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My days through Accutane/Claravis (Female/30 yrs old/160 lbs)

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Hello - Just wanted to check back in to note that I've had no side effects, continue to have smooth clear skin and now my only skin worry is wrinkles. If you're on accutane or a similar product now, know that there are many people with positive experiences who just drop off this site when everything is cleared up, b/c clear skin isn't an issue any longer. Stick with it. 

Favorite products during accutane and after - Aquaphor, skinceuticals phyto corrective gel and anything by Eucerin. 

Good luck all! IMG_8113.JPGIMG_7942.JPGIMG_7714.JPG 


I'm one of the few people who had a positive experience with Claravis/Accutane and came back to share it. I used to come to this site at least five times a day, searching for positive experiences and most often it was negative ones. Turns out, it's true what people say (in most cases) - once you have clear skin, this site washes from your memory. You don't even think about it and what you went through to get to the clear skin. You just start living your life with beautiful skin and start worrying about other things:) So please, please don't assume that the lack of positive reviews means lack of positive experiences. It's just that good to have clear skin that you forget about your life before it.

I did have some hairloss at the end of the time on claravis and a few months post, and I freaked out. But slowly it started to stop coming out - not positive it all grew back, but i have no concerns about hairloss. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'd be happy to share more details about my experience and/or answer any questions.



I'm off the medication, and now I'm dealing with non-stop hairloss. I've lost about 60-75% of my hair. I had a lot to begin with, so it isn't very noticable to anyone else, but I'm devistated. I've read others blogs, and I know that they've regretted their decision to do accutane/claravis b/c of hair loss. I'm at a loss. I tried Biotin supplements, and now I'm using special hair regrowth hair products and have yet to notice it stop or improve. Anyone else in this spot?


A bit disappointed in myself.

I used to read the accutane blogs on this site non-stop, maybe 5-6 times a day when I first started Claravis, and then around month three or so, my face cleared and I slowly started to not check-in as much. I'm dissappointed in myself as I feel that was a selfish move. B/c I know I used the site to read everyone elses daily entries, I lived on them. I wondered how this person will feel tomorrow, waited to hear how their derm appt went, hoped that zit of thier's was gone... It really did consume my life in the first few months of being on this drug b/c of the uncertainty of what your experience will be like. And I didn't "pay it forward." I quit the blog. I don't mean to make this so blue and serious, but I do wish I had kept up with my daily entries in case anyone was curious.

So.. I'm back with my frist blog since day 88. I'm now close to day 150, and all clear! Not a zit on my face. In months three and four, I had a zit a month around my period. Lasted a few days, and then gone. And that's it. This month, nuthin'. Derm appt on Friday to see if a 6 month is necessary. I'm torn - in ways I do want the 6 month, to just send it on its way, but I also want to be done with the side effects. For me, those include: dry lips, very bearable though. Apply aquaphor about 5 times a day. Sore muscles and joints. In week 13 of marathon training, and combined with the DC heat, I'm finding it very hard to do long runs. And then the small little nicks and scratches on my arms, forearms and hands, and chest. My sports bra has made a good half moon of scratches/scabs on my skin from the edge of the sportsbra rubbing. And my arms just get these little scabs, it's just one layer of skin and it's tiny, but makes my arms feel bumpy in places b/c of the little raised skin for the tiny scab. My eyes hurt sometimes, like migraine behind eyes hurt, and i think my sight is a little worse. Sometimes by eyes are dry too. Clammy skin (thanks to lady who waits for identifying that one!), legs stick together if crossed, constipation, sometimes itchy scap, I think that's it:)

So again, sorry I didn't keep up with posts. Not sure any one was reading them while i was posting. But I do know that I relied heavily on this community when I started on Claravis, and I still appreciate it everyone here.

Hope all is well with everyone!



What's new: It's been 20 days, so in the past 20 days my face has been pretty clear. Still get 1-2 pimples on jawline once in a while, but those come and go. Everything else is still clear. Start 80mg (40x2) a day once I get my new Rx tomorrow.

