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I'm on the right. That's my daughter on the left. She has amazing skin thanks to BCP. This was taken in July, but my skin looks the same.

Still liking my skin a lot. I get the occassional blemish, but have not had any cysts or nodules. Sometimes I get lazy and forgetful, straying from my skin cleansing regimen. When that happens my skin is all too quick to remind me with clogged pores, but if I'm faithful then my skin is happy.

I'm not experiencing any long term after effects from the drug. I'm very sorry some people do. :(

The only skin issues I'm having now are not acne or scar related. Actually, I don't even notice my scars anymore (oh, they're still there!) and they are not a distraction to the opposite sex. Unfortunately, I'm now dealing with melasma on my chin, upper lip, and apples of both cheeks. It's minimal and easy covered with makeup, but still, argh! I tried some skin bleaching cream for 3 months. Didn't do a darned thing! I don't have the money to visit a derm at the moment and it's not so bad that it's harming my self esteem, so all is good.

That's it! Nothing else to report. :Siava:


Skin is still rockin'! smile.png

I've quit using Green Cream and now use Alpha Hydrox's Retinol Night Resq cream. It's much cheaper and has been working just as well.

That's it! Nothing else to report. biggrin.png


I've run out of Retin-a Micro and don't have any more refills. I can afford to buy a new prescription, but coupled with the co-pay of seeing the dermatologist is too much so I ordered Green Cream level 6. I think next time I'll order level 9. So far it has worked well. There haven't been any breakouts. My skin is still relatively blemish free except for the occassional chin pimple once a month. I'm so very pleased and hope this lasts.

Caution is still key. I'm still using Dan's AHA+ and cleanser. The AHA rocks.


Skin is still wonderful! I love it. I do get a couple of little pimples around my mouth/chin area before my menstrual cycle, but other than that the activity is nill.


I'm still using Retin-a Micro 0.04% on a nightly basis and Dan's AHA+ a couple of times a week.


1.5 Years Post Accutane

My skin is still amazing. The Perioral Dermatitis is finally gone. The only issue is the occassional millia, but that's nothing. It took awhile for the low energy levels to go away, but they've finally gone. I feel like my old self again. I still intend to update periodically even if I've only got a sentence or two to write because it gave me great hope. Hopefully, this little blog will give someone else the same. :wall:


1 year 2 months Post Accutane

Skin is still peachy keen! I've been battling a mild case of perioral dermatitis for the past 3 or 4 months, but have been using Clindagel. My derm could've put me on oral antibiotics again, but I didn't want to go that route. I'm done with antibiotics!! Every now and then a bump or two develops around my mouth and there's a slight redness under my nostrils, but I can live with it (plus, it continues to get better every week).

Other than that, everything is great! No cysts, no breakouts, oil production is normal, no lingering side effects. Nada. Nunca. Zip. :)


Everything is still good. I've been eating like crap though and I think I overkilled my face the other day by exfoliating so much. Still no pimples, but the texture of my skin is just bleh. Once finals are over and I stop stressing, hopefully I'll take better care of myself and my skin. I did stop smoking so that's a plus. :doh: It's been a month now? Something like that.


I tossed the Neutrogena wash. Instead, I picked up an actibacterial bar of Cetaphil and ordered Dan's AHA+. Let me just say...WOW! After using it twice, all of the tiny bumps along the hairline are gone. I've got a couple of millia left and they're close to coming out. I've also been using it on the backs of my hands because I acquired some marks from digging in my purse while on isotretinoin. Those marks are almost gone, too. Woohoo!

So the new regimen is one night of RaM, the next with the AHA+, and Clindagel in the AM once a week.

Still feeling great. Skin is wonderful.


My dermatologist appointment was yesterday. My skin looks great and Dr. Kearse was very pleased. I've got a bump under my skin on my jaw that has been there before the course. I told him it gets sore like it's going to form a cyst, but doesn't. He called it a "quiet cyst" - it pretty much just sits under the skin and either has to be cut out or will eventually go away, but can take a loooong time. He did not recommend cutting it out because it's very close to the nerve that runs along the jawline. I'm fine with leaving it there. I can't see it anyways.

I also asked him about the millia. He recommended that I wash using AHA along with continuing the Retin-a Micro. I picked up some Neutrogena anti-blemish/anti-wrinkle face wash. I also picked up Neutrogena's face brightening moisturizer spf 30. I like both products so far.

