of those bumps were gone. Really gone. Before they were hidden from sight, in a sense, but it still felt like if I applied pressure at any point something would come out of there the next morning. I started using the BHA formula twice a day for 4-5 days and then went back to nighttime application only. The healing process on my scars are incredible.

Since last night, my face has been reacting a little strangely to the product though. I notice that my skin is slightly inflamed for the first few minutes I apply the BHA product and then it goes away. It's completely gone by morning. I've become more cognizant of the positive effects the product has on my skin so it might be the fact that now I use a little more of the product every night and I apply more pressure on my skin with the cotton ball.

I bought some more of the Oil of Olay moisturizer today, and I also bought Revlon Colorstay Makeup for normal to dry skin. It applies and blends better on my skin than the True Match so I figured it's time to switch.

I'm interested in keeping track of the product life of all my skin products, so when I finish a product I will start a new category that lets me assess each product and its lifetime. I've yet to finish the neutrogena face wash, olay moisturizer, clinique sunblock, paula's Bha (of course), and the new bottle of proactiv I started.

I did some initial searching (as previous logs will show) but at the end of the day I think I'm saving a lot of money because once I 'stabilize' things there really is no reason to spend extra money on things anymore.


Amazing progress in the last few days. I was with my friend over the weekend and she commented on my skin yesterday saying that it had gotten a lot better--SINCE FRIDAY. I honestly think it's Paula's BHA liquid formula that is just taking the skin renewal process to a whole new level. I put another one of my friends on it and she said that she is already seeing results too!

I have some pretty important pictures coming up in a couple of months but I feel like I won't have too much to worry about. Even though this is officially 'day 61' I really didn't start using 'good' skin products until after the first month when I actually took Paula's advice and started replacing previous skin irritating products with ones that are healthy for my skin.


Day 57

I can't rave ENOUGH about Paula's BHA formula. I've never seen "bumps" on my skin disappear/repair so quickly. She's right; BHA really does "go into the pore" and cleans things out. I'm really happy about things right now. When I would look at myself in the bathroom mirror at school under the flourescent lights I would only see these gross dark spots all over my face. That's changing and I"m starting to see more bits of beautiful skin every day.


Day 53

Paula's 2% BHA liquid formula is definitely doing its job. I can already see a decreased number of blackheads, scars are improving rapidly, and it is already killing one of my baby zits.

I haven't been posting as much lately simply because I am starting to feel content with the way my skin has been looking and improving.


Paula's toner is amazing. I've only been using it at night for a couple of days now but the difference between using her toner and the proactiv one is amazing. There's not much more I can say right now except...well...things are getting better REALLY fast!


Paula's Choice products arrived today, yay! Since I still have the Proactiv toner I'm going to only apply Paula's BHA at night and use the Proactiv toner during the day. They stick in a little "guide" on how to use her products and in what order, which is really helpful. The general order is as follow:



Exfoliate (AHA/BHA)

Topical Disinfectment (BP)



Starting today I'm basically following the above pattern depending on if it is day/night.


Day 46

You konw your face is getting better when you're not overly self-conscious about whether or not people are looking at you or your acne. That's where I'm at right now---I can look people in the eye again without feeling self-conscious.

I started a new bottle of Proactiv Lotion a couple days ago. Paula's products have yet to come.


Day 45

A month and a half later my skin is better than I ever would have believed it could be in such a short period of time!


Day 43

Ahhh this stinks I have some 'erupting' zits on my cheeks. A little annoying after experiencing nearly bump-free skin on my cheeks for about a week now. That's okay, they aren't as bad as the ones I had had on my forehead a couple weeks ago so I suspect they will clear out pretty soon.

I can't wait for Paula's products to come in the mail. Well it's really only one new addition to my skin care regime, but if the product lives up to its review that would be VERY nice!


Day 42b - Poor!

Okay I placed my order with Paula's Choice. I initially wanted to get a bunch of stuff but then I realized how poor I am so I reduced it to 2 meager items: the 2% BHA Acid Liquid (applies like a toner) and then her 2.5% Blemish Fighting Solution.

I am almost finished with my Proactiv Lotion ( I have another one in the stocks) but I want to try out her 2.5% BP formula first. It's cheaper and if I end up liking it more I can always just give my sister the extra Proactiv Lotion. I'm excited for the BHA liquid; there were a lot of great reviews of it on her website and I think it's the one thing that's missing from my skin care regime---an effective exfolliant.


Day 41

My skin is still improving every day, but I'm starting to get like these 'post-zits.' I don't know how to describe them exactly. They are 'fresh' zits that are coming up on places where I used to have zits months before. It's not terrible and doesn't feel like a breakout or anything like that. I remember this happening the last time I was on Proactiv. Old zits that were just 'covered' but not completely gone are probably coming up again as my skin improves. I used to be really concerned about my forehead because I had those big pimples that 'hurt' when you moved your face but they are now starting to clear up significantly.

Not drinking the water/acv mix as much. The cold weather is really making me lazy!


Day 40

Day 40 is like, a month and 10 days. Like I've said, my skin is by no means perfect or anything, but it has undergone a drastic improvement. Acne scars are fading by the day, even some that have hung around for literally a year. Hopefully by Day 60 most of the acne spot/scars on my cheeks will have disappeared. That would be nice! Otherwise I'm enjoying my smooth skin.


Day 39

My face is still clearing up by the day, and this is after not using the aspirin mask for almost a week. I think what I'm going to do is continue on with Proactiv without the aspirin mask. When I start my summer job I will buy one of Paula's AHA/BHA products for exfoliation purposes.

So, again, here is my regime:


multivitamins 2-3x a day

Water/ACV/raw honey mix 2-3x a day


Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

Proactiv Toner (with BHA)

Proactiv Lotion

Oil of Olay 7 in 1 moisturizer

Clinique Super City Block (25 spf)

Loreal True Match foundation, blush and powder

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