My face: It's good. But derm said that since I still get 1-2 pimples sometimes that I should go up to 80mg a day to do away with it. So that's the plan. Skin isn't dry on face. Following same routine from the start. Lips are better, only apply aquaphor once during the day and before I go to bed. But I'm assuming my face and lips will get dry again with the increased dose. We'll see.

Everything else: All is well. Back hurts at times, I get tired on runs, my skin is very sensitive to the sun. All very easy to deal with considering other people's experiences and side effects on the medication. So all is well...

Derm said my lab tests were excellent. Go me. And I'm on day three of marathon training. Hopefully I'll be able to continue on with training with the increase to 80mg/day. Derm said to call him if any side effects increase at all and he'll pull me back to 60mg a day. My derm is so great. If anyone in the DC area is looking for a great derm, look up Dr. Perkins with Metroderm DC.


What's new: Couple small pimples on the chin otherwise clear. Still very tired. Very small rash on arms, not every day.

My face: A few days a go the tip of my nose was dry - I had a hard layer of skin that peeled off. And then my chin was the same way. So not flaky, just a small layer of skin came off. But that was just one day. Put aquaphor on both places and healed right away. Otherwise, for the past week, I'll have a couple very small pimpls, on and off. So everything is still good for my face.

Everything else: Still very tired in the afternoon. I was at a large client meeting yesterday afternoon from 1-2:30, and I was very scared I was going to fall asleep or at least look like I was drained and/or bored. Not good. But, I just have to remember to eat a bigger lunch and maybe have a cup of coffee before any events like that. I've had some very light red little rashes on my forearms, but nothing crazy. Again, they don't hurt and you can't see it unless you look very closely. So, that doesn't bother me. Still moisturizing my arms every night. I also get out of breath a lot easier (when I go on runs, when I walk upstairs, etc.). Just something to note.

That's all. Hope things are going well for everyone else. Days seem to be going by pretty fast.


What's new: Three new pimples, arm/wrist rash is gone. Derm appointment and I'll continue on 60mg/day.

My face: Since I lasted posted, I've had a few small pimples pop up. One in jawline, one on chin and another between mouth and nose. They aren't bad at all, and I really can't complain. So I won't.

Everything else: All is good. Arm rash was on it's way out once I started moisturizing again. I think it just came b/c I wasn't moisturizing my arms at all (duh). Now arms are back to normal. No dry skin or rashes. Need to make sure I moisturize my legs too, as I've seen after I shave my legs, it looks like I have razor burn. So I'm just going to assume that's b/c my lack of moisturizing, as well. Lesson learned.

Had my lab test and derm appointment this week. Derm said labs were fine, tryglycerides were up a little but nothing to worry about. That was a huge relief, as I hadn't been watching too closely on what I was eating as I had been traveling a lot last month (that's a good excuse, right?). And he said my face looked good, and I'll continue with the 30mg 2xday. And with how things are going now, I'll be done after month 5, which is great.

The Target Incident Part 2

Apparently the manufacturer that provides Target with Claravis only sent Target half of my prescription. And I can not pick up only half; against the rules. And I won't be able to pick up the whole prescription until Monday. I'll be out of the drug in a day. Was so mad. But then calmed down and realized that it's ok - not the end of the world (like I thought in the first Target Incident) . I'll just be one day without taking the prescription. Still frustrating since, I'm still not convinced it will all be there on Monday. Oh well. It seems that no matter how much I've read about everyone else's experiences with this drug (having trouble with prescriptions, getting rashes, and on and on), I still get so upset/surprised when it happens to me. It's silly, I know.


What's new: Arm rash/dryness has gone down a lot. No active pimples.

My face: My face continues to be clear of all pimples. Just some leftover red marks in the jawline area, but they are very hard to see. Skin on face isn't dry at all. I'm using the Cetaphil facewash and Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion at night, and then Avene Milky Fluid Antirogues in the AM in shower and using Cetaphil lotion with SPF in the AM. And that's keeping my skin moisutrized.

