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Mandy Ann


I was doing a lot of thinking earlier, and I concluding that there is a bit of a positive side to me dealing with severe acne. Though it's made me completely 100% antisocial, miss out on events, depressed, etc., I realize there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I've been dealing with acne since 5th grade. It started out moderate, then turned mild, and i've been dealing with both moderate and mild acne on and off. When I got in high school, I became overly obsessed with my skin, where if I got a simple mild breakout... i'd be staring in the mirror crying my eyes out until I was unable to breathe. I always thought it was the end of the world. Hell, if I had the face that I have now back in 9th grade, I probably would have killed myself. But having severe acne now... i'm not afraid of breakouts anymore. I know that when I do clear up on accutane and I end up getting a mild breakout, I won't even think twice about it. I'd think to myself "I've dealt with a lot worse, this is nothing that should phase me."

Also, since dealing with acne.. ever since I read that diet could possibly have an effect on acne, I immediately became very paranoid about what I ate. I stopped drinking pop almost 3 years ago and stopped eating fast food 2 years ago. Thats probably a good thing I suppose... but I also ended up giving up TONS of other foods I loved... and I was always paranoid whenever I drank milk or orange juice. That drove me nuts that I had to be so paranoid constantly about my diet and if it was going to cause me to breakout... while all my friends were enjoying a delicious taco from taco johns with no care in the world. Now that I have severe acne, I realize that after all this diet paranoia, it hasn't made any difference on my face at all. If it did, I wouldn't be dealing with a face full of acne. Now i'm back to the foods I love again and my face is no different... its actually getting way better from the medication i'm on. To celebrate, im going over to taco johns one of these days and ordering a large order of potato ole's =]

Last, my biggest benefit is being able to go on accutane and finally be able to have completely clear skin (hopefully) for the first time since 4th grade. Before, when my acne was mild/moderate, my parents would have never agreed to have me go on accutane, do to the expense. I probably would have no other option that to apply BP to my face morning and night again. OHHH how I hateeee being a slave to topicals. Not being able to miss a night of applying benzoyl peroxide... spending about 45 minutes nightly on a skin care routine :D It will be so nice to just pop a pill daily and wash my face with simple soap and water. After accutane, im definitely never going back to using topicals again.

And in the end, as cheesy as this sounds :D, I know that dealing with severe acne will make me a stronger person in the end.

That is all :wavey:

Mandy Ann


Right now, i'm just trying to waste away time until I work up the courage to go back in the bathroom. I went in there earlier and was about to shower, wash my face, brush my teeth... all that fun bedtime stuff =] But out of the corner of my eye, I see this thick, hairy, black blob on my wall.... sure enough, it was a nasty big spider.

My first reaction was to run the hell out of there, which I did. Then I whined about the situation for a while. Then I decided to terminate the fucker. :wavey: So I got my baby brother's nifty foam baseball bat and went in to do the dirty deed.

But of course... the spider ended up disappearing, probably hiding behind one of the framed pictures on my bathroom wall.. waiting until I can go to sleep so it can lay eggs under my skin or something. :D

The end.

I'm going back in :D

Mandy Ann

Hello everyone =] I just wanted to post my first entry in my blog. This is a pretty cool idea. I suppose i'll talk about anything in here since I already have an acne log going on.

Lets see...

Today i've been really addicted to watcing those GI Joe PSA's. If you don't know what that is... going on youtube or google videos and type that in... and prepare to laugh.

"I just wanna ride my moooooootercycle."

ohhh about 20 more days until I start accutane :D I'm so excited.

Anyways, the best pizza in the entire world that anyone could ever eat just arrived at my house, so I am going to cut today's entry short :wavey:

ps. I just realized that the purple color I used is incredibly bright and obnoxious. But its a cute color so i'm not going to change it :D your eyes shall suffer.