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Day 5

My face is peeling more but it seems oily. I think i might be breaking out as im getting some inflamation on my forehead and under jawline where i usually have very little acne. hopefully will go away quickly. i 've been picking at my face alot which is something i want to try and avoid but i should be able to contain myself. not sure if ill be able to post in the next two days ill try to if i get some free time other than that happy holidays. ;)


Day 4

yeah i missed day 3 yesterday. it was my last day of school before break and i was out all night. my face isnt really doing much of anything, not getting better or worse. HAve noticed that it was a little dryer than usual. Saw National treasure 2 today it was okay don't force yourself to see it definatlely worth a rent when its on dvd. other than that pretty normal day. can't wait for christmas and some improvements on my face


Day 2

So last night i completely forgot to give a status on my current ance. I have a large amount of redness and swelling on my right cheek and a very concentrated smaller patch on my left. I have another section of ance between my eyebrows. I have very little on my forehead which is surprising since i use to have longer hair. I have a fair amount of ance around my mouth and chin. Close to none on my chest and just a couple of red spots on my upper back. The week before i started clavaris i started to take predizone (or something like that) 10mg monday through friday. that stuff removed alot of my whiteheads but i still have the redness so it seems look a good product. I cant really see any effects of clavaris yet (didn't really expect any this quickly). My face does seem a little less oily and i think the clavaris might be giving me a slight joint pain in my hip but we'll see how long it lasts. Looking around these blogs in kind of depressing. i mean acne is bad and all but i figure im not gonna always have it and it with clavaris it will gone in like 5 months. i know sometimes u might feel ugly but you just gotta make the best of it. hopefully if you have a bunch of friends like me they really dont care. well ne ways thats about all for today. one more thing im a huge batman fan thought i would share with you a new trailer http://youtube.com/watch?v=WaIR9dAZRR0


Day 1

So i found this site a while back and i figured it would be cool if i could start a blog since today is my first day on clavaris which is basically acutane. By the way i am terrible at grammar and spelling so pardon my garbage writing. i'm 15 and have had severe acne for the past year and a half. i have been on antibiotics for about 6months with no effect at all. i have used differin, benzyclin, 100mg of minocyclin, and tried some otc zapzyt. Surprisingly the zapzyt worked the best but when i went to the doctor he said to use the differin so i figured i would try it but its complete garbage ive been on it for about 5 months with minocyclin and my face is just getting worse. my sister has been on clavaris and it cleared her face perfectly. hopefully in 5months i will have a awesome face to be proud of. although i do enjoy making fun of my own face occasionally. ;)

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