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Off Spiro, Atralin

Hello everyone,

Not going to lie. But it's not good to be back this time around. It's been a awhile since my last update. To tell you the truth, everything was going GREAT! I have been extremely happy with the spiro and the atralin gel. They have done their job, no complaints here. I also had no side effects....that I'm aware of....

Anyway the reason I'm back is that I became pregnant end of Feb or beginning of March. I missed my March period and started to feel pregnancy symptoms. I did a preg. test and it turned out positive. I was nervous and excited. Nervouse becasue I was still taking spiro..I've been on spiro now for about 2 years. Once I new I stopped all medications. Unfortunately, 2 days prior to my first OBYN appt. I started to bleed. I was told that it spotting/bleeding was normal. But if I kept bleeding I should call back. So I did and was able to see the doct the next day. The night prior I had the worst PMS cramps ever. I feard I was loosing the baby, which sadly was confirmed at my appt. the next day. It has been a very rough past week for me and my family. non ending Emotional roller coaster. I started bleeding on 4-22-23 and know only have brown spotting. I feel very sad, but comforted that I now have 2 children. One here on earth and an angel in heaven. I was 9 weeks preg. and since I didn't know the gender, I named my baby Jesus Maria, which watches over us daily. Jesus Maria is with Jesus now.

I have completely stopped the spiro since 4-10-13, that when I had the postivie prego test. I don't know the reason for my miscarriage, but maybe the spiro had something to do with it, anyway I'll never know. Ever since I stopped with the spiro, my acne has been returning slowly. I have no cysts, just little bumps under the skin.

Also, I've been having alot of leg pain. I don't know if that is because of the miscarriage or stopping the spiro. My legs feel so tired and heavy be the end of the day.

We want to have another baby, so I'm definatley stopping the spiro for now. As soon as i recouperate from my miscarrage, hubby and I will be trying. I was adviced to continue taking my prenatal vitimins and we are trying to be as healthy as can be. Wish me luck. I pray that I dont' break out too bad............

Bless my little Angel Jesus Maria, please forgive me if I had any fault in loosing you. I loved you since I first conceived you and will love you forever.


Feb 9

Wow I can't belived a year has passed since I've been on this regimen. I can't say enough about the spiro and the atralin gel. They are both amazing!!!!!!! I'm so so so so happy with my complexion. I have minimum break outs right about a week before my period and they usally heal within 2 days.

Just the other day I was washing my face in the shower and I was just so greatful to God that as I ran my hand accross my face all I felt was smoothness. Unlike a year ago, were the water itself was painful as it ran accross my face.

Well yesterday I got my period. That's anohter thing, I seem to be getting a regular cycle. I no longer have spotting like I initially did w/ spiro.

Now that everthing is going so smoothly, I'm very happy with my appearance. I feel comfortable with myself, I think too comfortable since I being lazy and not excerising like I did a year ago. I just can't get off this wagon! I feel so tired. i have such a lousey habit of sleeping late, which is an excuse and I don't get up for my 5:30a.m. TBC class.!!! uhu.....I'm lacking the motivation, I got to clean up my act. My thighs and butt have actually developed cellulite!!!!!!!!!! I feel so gross. But I can't blame anyone but myself. My diet has actually been terrible, eathing high fat foods. The only good thing about my diet is that I still avoid all dairy products.

Well I'm hoping today is the start of a new day for me. I actually had a salad for lunch. Which right now I'm beinging to feel hungry again.

It's not that I'm actually fat, I just need to tone my body. Hard work is coming up ahead.

My hubby could care less i think...whether i'm in prime shape or like I am now, he still thinks I'm sexy......he doen'st notice what I notice and thinks I'm crazy and overexagerating. Seeing cellulite indentations int he mirror is not overaggerating.

Well this is my update and how feel today.........almost forgot to mention, my hubby wants to have anohter baby, but I'm just too freaked out. Well see what happens......


