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Just Started Accutane.. WHOA !

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Wow, so I finally took the plunge into Accutane so I decided to sign up for Acne.org so I could atleast write a blog every few days to help myself maintain. Not sure how many people are gonna view it and even respond to it but any reponse would be greatly appreciated ya digg ! lol ;) but yupp today is day one: December 24th, CHRISTMAS EVEEE :ninja: happy holidays to everyone out there.. A little background information on me: 5"10 132 Pounds, Half Cuban/Half Indian fairly dark complextion, suffered with moderate acne since sophmore year and now its pretty much severe acne (freshmen year college). Anyways my derm started me out on 60 MG a day. So we'll talk it one day at a time! Hopefully it will finally get rid of this dreadfullllllllll acneeeee. All I can do is wait.. If anyone has any advice from their expierence on accutane pleaseeee feel free to leave some feedback. :wall:

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