Everything else: I used the Aveene Eczema lotion last night, a couple layers and the rashes and dry patches started to go away right away. So it was just super dry skin on my arms. For the past month I had forgotten to moisturize my arms every day. So now I'll go back to doing that in the AM and PM. I also brought the lotion with me to work to re-apply during the day. And I still get tired in the late-afternoon, but getting used to that. That's it for side effects.

I had my lab test this morning and have my derm appt tomorrow morning. The lab folks said my results won't be ready in time for my derm appt tomorrow. Which makes sense; not sure why I scheduled my lab test so close to my derm appt. But I can't reschedule my derm appt within the week the time they allow to get the prescription. So my derm receptionist just said to come in tomorrow and just hope that the lab tests are ready. Otherwise, they said they'd figure something out. Not sure what they could do. I'm a little nervous about not getting my new prescription. Ugh, every time it's something...


What's new: Face is clear and has been for a week or so. Arms and hands are spotted with different types of rashes and bumps.

My face: My face is great. No pimples at all and not dry either. So it's smooth and looks great. Woo hoo!

Everything else: Arms are pretty bad. They're all scaley and bumpy, and then there's patches of rashes or really dry spots, sometimes they look like blisters. I was in New Orleans for the weekend and in the sun a lot, but every half hour I was applying heavy-duty block, even though it stung really bad when I spread it on b/c of the different patches of rashes and dry spots. Ugh. It was frustrating. But besides the stingy when I sprayed on the sunblock, the rashes and spots on my arms don't hurt. It's weird. I can only see and feel with my other hand the bumps and rashes.

I went out without my aquaphor for one day this weekend and it was bad. Lips instantly started to peel. I bought some back-up lip stuff and it just didn't work at all. Aquaphor is just amazing. You don't realize it until you forget it, and then how quickly it works when you get it back on your lips.

My stomach muscles hurt like I did sit-ups all weekend. Not sure if that's a side-effect or just from laughing a lot all weekend (New Orleans was great!).

So besides the arm problem, everything else is good. Anyone else going through/gone through this arm rash stage? What did you use on your arms? I've tried the Cetaphil cream, but that doesn't seem to help. I even put the aquaphor on my arms but then my arms are all greasy/shiny which is embaressing. I hope something out there works....please let me know!


What's new: No active pimples on face. New skin rash on underside of wrists.

My face: In the past three days my jawline has cleared up. Five or so days ago I had 5 or so active pimples on jawline, and now they're all dried up, dead and almost all gone. So that's good. The redness has gone down. And my nose isn't as bumpy anymore from blackheads surfacing. So all is well with my face! Very excited about that.

Everything else: A few days ago I noticed some bumpiness, rash-like skin on the underside of my wrists and sometimes on the top. It doesn't itch or hurt and you can only see little red/white bumps if you look closely. Wouldn't know it was there unless I felt the skin. Tried to show to Pete, and he said he couldn't see anything. So not noticeable at all. And it comes and goes. I haven't put any special lotion on the rash or treated the skin in any way - again b/c I don't notice it that much.

And then my hands just get marked up easier. Nothing serious. So for example, if I scratch my hand on something the mark is more noticable, or if I bump my hand on something sharp, the skin breaks more easily. Again, nothing serious. I just am aware since my skin was never sensitive or prone to rashes there before. And my scalp isn't as itchy.

I have my lab tests this coming Monday and derm appt Wednesday. We'll see how that goes. Nervous about lab tests as I head to New Orleans this Thursday-Sunday, and I know it won't be my healthiest of weekends...

I feel a distance b/t the blog crowd and me b/c I haven't been checking in everyday. Work has been busy and I've been traveling some, too. Hope to get back on the daily blog train when I get back from New Orleans. I hope all is well with everyone else.


What's new: One big pimple and then about 4-5 smaller pimples on just one side of my jaw. Another on my lower cheek/near mouth area. Clear skin everywhere else. Itchy scalp is back.

