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Fish oil daily and zinc oxide treatment along with the regimen. pics will hopefully show less inflammation with the treatments.



Update: A Year Later

Dear Acne.com Community

I will relive my last year being a sophomore/junior in college in a stressful year.

I average about 6 active acne sites that still bother me. For the longest time i did nothing other than the regimen and washing my face twice daily as a baseline. It was clear after trying this for 3 months that ONLY the regimen would not work for me.

I have tried eliminating some food groups from my diet, exactly what my blog says in not doing, and have not found better or worse results. I am trying to gain healthy muscle mass, and have tried to subscribe to the ketogenic/paleo diet fad which cuts out gluten entirely. Im sure there are a lot of gluten people out there, but this simple step reduced active pimples to about 4 at a time.

I have now started taking fish oil like i had stated in my earlier blogs. This is a good habit to get back into and cant say for sure if it has an effect.

Lastly, I have been applying zinc oxide (200mg) to my face twice daily. Something about zinc being a co-enzyme combined with providing oxygenation and benzoic acid breakdown that is associated with benzoyl peroxide seems to be working out. I had a huge one on my nose that healed the fastest I've ever seen.

My underlying problems with acne is that my skin is not the best at repairing itself. I am going to explore this a little further to see if i am deficient in any micro-nutrients (selenium) and macro nutrients that is associated with "good" skin.

Best of luck. If there is some interest I can treat myself like a lab rat to see what my acne relates to.

keep on with the good fight!



Whats up bloggers?

THis is my long lost revival of such a dead thread it is rediculous. Over the time, i have transfered to my college and doing the dorm life and have had great success.

Pretty much everything in my previous blogs are out. Very simply. I am doing four things:

1) Multivitamin

2) Fish oil (2x): only omega three, not the combined

3) FOLLOWING THE REGIMEN TO THE T! well not super anal about it, but about 90 percent of the time it happens. I will speak about this later.

4) Well balanced meals. I have the opportunity at the dorm food places to get up on my salads, carrots, brocolli, green beans, bell peppers, stir fry, etc etc, lots of fiber. I have no idea if this helps, but i am feeling great.

With a special focus on step 3, the most importantly, I would love to go into detail.

I have spent the past year or so piecing together components such as face wash(cetaphil) and a moisterizer that were not exactly going with the regimen. When going off to college, I said screw it, I will splurge and get the whole system, and follow it. It can not be worse than persistantly 10-15 pimples on my face where acne is dibilitating in self confidence.

So, since i live in the dorms, it is easy to wash my face, come back in my room, wait about 10 mins, apply the BP, wait another 10 or so and apply moisterizer. I am not the greatest in the direct morning, but when i get back form classes i can usually do this.

And what do you know? my 10 or so active pimples have now been reduced to about 3, (one is kinda bad), with about 10 healing and fading faster than i could have hoped for. This is about a week into the full regimine, and I have such hope.


I can keep you guys up to date :) let me know if you have any questions or comments. Good luck!


10.8.11 Success!

Just follow the regimen!!! Goodness I have messed around thinking that i can just get over the top. As follows, I do my vitamins outlined in previous posts, BP treatment morning and night, sometimes do zinc oxide sunscreen, and use jojoba oil as my moisturizer when my face gets dry.

My last addition that helped me out is LEMON JUICE AND WATER. one glass at the end of the night does wonders. Take a peek at the research on body pH, and this could be the secret for me. I am healing faster and see a dramatic decrease in acne.

As a final note, do as natural stuff to your body to rid your acne. It is a response to something out of balance, so the trick is to find it and correct the deviation rather than taking extreme measures to achieve results. I can say this after I found something that worked for me, after struggling for four years! Keep at it guys and gals.


9.11.11 Reset

So, I have decided to keep my updated vitamin, but revert back to my original routine. It is as follows:

Cetiphil, BP, maybe some jojoba oil..., and zinc oxcide sunscreen. I will keep this up 2x day (no sunscreen at night) for two weeks. hoping for the best. I have been acne free, but having acne after that just sucks.



Long Update:

Hey all of you. there are probably a new round of desperate people with acne trying to find something that works for them. if that is you, keep reading. to all of those who remember my blog, this is an update for about a month and a half.

So, pretty much everything has changed for me. My long litany of vitamins actually cause me to have TOO much vitamins in my body, and it took me about 4 weeks to realize this might be the case. Since i was taking lots of lipid soluble vitamins ADEK (meaning you dont pe them out, i was retaining them), they actually had a negative affect. So, taking a multivitamin and am on the lookout for a specific one for acne.

