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Boob jobs and Botox

Someone asked why I was so negative about optional plastic surgery for wrinkles and the like.

I figured I would answer it in a blog so my post didn't get off topic.

There are a few reasons.

1. I have a traditional view of beauty. I subscribe to the saying "grow old gracefully." I see a women with laugh lines and smile, knowing she has laughed alot. I see someone with crows feet and wonder if they spent alot of time at the beach, squinting to block out the sun. I see someone with gray hair and think they must be a lot wiser than me.

On the contrast I see a woman who is 60+ (and the whole world knows it but her) with clothes from the Juniors department, a puffy face with no lines or expression, bleach blonde hair, porno boobs, and think, "How sad" Her whole life's meaning depends on her being something she is not.... young.

2. Mom's are too concerned with being a MILF. What happened to just being proud to be a mom.

Is it just me, or did no one else know that you can lose your life when you go in for "routine" plastic surgery? I think Kanye West knows this now. I just hope all moms that go in for boob jobs at least leave a note for their kids. Something to the effect of "dear kids, if you are reading this, than I didn't make it through the surgery. I am sorry that you will no longer have a mother in your life. But please know that I wouldn't have left you if it wasn't deathly important that I have a nice rack"

3. I used to work with teens, and I actually used to be a teen. As a teen you look to other people older than you to be role models. There needs to be all types for these teens to look at. Like, "hey, her nose is kind of big like mine....but she's pretty and confident and successful." or "hey, her chest is small like mine, but she is fun and outgoing and pretty"

Why does everyone have to get a boob job, nose job and straighten their hair?

What about the push for "diversity"?

Those are just a few unpolished thoughts. Baby is awake now, so I must go!

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