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I myself am new to the world of moderate/severe acne, so....I could use any help from people who know what there talking about. I never really had a severe problem with acne as I went through the years of adolesence. I had no severe problem when I was 13-17 years old. It was great, I was even able to graduate from my high school with a good complexion and lots of supportive friends. Well.....after I graduated I decided to go to a foreign school. I decided to go to a college in the distant country of Argentina. Far away from home my calorie intake increased my exercise decrease and I was not able to wash my pillow case and sheet as often,so....hygine also decreased. MY FACE EXPLODED!!!! (with pustules, and even a minor cases of tunnel acne). Right Now, I am back home for Christmas but only have a week left before I return to Argentina for six months. I really need some HELP !!!!


I have done my research.....somewhat..... One of the most intriging things that I stumbled upon was this.....


(please read this and respond)

So....is skin health linked to colon health or not? In this case would detoxification really help acne? Would the liver be able to dump waste more easily if we all STAYED REGULAR and kept are colon Clean.....!!!???(seems so simple but so logical to me)

You see, Western Medicine tends to treat the symptoms rather than the cause. You know why....take a wild guess?.....hint: What happens when you have another acne breakout....You buy,buy,buy ...try, try, try...and then the products give you temporary relief but just like a dog returns to its vomit you return to the store and invest in the same or slightly different products and see the Same Results....<<< I appologize, I just get so aggrivated with how many people and companies lie in todays world just to make more money....I'm just looking for the simple truth to acne without , Feel Good Promises and expensive products. Its simple...because what you look like on the outside, I think, reveals everything about whats happening on the inside. Our bodies will take care of themselves if we give them the chance, but I think there is so much BS put into our bodies today that our organs and systems freak out and don't know what to do....hence blemishes and sore of the face. Smack me in the face(or blog) if you think otherwise


Yes, I agree that using benzol peroxide is extremely effective but what about salicylic acid. I have some that was perscribed by my dermatologist, but it only Irritates my skin, which, according to the regimen posted on this website is bad.... Aggravation of the skin is Bad. (I need help here to)

Acne side-effects are destroying my life by crushing my self-confidence. I used to be so outgoing and funny, but acne has hidden that side of ME. My case of acne isn't really even that bad compared to others. I understand this, but its still psychologically crippling.

Thank you, MIKE

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