In conjunction with daily muti, i am still taking fish oil and garlic, with now green tea extract. I might add in zinc since it always seems to help.

As my routine:

AM: shower, wash face with cetiphil, pat dry, apply LEMON JUICE, let soak in, apply jojoba oil, wipe of excess, let soak in, (somedays BP on top of that), and then usually clear zinc oxide sunscreen.

PM: wash, dry, lemon, jojoba. Change pillowcase as often as possible.

TIP: use the edges of your towel to dry your face, and the middle to fry hair. If you are like me and use towel more than once, this helps keep hair oil off face.

Other than that, i am able to weight lift a little and even take small protein drinks without breaking out totally.

TIP: Drinking lemon juice and water at night. Sip through straw to protect teeth. Apparently, we(americans) get too much basic foods, so we metabolize it and turn acidic, AKA leaning on acidosis. For proper body pH, consuming acids makes system metabolize and shift more toward basic, balancing pH. Kambucha and ACV are good as well.

TIP: For snacking, I try and stay away from processed food that i love, and eat trail mix. Its good, keeps the brain focused, and dried fruit combined with nuts are a proven powerhouse combo.

After all this, I have pretty regular skin tone. I have 3 active sites, and about 4 that are almost gone, barely noticeable in healing. I am very happy, and would like to share this with "the people". I hope this helps, because it has been a great resource for me and helped me on my path to clearer skin!



okay, 100 percent better than a week previously. I have three healing zits, and NO, i repeat, NO new acne to speak of! This is incredible! Not quite sure whats doing this, but I am going to keep it up. For anyone out there struggling to go from good to great, I suggest pulling something from my regimin.

As on outline of all that I am doing to fight my acne:

VITAMINS: fish oil, vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin e, calcium/magnesium/zinc pill, garlic oil, and milk thistle

Was with cleanser, pat dry face. Put on jojoba oil and allow to absorb. Put on BP, and let soak in. Put on clear zinc oxide sunscreen.

Other: Drink one cup morning and evening of lemon juice and water. Bought the presqueezed lemon juice from the store and add it to cold water.

And that is essentially it. No diet i follow, and it is wonderful. Keep at it guys. Let me know if you have any questions.



Hey all,

I think i have found something that works for my skin.. for now at least. I have been washing my face, putting on jojoba oil after dry, then putting on dans BP and then finally the clear zinc oxide sunscreen. Have been doing this for about a week, but this order seems to work well. tons less red and only one new zit to speak of!

I have also been drinking two glasses a day of lemon juice and water, morning and evening, and this might be helping.

Still on my vitamin regimen, the start to better skin in my opinion.



After doing zinc and drinking lemon juice/ acv for a couple of days, didn't see very much improvement. When i added jojoba oil and zinc, well that made a hell of a difference to healing acne. Not quite sure why, but jojoba and zinc oxide worked quite well to heal bad red spots. I am not sure, however, the effectiveness of preventing acne. But, this helped me dramatically. Maybe its only once in a while that you can do this. Not quite sure. There are so many variables!

Just thought you would appreciate the update. good luck!




I came across some interesting stuff. I knew zinc dramatically improved my acne when taking orally, so i though if it could be applied topically as well. Luckily, my brother is a lifeguard and has a ton of ZINC OXIDE sun screen! I looked some stuff up and there might be a coralation between zinc oxide and acne prevention/fading red marks. I am going to use it in place of my heavy cetaphil cream i put on.

Hopefully this and/or the ACV and lemon water will work. Best of luck. I will report my results. I have three active and 6 in the healing phase, so its a good test. Anyone used this with success?



Back for an update.

I now have a small amount of outbreaks on my skin at all times, and it is very frustrating because i eat well, exercise regularly, and are taking my vitamins everyday like clockwork. I believe my lst and final step will be to embrace the pH discrepancy of my body...

Doing a little poking around, there is a lot of information linking body pH and acne. one site that list foods is

I wont go into details, but it is worth a shot. Doing ACV, an acid, actually triggers metabolic response of to promote alkalotic envronment, and so i am going to give this and lemon water a try. People have had good luck with both, and I will try and do this for a couple of weeks. Also, wheatgrass shots are SUPER alkalotoc, so might have to work those into my diet.

I still do my normal vitamins. I feel great and other than my small amounts of persistant acne, am very happy with my progress. Hopefully, this will get my body back in line and start the better healing process and have a better me.

p.s. I used to lift weights until my acne exploded on my face and I never went back until a couple of weeks ago. After lifting and taking protein, I had an outbreak. But, WHEY protein is actually alkalizing, so I will be making the switch and hitting the weights to see what happens. Just a heads up for guys like me that had to give up the gym.


