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Vitamin C

The other day my face looked like poop. I don't know why but i broke out in clumping acne around the corners of my mouth/chin area. that seems to be my problem area lately. So i went to Meijer and bought two 100 capsule bottles of pure vitamin C (1000mg) for six bucks. I hope it does something, i've heard vitamin c is very good to take.

I also went tanning yesterday for the first time! :] i hope to see an improvement in my skin tone in about three visits. I can't wait to be darker for prom! I am reeeeallly pale.

I have three about three very stubborn pimples right now that just wont go away, not with bp, or the toothbrush, or ice, or anything. Grrrrr. lol.

I mean other than that, things are okay i guess. i looked in the car mirror the other day though :[ red marks are wayyyyy more visible in car mirrors. it sucks.

well. off to work.


Okay so I really like to drink pop but I know i can't because it makes me break out near my mouth/chin area. I work around pop and its hard not to drink it when we dont have any water and only pop...so i've been drinking pop lately and broke out again near the corners of my mouth. Had one big nasty VERY painful pimple, i iced it, put BP on, generally just waited a couple days until it finally popped on its own. I put Neosporin on a couple nights and it's barely visible now. It was sooo painful, it feels much better now.

I have also been using a tinted moisturizer in order to reduce red marks. it seems to be working okay, except i haven't been applying the moisturizer evenly and i noticed at work the other day that my face was discolored! my cheeks are getting darker and my neck/sides of my face are still white! lol. so i am fixing that.

My forehead randomly broke out in small bumps about a week ago and didn't return to normal until just about a couple days ago. It's always weird when my forehead breaks out. It is almost always clear, and i only break out in tiny almost unnoticeable bumps which generally take a week to go away and dont come back for another few months. I'm so happy its back to normal now. :]

other than that, things are going well. i wonder though, why do i have indent scars on my right cheek when i didnt even have acne in that area? well i mean i had it there, but definitely not ALL over the area. i just wonder why my skin scarred randomly.

soo thats it for my update. :]


Taking the acidophilus and B6 pills, washing with Clearasil Ultra Gel Wash with 2% SA, spot treating with BP and using Neosporin to help heal red marks. Not to mention exfoliating with St Ives Apricot Scrub.

Thing are going really well, I haven't had a new breakout in days, except I have noticed a small spot on my chin this morning which I attacked with BP. :]

These red marks are so IRRITATING! Even makeup does not cover them in the way I want them to be covered. *whines* i want to go tanning. :[

-sigh- Other than that, nothing else much going on. I'm all better from my cold (which lasted longer than expected), although I am coughing still.

I broke up with my boyfriend on Wednesday and it's kind of stressing me out but I'm trying not to let it. But it's Saturday and I still haven't talked to him about it... I miss him. But in a weird "I don't want to date you again but I miss you" kind of way.

A person can really become part of you after six months.


Found a regimen!

So I've been ugly sick for about two days now. I say ugly sick because its the kind of cold that makes you want to die, you feel so gross :[ I've had a fever for two days, feeling awful, coughing every two seconds, and I'm even missing my midterms at school! :) but i still wanted to make an update.

I went to the store and bought some things. I bought a vitamin b6 bottle along with Acidophilus (sp?). I take the b6 at night and Acidophilus in the morning, each with a meal. I also bought some alcohol free Stridex pads which have 2% SA. I also wash with Ultra Clearasil Gel Wash. At night I put BP on my acne prone areas and sleep with it on. The bp is Clean & Clear brand. So far i'd say things are looking up. I have not had any new pimples in three days. I am waiting for my red marks to clear up. I had to put concealer on my red marks today because my boyfriend came over to drop some of my books off, just in case i go to school tomorrow, so i can study for my government exam, and i never felt so good just wearing concealer.

well my grammar is getting worse as i type, i am very light headed and drowsy right now, i hope this ugly cold goes away by friday in case i have to work. i dont want to call in sick :[


I made a list of things I should buy in order to begin creating my own regimen. I'm going to try and get some of it at the mall on Saturday. Maybe some Friday (tomorrow).


As if life isn't stressful enough for a teenager, acne just adds to everything.

Let's see, what else... um, yeah, nothing really new going down here. Feeling shitty about my red marks. Reeeealllly want to go tanning. Dunno when. I can't drive so...it makes going places a lot harder. Cause my mom doesn't understand and doesn't want me to go tanning. And my sister doesn't tan anymore so. Yeah.