Jan 11 2012

Well, I'm not pregnant. I got my period January 4th. I was so werid, all the symptoms I was having were just not normal. The oddest ones were the heartburn and nausea. I have also been breaking out all of a sudden, not drastically, but it's like one day I have 4 small pimples, and by the next day or so they are gone. Right now I have one on my chin. It's under the skin, little bumpy and tender to touch. Let's see what happens.

I love that I have no wrinkles!!! I've been using atralin for about 1 year now. The lower jaw line is sometimes a little dry, but the Cerave has done wonders. I've also been using Cerave for 1 year. I have so much faith in it, i don't think I'll ever switch. The only drawback is that it has no fragrance, which I love in lotions. Anyway to solve that I only use Cerave on my face/neck. I have an extra lotion w/ fragrance for the body!!!, problem solved!!!!

My hubby really want us to have another baby. He's very subtle about letting me know. I'm not sure how I exactly feel about it. It's like if I get pregnant, then that would be a blessing. If I don't get pregnant, than that's a blessing too because I love to spend every moment with my son, the love of my life.


Jan 3 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

I'm still doing good. i did have a tiny set back, I developed 2 zits on either side of my neck. Not large, but noticiable. They have now faded away. It was suprising since I've hadn't had any on my neck in about a year. Anyways, I contribute that to the week off I had eating all sorts of unhealthy foods. I indulged on the things I avoid all year. (soda, chocolate, cake, candy, fried food. etc.) I said I wouldn't fee guitly, but my inner voice says I should have done it. but o well, gotta move on and hit the gym.

I'm trying to figure out why I alwasy feel fatigued.......even when I've been eathing healthy this past 7 years. ???? I must have some underlying condition I'm not aware of......

Anyways, the 1 week christmas vacation was a blast. I did absolutly nothing productive. By the way I don't feel guitly because I'm always on the go, not stop activities from one thing to the next all year long. So I deserved to indulge in lazyiness and sleeping in late.

Well I also indulged in other good feeling things, the reason I'm writing now. I haven't gotten my period and I feel a little different than normal. I've had heartburn since last night and all day today. I feel a little nauseated.

Saturday, I took a pregnancy test, but it turned up negative. I bought anohter one today cuase I just dont feel right.

Another child would be wonderful, but hubby would be thrilled, but I'm a little worried since I am on meds......I even wonder of this is what is causing my small break out....change in hormones???????

I've had tender breasts for more than a week........what to think. As I'm writing this I feel like throwing up..........!!!!!!

I was intimate on Friday, took preg test saturday night.....I know too soon, but

Then intimate on Sunday......I feel worse.....wondering if I should take test or not.

According to my calander, I've missed my period........i just hope its just delayed. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!


Nov 30

Okay so it's been almost 3 weeks since I last posted. I'm still doing good. I broke out a little on the left cheek, but it healed rapidly. I'm not so worried about breakout anymore as they are so minor.

To be honest, I've be slacking a little with applying the atralin gel. I guess because I'm not worring so much I just get lazy and forget to apply it. i saw a recent pic and my face looks so smooth and young, I just can't believe it. I get a little depressed when I look in the mirror and see the scars. I'd just wish that they would go away faster, uhhhhhhhhhhh. Yeah Yeah I know, I need to use the atralin.

Yesterday I saw a young man and noticed he had indented scars on the side of his face. But I noticed them for about a second and got lost noticiing how handsome he really was as a whole. The scars just added a little something more applealing, plus his musical talent and good looks made his scars disappear.

I wish I could look at myself that way. Is it because I haven't learne to accept me for who I am because in'm still waiting for my scars to disappear physically. Why do I have to notice every detail flaw that I have? Why am I so hard on myself. Do I need to fall in love with who I am. Am I superficial? Why am I always looking for perfection when I know it doesnt' exist. Not just in my apppearance, but with everthing.

Dont get me wrong, I'm happy with my results. i thank God that I live worry free of acne. But I always fee that I could be better...."only if"

One thing I know for sure is that if it' wern't for acne, I'd probably be an arrogant person self centered person.