6.29.11 The Proof

Hey to all of you out there, I have some picutres to prove that my skin is doing well. I have a few spots of acne due to the fact that i tried to go a couple of days without BP to see what would happen.. not good. However, my acne is so much better and I hope you will take my advice and try what i have done. My pics are from my macbook and not too quality, but you get the picture.

My album is public, so feel free to check it out.

I dont know why, but this site will not let me post a web site.Just put all these together in order without the spaces to have it:

http:// s1184.photobucket.com /albums/z338/ cconn4321/

I am also going to try and add in blue green algea to my pills, as there have been numerous studies about Spirulina being "superfood". It could take my skin to the next level! we shall see. here is some more information:

Best of luck to you all.



I am sorry my updates are so spread apart, but I have been doing very well with my own acne suffering. I can safely say that I do not have one "active" acne site, all are in the healing process, and only 3 are apparent as acne spots. I am beyond overjoyed that this is happening to me. I have stuck with my supplements and have done well i believe. My diet is not influenced my acne anymore, although peanut butter sometimes throws me off.

Alls I can say that it was a long haul. I do not think my battle with acne is over by any means. if I forget to take my pills one day, I can wake up and find a couple acne starting to form. I do seriously believe that without taking care of whatever has been going on in the inside of me has been the biggest factor of geting rid of my acne. It is honestly one of the greatest moments of my life waking up and NOT seeing bunches of acne on my face.

Now i am going into my sophomore year of college, so i actually might have "outgrown" my acne, but who knows. I am currently lifting weights, changing my testosterone balances, and have not seen any aderse affects. I have not lifted for over two years because of my acne. Now i think it is safe to safe to start up again.

If I can ever figure out how to post a picture on this site, I will take show everyone that this is no bullshit and it really has worked for me. Thanks to everyone who has followed this. I hopefully will see more and more success stories from this great resource center to which I thank Dan so much for.



To all who still follow this, I am sorry i have waited so long!

I have had finals and work like crazy, but have decided to get back into the blogging. Somehow, it keeps me on track and makes me try to have better sin. If you dont have a blog, do it just for the hell of it. you might just help someone!

Like i said, I was kinda crazy there for a month. I did not supplement well everyday and was not consistant, and what do you know, acne came right back. Right now i am back pretty much on my original regimine.

Fish oil: three pills once a day

Vitamin A ; 25,000 IU (max)

Vitamin C

Vitamin D : 2 pills at 100IU

Vitamin E: 2 pills

Milk thislte complex: More to follow on later. This stuff is awesome! 1-2 a day depending if i remember to take it in the evening.

GARLIC!: 3 pills, which really really helps.

Zinc: another must. 50mg daily.

So there it is. I am going to do a bit of research about the things not too common in treating acne so you can get some more information! Hope i haven't pissed off too many people by waiting so long. Any questions feel free to ask. catch you later!



Unfortunately, I was not able to deliver my results on the kombucha study. They are expensive little drinks, and cost around 4 bucks a bottle they are good once and awhile, but are definitely not affordable for everyday consumption.

However, I was reading all the things about kombucha and decided to essentially "make" my own. Since it is like the production of vinegar, I decided to add apple cider vinegar to water. Thinking of a way to superboost my drink, I also added a blend of green and black tea. One more ingredient is lemon juice, which makes the antioxidant powers of the ten something like ten times more powerful.

This will serve as my stand in for kombucha, and unfortunately does not have all the probiotics and all beneficial stuff. However, tons cheaper. today is my first day of drinking it and we shall see how it goes!

Just a reminder, I am taking 3 fish oil pills, 3 garlic pills, zinc, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin e, and usually vitamin A, even though I have run out (yikes). I am thinking about trying to reincorporate milk thistle, just for kicks.

On a side note, I jut had a blood analysis, and my cholesterol is SUPER LOW and HDL are high, and my doctor asked if I eat super healthy!?! Fish oil really does do the body good. They were about 130 for total cholesterol, which is steller. SO excited!

I will let you know how this works out, and i need to buy some more pills! good luck out there.



Another day!

Hey all. I am currently researching the affects of Kombucha tea when compared to acne. There is a thread somewhere on the site that caught my eye

I just had one from my health food store, and feel pretty good. My stomach was not used to it, so it was a little achey, but i felt great. Missing all those little bacteria in my diet i presume.

My face was looking pretty good before this. I am going to try and do a three/four day trial of one drink a day. It might have a placebo affect, but it seems be doing good for my skin!