Dr. Kearse set me up for an appointment in 4 months - the 1 year mark. He said if my skin still looks good at that appointment then I won't have to come back. Yay! :)


Everything is peachy keen. I'm very pleased with the condition and appearance of my skin. There are a couple of little issues I want to talk to my dermatologist about though. Right now I'm using Retin-a Micro 0.04% and want to ask him if increasing the strength to 0.1% will get rid of the millia on my cheeks. I don't have much, but it won't hurt to ask.

My nails were giving me issues for several months after the course. They were brittle and would chip and peel easily. They seem to be doing better these past few weeks though.

Oil production is still low. I can still go every other day without washing my hair. Actually, I can stretch it to 2 days when I'm feeling lazy or haven't used any products, but having curls and using gel make that long of a stretch kind of impossible. My face still remains matte all day for the most part. If I apply Clindamycin gel in the morning it's a little oiler beginning midday so I've reduced its application to about 2-3 times a week vs. every day.

One thing that has been exciting is running around, even going to work, without wearing make-up. I've usually been avoiding it on the weekends only, but have been throwing in a day or two during the week as of late.

I still get periodic tingles and soreness like a cyst is going to pop up, but nothing appears. It's frustrating. I've also still got a knot under the skin that can't be seen, but can be felt. Its been there since the beginning of the course and I'm wondering if it's scar tissue. I'll ask the derm about this, too.

That's about it! Everything is great. :rolleyes:


Everything is still going extremely well. Since my last update, I've not had one blemish. NOT ONE!!! I'm beside myself. I've still got fading marks, but they're fading away nicely. I'm down to only wearing eye makeup and will occassionally wear mineral foundation if I'm going out. My skin is very soft.

I was supposed to see my dermatologist this month, but had to put in for days off around co-workers. I moved my appointment to February. I've still got enough Retin-a Micro and Clindamycin phosphate gel to last until then.

At another forum I visit I've been turned on to making my own cold cream and ordering shampoo called Dairy Whip from Flower Moon Soaps online. My Cetaphil is almost gone and when it is, I'm just going to use the Dairy Whip to cleanse my face while I wash my hair. It's gentle on my skin and my scalp doesn't itch anymore. With the homemade cold cream, I've noticed a couple of tiny clogged pores (flesh colored) on my forehead. I made it with mineral oil, but am stopping off at the health food shop on my way home today to pick up some grapeseed or jojoba oil for the next batch. I don't need moisturizer since I've been using it. Plus, it's just fun to make and makes me feel good that I'm using something I made myself.

I went out of town last weekend and saw one of my dear old grannies. She said my complexion looked so nice. I briefly explained the painful cysts, stuff I tried, and finally the Accutane. She said, "Well it must have worked because you're skin is beautiful and you're glowing." I couldn't stop smiling!


Give or take a few days...

Still chuggin' right along. My skin is fantastic. I love it! There have been no new blemishes on the back of my shoulders and I had a teeeeeensy itty bitty almost microscopic pimple on my cheek about a week ago, but it went away in a couple of days and didn't leave a mark.

I think my body became accustomed to the big water intakes because if I'm lax for even a day I feel dehydrated. I don't mind this at all. I need to drink something other than coffee and water is the best. :P

Oil production is still low. I'm still going every other day between hair washes and my face stays matte all day. Woot!

Mr. Wonderful asked if I thought my skin was better. I said, "Hell yes! Don't you think so?" He passively replied, "I never paid attention to your acne, so I dunno." Bitter sweet. A couple of co-workers have noticed the big improvement and made comments that've made me beam with joy. The most important compliment came from my mother. Coming from her, that means a lot because I don't get many compliments from her.

Oh, something weird to report, but it's worth mentioning. Last weekend I indulged in some cocktails. I must've had too much because my face and neck flushed. Thank goodness I was at home. Old hyperpigmentation marks, even the ones I can't visibly see, turned an angry reddish-purple. It was awful! Lesson learned. Yikes.

That's it for this month's bloggity acne blog. :P Until next month...


