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So.. I have just ordered the Starters Kit from Daniel Kerns Regimen. I really hope this works, because I have been suffering from Acne since I was about 13, so its been 6/7 years with the Acne battle (peoo-peoo).. I have used Proactiv for quite a while, and that really did not do anything.. and then ive also tried all of the over the counter products such as clearasil, clean and clear, etc. Those seemed to work a bit better, but they overdried my face and theres basically no life to it, i need my glow and smoothness back!! So.. I was looking online to try something else.. I was going to try Murad Acne Complex.. but I read so many reviews and all, and it seems to be just like proactiv, and i hear a lot of bad things about it, but also some good things. So I came across the Daniel Kerns Regimen off of Acne.org, and it seemed really interesting. Then I read success stories, and reviews and everyone seems to be happy with it. Hopefully this will be the last product I have to try. Acne has really demolished my self-esteem. I have been shying away from activities whenever I have a breakout, and not really myself around people, and tend to skip class whenever I have a bad bad pimple. It sucks to live like this... but hopefully something will finally work. My acne isnt bad bad.. I believe its mild/severe. I just get zits and whiteheads around my chin, nose, and cheeks. I hope this clears my acne without overdrying! Well see ;)

The Acne.org Regimen
The Acne.org Regimen
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