I feel like finding my own regimen has become an obsession of mine as of late. All i think about is my skin's condition. I feel so ugly sometimes, but its like oh well what can you do but wait. Wait for a solution. An answer. A cure.

I'm drinking lots of water throughout the day. I pee like twice in school because I fill my water bottle up about three times.

I'm working out at night...speaking of which I have to finish this up so I can shower and work out, etcetera.

Eh... gonna stop drinking coffee in the morning. It doesn't actually wake me up, and i guess caffeine is bad for my skin. So that's out.

Haven't had a glass of milk in months. :[ I miss it.


A change in diet

Well its the new year, time for some change.

Feeling pretty depressed about my skin lately, more than usual, and about my weight, more than usual. Decided that its best to make some changes. Drinking lots of water. Being active. Etcetera.

Taking the TV out of my room. I watch too much and it makes me lazy.

I slipped up and drank a lot of pop last week. Broke out around the corners of my mouth as a result. Eh.

Been doing some oil cleansing of late. Really brings small bumps to a head.

So now thinking of trying some glycolic acid.

Oh, also switched makeup. Concealer and powder with minerals.

Thinking about going tanning to make red marks less visible. I am pale.



I just couldn't stick with it, I am not that type of person I think. I started breaking out on my forehead which has always been clear. The smell of vinegar was making me gag, and drinking the ACV had me dreading every morning and night. It made me want to vomit. So I relapsed and washed with AcneFree. My forehead has since cleared up and so far everything is going well. So. I don't know what. I guess I will continue with AcneFree. Maybe the natural method isn't right for me, even though I wussed out after two weeks.

But. Here is my new year's resolution : to buy a workout video! Maybe actually having a set routine/workout will help me to stay focused when it comes to actually working out...and maybe I will finally get those abs I've always wanted. And maybe I will feel better about myself overall if that happens.

Now...I don't think I'm fat. I'm about 5 foot 7 and 135 lbs. I'm like average. But my stomach is like...floopy. I'd like to change that.

Anyway. Still addicted to chocolate.

I think sometimes I would be embarrassed if I saw people today that I haven't seen in a while, like those friends from that city i used to live in that I kind of still keep in touch with...or that boy I used to kind of go with who moved away, or that other boy I met at Wendys and haven't seen since because I got a boyfriend and he got busy. I wonder if I would dislike seeing them, even though I want to see them, simply because I am unhappy with my skin and my weight. But if I could just change one thing. At least one. I might feel better about it all. And not worry so much.

Just some thoughts.

Oh...also thinking about buying Prosacea for redness.


Day six

Day six and my skin is still looking fairly good. Especially today, I thought today was a very good day. My forehead is weird. Today I had a few little bumps, but I know by tomorrow they will be gone. My forehead is just like that. Hm.

As for drinking ACV...i didn't drink it straight like i said :] but i will, maybe tonight.

Gah. I can't stop eating chocolate. The christmas season...i have so much chocolate, i'm pratically an addict. ;)

Still, my skin is looking damn good for only using water and vinegar.

My scarring, I think, is already looking less red. So i am excited for that.

As for staying away from popcorn...eh...not so easy. I'll keep trying.

Um...anything else...not quite. Thinking about switching makeup. from regular Dream Matte Mouse foundation to a concealer and maybe mineral makeup. But ill think about it more.


Day four

I'm trying to cut popcorn from my diet, which will be difficult since I work as a movie theater concessionist. I ate some today, but not nearly as much as i usually do. Maybe I can just cut it down just enough.

I have also been drinking ACV now instead of using it topically. It's pretty gross. I mixed it with water last night and with orange juice this morning. Not sure if I should do that...tonight I will try to drink it straight. I hope I don't vomit.

I'm really surprised at how my skin is reacting to only washing with warm water, even after I have been wearing makeup all day. I'm not having any new breakouts. I mean, my skin isn't improving, but it isn't getting worse. I hope it just gets better from here.

Speaking of makeup, I think i might switch to a different product.

Well, ta for now.


Well. A few days into the "warm water/vinegar" treatment. The vinegar smells terrible :wall: but this regime is so easy. And for going four days without using AcneFree, when I expected to break out like no other, I am happily surprised to find that it is the exact opposite. Right now I am right where I've always been. Whiteheads on my cheeks along with some scarring, and nothing on my chin or forehead. It's going well so far, I'm keeping my hopes up. ;)

Five months seems like a long time and i've heard that's about right when it comes to this method. Five or six months to see the actual results. But...still optimistic. Trying to be patient.

More to come.

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