Just checkin' in. Everything is still fantastic. No actives on my face. Every now and then I get a little bump on the back of my shoulders, but I can soooo deal with that. Minimal oil production. No blackheads. I can still go 2-3 days without washing my hair. No side effects. :) Actually, since my oil production has decreased, I've noticed more millia so I'm going to bring that up with my dermatologist. I lightly exfoliate my face every day and I think that's keeping it in check, but I'd rather they not be there at all. That's it! Toodles. :D


...minus a week.

I am pleased to report that I've not had one single active in weeks. Oil production has picked up ever so slightly. I have to wash my hair every other day, but my face remains matte. I can feel a tiny bit of oil at the end of the day, but I can't see it and it doesn't leave a noticeable residue on my fingers. I'm still exfoliating with a baby brush every day, using my topicals as directed, and drinking water.

All of my side effects are gone. No aches or pains. My night vision has returned. My skin isn't as fragile and I don't burn immediately when I get in the sun. I was able to wash my car for 20 minutes in full sun without sunblock and only started to tingle when I was turning the hose off. I'm also glad to report that I can concentrate again. I don't feel like I have ADD anymore. :) My moods have also stabilized. Yay! I hate being grouchy.


1 Month Post Sotret (Accutane)

I feel fantastic. I'm experiencing NO side effects now. It's great! I'm producing a tiny amount of oil, but it's nothing to be alarmed about at all. No actives. Marks continue to fade. I'm very happy!


My skin is continuing to improve. Oil is still non-existant, but not so bad as it was - my skin isn't dry and flakey. I picked at a millia and created a huge mess on my cheek though. :naughty: Skin is definitely still fragile! The wreck I caused is healing up though. Other than that, I've got no new blemishes, hyperpigmentation is fading away quickly, no dry eyes or lips, and joint pain is minimal. That too is going away quickly. The only time it bothers me is in the morning when I've slept in one position for too long.


1 Week Post Tane

My lips aren't dry anymore. I'm not producing oil still, but my skin isn't as dry and not itchy at all. It doesn't feel as sensitive either. Joint pain is continuing to diminish. No active acne. WOOT! Marks are continuing to fade. I really really really hope this trend continues. I'll update periodically.


4 Days Post-Tane

Day 4 post-tane

Am I really off Accutane? I can't tell! :naughty: Lips and eyes are still dry as heck. My chin area is much less flakey though and the joint pain has somewhat diminished. I'm still stiff and sore overall, but it's not as intense. However, I'm still waking up during the night because my neck hurts.

I had one blemish on my jaw that was one of those under the-skin pus bumps. It had been inflamed for a couple of days before stopping the Sotret and yesterday it finally expelled. It shrivelled up and is fading away. It's not sore anymore. Yay! NOW I have no active acne. NONE!

:naughty: Please let this be a good sign. Pleeeeeeeeeease!!! With a cherry on top? :naughty:


Sotret - DONE!

I'M DONE I'M DONE I'M DONE!!! :naughty:

The derm said my skin looks great. When I told him about the joint pain and irritability he called the 5th month off. I'm to go back in 4 months for a check up. It's scary knowing I don't have anymore pills to fall back on, but I'm so happy they're gone just the same. I'll check in on post-tane stuff.


Day 122 on Sotret

I've got a derm appt. next Monday. I am SO READY to get this over with. One more month and then I'm freeeeee!!! It's amazing how much my feelings have changed about this medicine. I'm still grateful to be on it, but I took off the rose-colored glasses. This junk sucks. I'm lazy, crabby, emotional, disinterested, tired, flakey, achey, and red. BUT! I have no pimples. It's a double-edged sword and that's the truth.

I'm not going to use retin-a micro or clindamycin gel anymore until the course is done. It's playing hell with my skin even though the derm recommends it. The skin peeled off around my lips, making me look like a clown. Clowns are creepy. Besides, I'm not all that funny anymore. Not that I was a laugh riot to begin with, but I don't even care about being silly or witty as of late. I just want to curl up and sleep.

That's it for today's bloggity acne blog.


Day 115 on Sotret

aka Week 16

The only new thing to report is that I've definately developed lower back pain. It's not constant, but if I stand up too fast or don't pay attention to how I'm moving/bending it hurts. My feet have also been giving me fits. Somestimes it's the top of my feet and sometimes it's in the heels. I keep telling myself, "One more month. Just one more month."

That's it for today's painful bloggity acne blog.