Nov. 14


Well I'm still doing great! But lately I haven't been drinking enough water. it's funny though, when I do drink water, I feel more thirsty!!! That's weired huh....im probably dehydrated. Anyways, I also had drying on the corners of my mouth which I think had to do with putting atralin to close to that area. I haven't had any spotting, but I suspect my period is coming soon since my breasts are a little sensative. I was intimate on Nov. 12. I also forgot to take spiro on Saturday and Sunday morning, so I ended up taking it last night.

I've been feelin so exhausted lately. I've been experinceing tension on the left side of my neck. I guess I have to go see the rhumatologist again, I'm out of meds.


Nov 2

I experienced spotting all last week. It stopped on Sunday!!! *spiro to blame*

I've been under a lot of stress lately and feel so tired all the time. I developed a cold sore last week, now it's healed. I also got two pimples the day before and are now healing......yes!!!! They actually fade away how awsome is that!!

My 1st year anniversary on spiro and atralin is just around the corner. Can beleive how long I endured this condition. Acne sucks!

I've come to accpet what acne left behind. I'll never have perfect skin, the good thing is that I'm happy with the results. I can live with a few acne scars. biggrin.png


Sept 28

Okay so I got my period. Noticed on the 23rd. Started on the 24th. I still have it, but is tappering down. I actually didn't feel like writing today, but I needed to add that I'm breaking out since yesterday. I got two very tiny pimples, no big deal. But today, I have one slightly bigger one, under the skin. Not big, but I just haven't had one in qute a while and also another little whitehead pimple. I just home these go away. The only thing that I've done differently these past few days is eat peanut butter and jelly on 1 slice of wheat bread..............I ate two of those this week, I was just craving for something different. I suspect it was the peanut butter...........geeeeeezz!!!!! I should know better!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sept 20

Well, I still haven't gotten my period. I'm also still taking spiro 100mgs each day.

I haven't been spotting either this past week. So I just hope this is a sign that my cycle becoming "normal".

I looked at my calendar and I have reached the 8th month mark. Things are going extremely well!!! I don't get acne under my jawline anymore. I can just remember, it was terrible. Even washing my face was painful. Now I love running my hands over my baby smooth face....

I noticed I haven't been drinking enough water, plus I'm such in a lazy mood lately. I haven't excerised in about a month. Gotta get back on the wagon!!


Sept 14

I haven't posted since I've been doing real well. I haven't gotten my period yet, but I suspect it will be soon since I have two white heads currently. I'm so tempted to pop. I hate when I can actually feel the whitehead throbing/itchy. I also have sore breasts so that's another sign.

This week I haven't had any spotting lately so that's good. I did notice some discharge, but I think it's because I'm probably ovulating (fertile).


Aug 29

Well, I had some on and off spotting from Aug 24th to Aug 29. It's really weird. Today I had no spotting.

I did get one teeny tiny pimple on my chin...but nothing to worry about.

Tomorrow I will be in a photo shoot of musicians. It's going to be awsome. I had to go buy something fancy to wear....all black "concert attire" of course. I also bought a necklace, braclet and earing set. Overall, I spent more than I should, but this is once in a life time occasion and I really want to look my best. I'm just so thankful to God that I don't have to worry about my acne.....for the first time I can just concentrate on my hair and what I'm gonna wear!!! LOL.

I jsut pray my face doen't give a me a surprise tomorrow.....but all should be good.


Aug 24

I had some spotting yesterday. My is clear at the moment. I just wanna add that I'm so happy when I'm in the shower I can run my hand accross my face and not feel any bumps, it's completely smooth.

I'm still working on my scars/texture......but man is this a slow process!

I haven't gotten any comments about my skin. I guess people just don't notice me with or without acne....which is fine by me. I only need to be happy with who I am and how I look. I don't need to please anyone else but me. I'm happy with life.....know I just have to work on getting my house organized!!! LOL geez I'm so busy, it's crazy sometimes!!!


Aug 18

I was doing great except for yesterday. I had a juicy white head right on my chin. I was so tempted to pop it. I used cover up but it didn't do it's job. I need to buy a darker shade, but make up is so expensive!!!!! I think there are two possiblities for my zit. I ate a chicken sandwich with almonds in it and had choclate chex mix this week.

