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Seems like a lot to read, but it surely would mean a lot if you did. To us both.

I usually never do this-- but I find myself looking at other people's Blogs looking for things to read and people to share this experience with. It feels right to do it on my own.

I'm 18, Male, and I have suffered this "acne" since the near beginning of my Freshman year in high school. I am now a Freshman in college and I still am putting up with it. Though it has made a significant increase over the past year--I still am not happy and my dermatologist can see why. I have been put on Accutane (40mg/day for the first month, now on 80mg/day for the second month), started somewhere around November 10th, 2007. I am still unsure about how happy I am with it, I have seen some results but I still find myself hiding away from my entire life because of the condition of my skin. No, no, I am not depressed--I am simply discouraged. I still go out, I still have a good time, meet girls--but it makes it harder on me when I can't help but think about the condition of my skin. My grades suffered my freshmen year, only getting a 3.154 GPA for the first semester--sometimes I would skip a class here and there because of my skin. I am the only one left really out of all my friends who still has to put up with these noticeably. It's embarassing, it makes me look/feel like I am not cleanly (even though I am), and it kills my self-esteem.

Since on Accutane I have found certain periods of a few days where my skin looked pretty damn good, I'd go out-- to find that over some magical night I'd wake up and say "Wow I am not going out tonight, look at me." I have to make up ridiculous excuses to my friends who call me, ignore their calls, or do whatever I can--to make it look like I simply just am not/don't feel like going out that night. It's ridiculous, and just makes me upset.

I spend periods of anywhere from 1-4 days inside waiting to let my skin heal up by drinking nonstop green tea and taking care of my skin-- not going outside or leaving my house ONCE. It's upsetting that I have to go through this. I don't understand how everyone else around me is fine--but I go through this?

Hopefully I can eventually post some good results to give others who are on Accutane some hope with the product. I read a lot about people who are clear for months then start to break out again (after a course)... I want to not be in that group. I hope I can share with you all, good stories and posts that will give you hope as well.

Every week I will post an update--I will consider putting up pictures to show the progression of my skin. A lot of people say just after month 2 they really begin to notice their skin blooming and clearing up. I hope I can be one of those people. You'll know sooner than later.

Feel free to post comments on what you did on Accutane that helped prevent your breakouts, reduce inflammation, etc. If there is any safe topical products I can use-- or homemade. Anything. I admire all help and would be grateful to be able to share it with others who are on Accutane.

Good luck to those of you on Accutane along with those of you who are finding other means to cure this very inconvenient problem.

Though I don't expect common readers, expect a post by: Tuesday, January 8th, 2007...

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