Day 108 on Sotret

Okie, here we go...

I believe it was Sunday morning; I was lying on my side after having saved a huge moth from pool doom and was trying to get some interesting macro shots of it. When I stood up I had TERRIBLE lower back pain like it was jammed or needed to be popped. The feeling stayed for a few minutes and then went away, but I felt generally crappy the whole day - sluggish, achy, bleh. I haven't felt that sensation again since, but man o' man did it hurt. (sidenote: the moth dried off and flew away - yay for happy endings!).

My skin hasn't been so dry the past couple of days except for around one blemish that is healing - you know how that goes. Oh no, it's not enough there's a purple spot there. It also has to look like I've got fish scales on my face. Grr.

As for the lips, I will be amazed if I can stop chewing them after the course. I've developed such a habit of always chewing them because they're continuously shedding. I do wear balm, but I don't know if I'm even giving it a chance to do anything anymore. I should take a picture of them after I've been in the pool. They. Are. Beautiful. All white, chewed, and ragged. Oh yea, baby.

Good news: I've only got 3 small lumps under my skin that are still shrinking and there is a smattering of teeny tiny clogged pores that are going away as well. The clogged pores on my chin will be a different kind of battle in about a year after I've been off the medicine. I have some lovely, oh-so-feminine dark hairs that I have to pluck unless I want to look like a diseased wookie. I think plucking them leads to some irritation, but I can't mess with permanent removal until later - gotta give the skin time to recover and all of that. Being a woman is fun!

The countdown has begun. I've got roughly 50 more days (give or take) on this bittersweet drug.

That's it for today's TMI bloggity acne blog.


Day 99 on Sotret

This stuff is starting to take a toll on me. I'm not complaining, but want to document it incase others read this - I dunno, it might be helpful. I'm starting to develop minor joint pain. Typing, braiding my daughter's hair, anything that requires dexterity makes my fingers and wrists hurt. Squating has been an issue since pregnancy and I gained a ton of weight, but now...woah...I try not to. Also, I can't go anywhere without shoes on or thick, fuzzy socks. If I walk around the house barefoot then my heels start to hurt, almost as if the bone is trying to push through the bottom of them. I've gotten extremely lazy and tired all of the time. I've got no compulsion to do anything, but I make myself because things need to be done and I can't stand a messy house. Even coffee can't save most days, but I still drink it like a madwoman 'cause I love it so.

I was in bed watching tv and when I pulled the covers up to my chin, I barely scratched myself on the lip. You'd think I rammed into something because it split and bled. It's healing up, but it was scabby for a couple of days. Ugh, I'm falling apart and becoming a little old lady!

One good thing: my nails have grown back nicely. They're not brittle like they were in the beginning of the course probably due to all of the water intake and healthier eating.

I've got three tiny pimples around my lips and a few small bumps under the skin. Other than that I'm still clear and the marks are almost gone.

That's it for today's bloggity acne blog.


Day 81 on Sotret

I've had a great week skin-wise. No new actives. I'm still dry around my mouth and chin. My lips are still evil. My skin is so very fragile. Scratching an itch anywhere on my body leaves a red trail and I went canoing 5 days ago. I think my bathing suit top rubbed against my collar bones because I have a matching pair of friction burns. It's insane. Doesn't hurt though, but looks like two hickies. Kind of embarrassing at work, especially since I work around a bunch of scruffy men.

Mood-wise, I've been one feisty grumpette. I'd rather just go to sleep to avoid it, but I've got stuff to do. I'm finding myself biting my tongue. A lot.

Welp! I'm about halfway through. I'm sooo ready to stop taking this, but I'm also scared to stop. I'm sure most Accutane users have felt this way. I'm scared my sebaceous glands will kick into overdrive again which means I'll have to wash my hair every day, and of course, that the acne will come back. You know, I think I can deal with a spot here or there, but the thought of the cysts returning scares the hell out of me.

Okie. That's it for today's bloggity acne blog.


Day 73 on Sotret

Not a good day. Just feeling a little down and tired. I've got a big zit under my nose that burns and throbs. I'm still flaky around my mouth and clogged comedones are continuing to erupt. My lips hate me. Well that's fine because I hate them, too. So there. I'm so worried this stuff isn't going to work.

That's it for today's mopey bloggity acne blog.

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