I just threw the bag away. And I'm staying clear away from any sort of nut!!!!!, including my husband!! LOL!!!!.....


Got it: Aug. 8

Ended: Aug 14

Total: 6 days.


Aug 8

I just got my period today. I'm keeping track so I know how the spiro will affect my cycle in the long run.

The small break out I had last week is gone. Just have one little pimple I got this morning.


Aug 5

I refilled my prescription of spiro yesterday. I'm still at 100mgs. a day.

I continue to have oily skin athough my acne breakouts our to a minimum. This week I broke out a da by my chin. I suspect it's either fromt he swedish meatballs I had earlier this week, which I just found out they contain sour cream/milk!!!!!!! Or I'm getting my period pretty soon.

There is one other thing I did this week that might possible affected my skin. I went swimming twice this week. I would if the chorinle is causing my breakout. I don't feel it overdried my skin. In fact it's just a tad more oily. I also got a about 4 pimples on my back, which I haven't had in a long time. Uhhhhhhh..learn as you go!!


Aug 2

I'm finishing up another bottle of spiro. My skin is doing really good. I can't believe how fast my pimples clear up and some never even come to head. I currently have three pimples which I suspect I'm getting my period pretty soon. My breasts have been sore since Sunday. Yesterd night they were more sensative, this morning the same too.

One odd thing I did experience was that sunday night I developed a stomach ache, once I turned over on my tummy, it went away. Yesterday I experienced some heartburn. This morning I'm also having slight heartburn. I'm always worried about getting pregnant when I get symptoms like these......uhhhhhhhhh. And I really don't want to get a pregnancy test......i'll just wait it out to see if I get my period within the next few days!!!!!


July 26

I have avoided using sun block for fear of breaking out. Since I excercise in the morning outdoors during the summer, I started to use it because I know the atralin gel makes my face more sensative to the sun.

Knowing that I would be taking a shower afterwards and the sunblock would wash off gave me a sense of relief. So basically i gradually added this to my regimen. Yesterday was the first time I used it all day....I'm so happy it didn't break me out at all!!!!!!!

The only drawback is the cost, at $13 for 13oz it is expensive for me.

I use CeraVe facial moisturizing lotion with 30 SPF in case anyone is interesed.


July 22

I wasn't able to add a picture to my blog. I have photo I took yesterday on the my topic section "What do you think of my face" in case you're interested in seeing my 6 month results on spiro and atralin gel.


July 21

I went to see the dermatologist yesterday. He was very pleased to see the results. I'm acne free at this time. He did say to continue using the Atralin gel, which will help with my scarring. I just have to be very patient.

On a side note, I still have my period...still spotting. Always keeping track hopefully one day I'll have a somewhat normal cycle. I'm also continuing my no dairy or soda diet.

Status: Acne Free


June 19

Well, I'm on my final day of my period. The spiro has affected my cycle most definately...for better or worse...I don't know what long term effects it will have but I'm happy right now to have a clear skin today. Like I said before I did have a small breakout due to my monthly friend.

Tomorrow I have an appoitment with my dermatologist. I cant' beleive two months have passed. Hopefully, seeing that I've had positive results I won't need to see him as often.

I'm learning to accpet my scars, especially the new ones I have under my chin from the horrible breakout I had in January.

I can still remember being in the shower not being able to wash my face because they were so painful. I'm so grateful to God that I'm clear. This morning washed my face it felt very smooth, to bumps at all. I should post a picture huh. I'll try to do it later today.


July 15

The highlight of this week......getting kicked in the face!!!! I was at my excercise class and we were doing the wheel barrel, so as I was about to grab my partners legs, she decided to kick one up and hit me directly under the chin. It was painful!!! I was ticked off becasue it also scrapped my face. So now im dealing with this....just when my face was all clear....geez what luck huh!! :wacko: It

Well I got 2 pimples yesterday. I still got them...they seem to be clearing up fast. I also had spotting today....ahhhhh what's new.