This might be the easy solution for me. Fingers crossed. I remember when my co-worker brewed his own and gave some to me on a regular basis, I felt super energized and really got hooked on the taste. Mmmmm

Anyways, stay tuned to see what happens over the course of a few days.



Hey all,

Back for an update. Seems to be going well. I have been leaving out vitamin d, so adding that. B complex seemed to aggravate my acne to thats out! Green tea usually once a day, and trying for exercise, but finals week cuts down on that unfortunately! We shall see how stressful finals play out on my skin.

My skin feels and looks pretty good. I can never have perfectly clear skin, but I am glad that it is improved tremendously before i started. Looking for that next step to take my skin to the next level! I always love recommendations and am looking out for tips and tricks.

Hope you all are benefiting form this. Also, i think the fish oil is helping my memory! Its great stuff. Till next time.



Hey hey! good news! I am back on the "normal" regimen, but have decided to just go all out and give my body the best possible chance. Currently I am taking these supplements of their suggested serving size:

A,E, B Complex (small amounts of B vitamins, not the MEGA one), Fish Oil, Garlic Oil(capsule), Zinc, and C.

I believe this to be a normal kind of daily amount of vitamins. My face is definitely better, red marks have faded a ton since starting, and my face looks much much better. I have noticed that healing times after the pimple comes to a head and "popped" (grossssss) is much much improved.

I would say I have four noticeable pimples, and only really noticeable after i put on a moisturizer. This is my first day on this full all out blitz, and I will report back and tell you all how it went.

To anyone out there giving vitamins a shot, I would be doing dan's BP routine as well, not just relying on this. You have to fight acne from both angles, and I have seen results. I just want to share this with others since I know how terrible acne can be. Good luck



Back from some experiments of sorts!

As you know from my earlier blog posts, I am trying to pinpoint exactly what it is that is keeping my face clear from the beginning of this post. As of right now, I am taking fish oil, vitamin a, vitamin c, and zinc tablets.

Just three days ago, I started taking the zinc tablets again, and boy it is a hell of a difference just three days later. I think this is seriously one of the biggest contributors to my face being clear. It has made my face a lot better, and is definitely now going to be a staple in my vitamin regiment.

After a week of this, I am going to do another post and then add in the garlic pills to see if that might help me out!

Other than supplementation, I am using a mild soap along with BP and AHA, and a moisturizer. No other topical treatments. We will see where this goes!

Once again, give it a shot! You have nothing to loose!



Hey all. Some interesting updates for you on which vitamins and whatnot.

So i bought my months supply about and have been running out of some vitamins and such, and i wanted to see the affects of how that would be linked to my acne. Some surprising results.

Right after i stopped taking Zinc, my face did not look as good as when i was taking it. I noticed more acne after stopping, and acne took longer to heal.

GARLIC; this was the big one for me. I stopped taking it for maybe a week, my acne got bad, and then when i took it again, my skin instantly changed withen 24 hours! very surprised about this.

I am going to restock my supply and then keep reporting on how this is going. I would try it for anyone out there willing to spend maybe 40 bucks on vitamins, and if nothing happens your insides will still love you for it!

I went from probably 15 active acne to around 5 acne zits, which are all mostly healing at the moment. I am loving it! Hope you all can benefit from this information, and good luck



It has been about a week, and I have started to change my initial plan up just a tad. First off, I am not taking the milk thislte complex. I did not take it for a week, and no adverse effets, so its out of my plan. Also, I bumped my omega 3 capsules to 3x daily and my vitamin e to 2x daily, everything else being the same. This seems to be working very well for me.

As of right not, I have two active sites, all the rest healing red marks. It feels great, I have a ton of self confidence now, I am always happy during the day, I can look people in the eye, be close to the person(I was usually a bit standoffish), and more interactive with anyone I come in contact with. Overall, I am a nicer and better person because of this change.

On my topical treatment side, I have found a new way to combat dry skin. Instead of layering BP on first, and then putting AHA on or a moisturizer, I mix the two together before applying. 1:1 ratio, or possibly 2:1 ratio BP to AHA. Your skin feels great, lessen the red marks all day, and will not dry out or gum up. Excellant.

I am very very very glad I started this bog. I have found what my body was deficient in and that has helped me out immensely. I believe ance is a derivative of the internal condition, with some outside factors having to do some with clogged pores and such.

GO ahead and try this out. I am sure with this routine, and if your like me and do not get near enough omega three, then a combined and disciplined plan towards acne is your best bet.



Hay all.

So i have been sticking to 2 cups of green tea and EXERCISE every day, and my face looks great. I dod forget to take my morning round of vitamins today, so I am a big nervous. Either the green tea or the exercise is sure doing it for me though.

