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Day 10

Still improving, yay!!! I'm telling you, this positive thinking stuff has worked absolute wonders for me! So far I've been really good about putting on lotion as soon as i get out of the shower and before i go to bed, and I've been putting on LOTS of chap stick so my skin and lips haven't gotten too dry. I started this from day 1 so I think that's really helped a lot. My mood has actually improve a lot since I started taking accutane. I think the thought of using something that I KNOW is going to work has been so comforting to me that I've stopped myself from being depressed, angry, bitchy, etc. I really encourage anyone who reads any of my posts to start thinking more positively about themselves and their lives, it will only help! Sorry if I sound crazy, but feeling this good is reallllly awesome and I just want everyone else to feel the same way! ;)

Pics will come as soon as I get my USB cord.


Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone enjoys their holidays!! Be happy and safe!

Today is day 7 and everything is still going well. I feel more at peace with my skin now that I know I'm doing something that will definitely clear it up...such a great feeling!! Once I go back to school I'll have my USB cord so I can post some pics. Good luck to everyone else and remember to stay positive!


Just started Accutane

I just started Accutane 12/18/07, 20 mg/day, on day 4. So far, so good! I've had a couple new whiteheads, but I honestly don't think they're from Accutane. I just finished my college final exams for the semester and usually break out because of the stress. I'm convinced this is going to be my skin saver! I can't wait to see all the wonderful effects in a few months :ninja:;):wall: Hope everyone has a great holiday and an awesome new year! I will definitely post my progress soon!

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