July 11

I'm happy to say that I don't have any pimples. I'm acne-free at the moment. Last week I did have a small break out. But I healed rather quickly now. My skin texture, pigmentation, and scars aren't that great though, but I'm not complaining. I have high hopes that they will eventually improve with the atralin gel. I really can't say enought abut this gel! It has worked great so far! The combination of being dairy free, using spiro, and atralin have given me great results! And I'm still drinking a lot of water.

I do want to note that I was not very good about drinking water for about a week, especially during the 4th of July weekend. I either drank tea or juice. I did notice the my back (flanks) on both the left and right sides were hurting. Tuesday, July 5th I used the bathroom and noticed the toilet paper had pinkish urine. I was suprised. I did have very slight discomfort and a headache so I figured that is I had signs/symptoms of a UTI. The next day I had diarhea. I went to the doctor after work. I still had a headache, had very slight stinging when I peed, plus I wasn't feeling very well overall. The test came back negative for UTI, but the doctor still presribed an antibiotic for a possible UTI because I had all the signs and symtoms. I think it's all very unusuall. I really didn't want to take an antibiotic, but oh well. I'm feeling better. I just hope it's not something else or that I'm pregnant especially while taking spiro.


June 30

I defininatly got my period this week. I got it on Sunday night/ Monday morning. The flow is constant so it's not spotting. I'm not sure when my last period was, if forgot to write it down. I'm going to have to look back on this blog to see if I even wrote the date down. Anyways, yesterday I developed some pimples. I have 3 on my forhead...they seem to be under the skin. Not too big, which is a good thing. I do have another one coming out on the lift side of my lower lip. The one I'm down about is the whitehead I got on my right chin area near my beautymark.

I've noticed that if I don't drink water my back sides start to hurt a little.

I wonder if I'm breaking out because of my lowered dosage or just my period and the whole hormones fluctuating. I really don't want to up my dose cause of all the spotting I experienced.

Hopefully this spiro is continuing to work and my breakout recovery is minimal.

The day before I got my period, I really had an emotional break down. I was very angry about I don't even now what. Talk about PMS


Jun 27

I have not written in a while. Just making note that I got my period today. I'm spotting. Gotta wait and see if it's a "normal" period. My emotions yesterday were off the wall. I went from happy to totally angry witin 5 seconds. I hate myself after I "blow up"- and it's over the stupidest things. I guess i't partly because of my PMS. But still I should have no excuse. My acne is a lot better. I did break out a little these past 3 days, again because of my period. My face continues to be oily. I'm also really happy with the atrailn gel. My face has gotten used to it and it's not bothersome. Although I do notice it's get's red easily. The only wish I have is sor my scars to fad away. Hopefully with the continuted us of the retin this will come in time. My hubby says he doesn't notice any scars!....but he's wrong I do have them, he just doesn't notice them cause he loves me the way I am. I guess I'm more hard on myself and need to let things go.

My hubby and I made love 2x this weekend. Ever since he works night (we only sleep together on weekends), being intimate w/ each other has become more passionate. I really enjoy this alot. I desire him as much as he desire's me....it's all good.

I want to keep track so I know, in case I become pregnant. We don't use contraceptives at all so there's always that high chance. I'm actually afraid of getting pregnant...i guess I'm tramatized from my 1st. If I do get pregnant I prefer to have a boy.,,,...i know I'm being selfish.


May 23

Had a great weekend!!!!! (I would like to write all about it, buty this is a journal just about my face)

I had my appoitmente on May 19. Sometimes it's a waste of time and money for such a short visit. Anyways......the good thing is now my next appt. is withing 2 months. My skin is doing a lot better. I still get the occational zit. Right now I have no active pimples, just scarring and red marks...hopefully fading. I'm still using the atralin gel every night or day if I know I'm going to be out of the sun mostly. I have to start putting on my sunblock...I'm just afraid I'm going to break out. Any way, the doc changed my dosage from 150 to 100 since I've been getting my period so often. This one is more like spotting. But it's still annoying. I would like to include the days I've been intimate w/ hubby (May 20) since we don't use any contraceptives (cause of our religion) and I''m afraid of getting pregnant while on the spiro.....just keeping track.