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I guess this is a summary of my skin history so far.

I am currently 20 years of age.

My skin has always been sensitive, oily.

I've always had occasional breakouts ever since I was in seventh or eighth grade, it was never too severe to start with, but always always redness prone.

Through highschool it was never too horrible, for a while it cleared up almost entirely. There was usually only one or two on my face at a given time if even that.

But once I hit 18-19, my skin took a turn for the worst.

By the time I turned 19, I had over 30 cysts on my face at a time. It was terrible. Red, swollen, painful to the touch. The cycle of breakouts seemed endless.

I went to a dermatologist at 18 and I was prescribed antibiotic after antibiotic, none of which worked for me.

After using them, it only seemed to make it worse. I began getting jaundice/liver problems, possibly as a side effect to the antibiotic, or perhaps the antibiotic only exasperated my weak liver.

This skin doctor refused to try any of the modern technologies on my face (NO glycolic peels, no talk of microdermabrasion, nothing) and each time I went in I felt more terrible and embarassed at my face, and felt like it was all my fault that those pills were not working.

After the liver problem, I finally just switched to a new skin doctor who tried to remedy some of the scarring at least, with glycolic peels. Those helped QUITE a bit, as being off the antiboitics also helped at bit.

What seemed to help most of all was actually getting more SUNLIGHT and changing my diet to a more healthy one. I know many people say diet doesn't have anything to do with it, blah, blah, blah, but it really seems to.

I didn't even know I had celiac disease. I was eating grains and breads on a regular basis and feeling weak and sickly all the time. FINALLY I went to the doctor after a year of not going (since I was afraid of getting prescribed another antibiotic) and got a blood test which confirmed the gluten intolerance. After I cut out the gluten my skin improved a bit, mostly my health and energy levels but also my skin, once I no longer had B vitamin anemia.

My skin always gets much much worse in the winter. In the summer my skin is much clearer, which leads me to think that sunlight is somehow helping it clear up too.

Over the past month I've started taking a skin pill supplement with a blend of burdock root, milk thistle, red clover, and yellowdock in it. This also seems to help.

I don't get periods. They started skipping when I was 17-18ish again for unknown reasons (probably hormonal) and this is probably also a huge reason why my skin is causing me grief. I have not gotten a period since February or March '07, and only had three or so the year before that.

A month ago I finally asked a doctor to give me a blood test to see why this would be happening, along with many other embarrassing tests they made me take, but then I received no feedback about anything. They were very disorganized and messed up the tests, made me get stuch TWICE because they messed up the first blood test, messed me around with finding out the results, and then billed me 150 some dollars afters saying there was no charge. I have not gotten any response about my hormone levels and am left in the dark because of yet another doctor's office that doesn't have their act together. I'm afraid of doctors already and after trying to reach their office ten times, leaving voicemail and getting no responses at all, I dread ever having to deal with a medical doctor again.

So I don't know what my hormones play into my acne, but all I can guess it they do, since I have no periods.

Lately I've been putting a very thin mask made out of plain yogurt on my face before sleep. As strange as this sounds, it is WORKING!

My face is a million times less red after I wash it off and the acne is drying all up. It also softens it and there are less blackheads. My thoughts about why this works is that it's because yogurt contains lactic acid, a mild exfoliant, acidophilus, which my current GOOD skin doctor said I might want to also take internally to combat all the stress put on my body from the previous antiboitics, and I cuppose also because it has some proteins and nutrients in it that help all the probiotics and lactic acid sink into my pores and clean them out.

I can't believe I figured this cure out. One day I was just eating yogurt and got a dab on my face. It got left on for just an hour or so but when I washed it off I noticed the acne zit it had been over was mysteriously dried up. I gradually decided to try it all over as a think mask diluted with water and, voila, something topical that actually works.

This is all so far, my acne has gotten quite a bit better than a year ago, but it still had a way to go.

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