Maybe 4-6 SMALL active sites, but all in healing mode right now, which is awesome. The sun might have something to do with it as well.

I wish i could tell you more to my success, but I have now entered a mindset of "good". Started when I found Zenhabbits, and try to adhere to the rules. Also, minimilized my life, am anal retentive about being clean in my room now, and it seems to me that some combination of positive thinking, exercise, vitamins, and luck have goten me to a point where I am truly happy with my progress of my skin.

I think i have found my cure. Four step process. Vitamins, exercise, daily regimin, and positive thinking. Hope all you out there reading this blog are at least taking those damn OMega 3 and zinc! Why not?

Good luck on your journey. I will keep updating to track my status and progress, but I am so stoked that I started this blog. If your havenet already, start one just for yourself. It makes you conscious of taking control of acne.



here back for a report.

I have been incorporating omega three from natural sources into my diet such as walnuts and olive oil, and it seems to work better than the pill version. I have around 6 active spots, getting better after not being disciplined about it the previous week.

Things are better, and i have noticed that i heal much faster than i normally would have before. I do not know why, but my acne is slow at healing, so any improvement is awesome.

Not much else, thinking about stepping up omega 3 to 3x, rather than 2x daily. Also, have not been drinking green tea... which i said i was going to do. this next week i will try my best to drink at least two cups daily and report back.

till next time



Hey all.

If you were keeping up with my blog, I took a week off and relaxed over spring break. I am now hopefully back in the routine of writing my blog.

Well first of all, over the break I was not consistant with my vitamin supplementation... Yikes. And wouldn't you know it, ACNE is back! if was never really gone, but seriously, all my hard work before has kinda been for nothing. Subconsciously, I guess, I wanted to see if the vitamins were the ones providing the extra boost to not have acne. Without reservations, YES!

I now believe in this. I do feel I am lacking some other sorts of nutrients in my diet, however. I have started to target these food groups that contain these good things, and am going on a green tea cleanse as well this week. Walnuts, I have found, are very high in omega 3. Also, almonds are very good for your health, and I have started incorporating these things into my diet, just for kicks. I would like to learn how to get all this nutrition through food alone, but unfortunately I do not think it is a reasonable goal. I do not have the willpower or fortitude to construct three perfect meals a day everyday unfortunately...

So my returning acne along with my failure of consistency proves to me that this system is working out. I continue to wash and BP 2x daily, and have not used the AHA for fear of messing something up in my system. Possibly next week if things are looking great.

My skin is alright now, definitely better than pre vitamins, but not as good as I have had it in my recent success. If it is two things you should buy right now and start taking, ZINC AND OMEGA 3! What is there to loose. I challenge anyone to start this up, and make your own blog about your experience with supplementation. Could be a game changer, really. I can only speak for myself, but I was told over and over again it is not your diet that causes acne, but I now very much doubt that statement.

On a ending note, I do not doubt that topical treatments work for people, but for me I have had limited success. For people like me who have an open mind and are willing to cough up some money(god knows you have spent 100's on creams and such) for vitamins, I am a huge advocate. And no, I am not paid by anyone to post this stuff :(


Thinking back on my acne life so to speak, I am surprised that dermatologists themselves did not do more for me than they did. My first one prescribed me tetrocycline, and that did not work. He said to keep taking them, it would eventually work. three months later, no improvement and it messed up my bodies natural probiotics and such... Did not go back there.

The second one gave me retin A, and told me to take some fancy pill from canada with no generic that costed 400 dollars a refill (30 day). Obviously, I did not go for it, but used the retin a topically with no real results.

If I had no real results from either of these man made products, why did they not ask about diet and stuff like that. Nutrition. Acne, from my studies, is more and more your bodies response to your diet, be it lactose intolerant, allergic to wheat, deficiency of minerals, etc etc. So why do dermatologists look for the superficial way to cure acne, rather than hitting the source. I mean, they are doctors and very very smart, but why not try a diet approach or possibly blood tests to see what is going on?

Really smart dermatologists. why would they not consider this approach. It angers me that I had to spend 4 years without a treatment, and FINALLY, it looks like I have found something that works for me. Many people have this same experience, and if you are one of them, consider researching a healthier alternative.

But hey, this is coming from me, so maybe I am nieve. But to get this great of results this fast without relying on any topical treatments(apart form BP), is mind blowing. at the end of this week, I will try and post a picture to show you guys this is not BS. It is astonishing to look in the mirror in the morning and actually smiling, rather than assessing damage control.