My face: Well it's been five days since I last blogged, and it's not b/c nothing has changed with my skin. Work has been crazier. So in the past five days I've broke out again on my jawline. I'm not sure if it's b/c my time of the month is here or that the upped dose from 40-60mgs is kicking in, but a few days ago a lot more pimples sprouted on my jawline (compared to just 1-2 actives). And my face has gotten that red again, like when it was my second week after starting it. And my nose is bumpy again like more blackheads are coming to the surface. So basically round two. Although it's not as bad as round one b/c my face is in a better place to start, smoother skin all around, less blackheads on nose and not as irritated. Some mornings I wake up with a crack on one side of my mouth/lips. Not bleeding crack, just peely skin in the corner of my mouth. Not sure how to explain it. But aquaphor and it's healed.

Everything else: Nothing too bad. As far as joints, back and headache, nothing has changed there. Just minimal soreness once in awhile. My scalp has gotten itchy again, assume that's from the upped dose, part of the round 2. Everything else is pretty good though. Still very positive about it all; days are going by quickly. Just not looking forward to how careful I'll have to be in the next few months b/c of the sun. But, just like some other things, being on this medication trains you to be very good to your body and skin (moisturizing, drinking water, wearing SPF, etc.). Hopefully most of it will stick post-accutane.


What's new: One active pimple on chin. Jawline pimples aren't active for the past two days. A few small pimples on chest area. Still overly tired by mid-day.

My face: It's going well. The jawline pimples that have been coming and going have just been going for the past two days. During that time I got a new pimple on my chin, kind of near mouth. It's not too big. Nose is stil clearing; can't see blackheads there, or anywhere on my face really. And no other active pimples on face besides the one on my chin. Red marks still from past ones. Lips are fine.

Everything else: The past few days I have had a few very small pimples on my chest area. But they're very small, and don't hurt at all, so I'm not concerned. The only side effect that's noticable for me is, again, the tiredness during the afternoon/early evening. Saw a movie in the theater on Saturday night (7pm), slept through parts of it, saw a reenactment at Ford's Theater this morning, slept through parts of it, and took a two- hour nap this afternoon. I'm not sure this is all b/c of the accutane, did stay up later than usual on Friday. But still, am a lot more worn out on this drug. Hope that gets better not worse the longer I'm on it.


What's new: Two active pimples on jawline. Black heads are disappearing on nose and all over face. Side effects are not bad at all.

My face: So just the two pimples on my jawline, and those are new and then dead within 24 hours. The best right now is the no blackheads - it's so cool to look closely and see smaller pores and no black heads all over. Smoother skin by far. So the increased dose from 40-60mgs/day hasn't changed my skin in a bad way...yet. Lips are fine, only feel dry or hurt when I haven't had aquaphor on them, otherwise they're fine. No peeling or cracking.

Everything else: I've been traveling for work the past few days, so my schedule has been irregular. Per usual, I followed my same skin routine while traveling/in hotels. But in the past, even if I kept up with my skin routine while traveling, I was bound to break out during/after just b/c of small changes, whether it's water in hotel, sheets, the food I'm eating, etc. But this past trip my skin didn't react. So that's something new and good. As far as side effects, yeah, nothing new. Tired by the afternoon, but after I figured out that's what the deal is for me, it was easier to deal with. When I first started to feel tired in the afternoon I was all irritable and not associating it with the drug; I was just blaming it on other things and getting crabby. But now that I know, I can deal with it, whether it's by taking a nap, eating some food or drinking some coffee.


Day 37 - Claravis

What's new: Two active pimples on jawline, dryer skin than yesterday.

My face: Instead of one pimple on jawline (how it's been for a week or so), I have two today. Maybe b/c of the new dose of 60mgs? And my face was dryer, not peely, but when I put powder on I could see some dry skin. Nothing crazy.

Everything else: Fine, nothing new. This tired thing though is strange, I feel like a grandma. By mid-day I'm ready for a nap; just feel drained.


Day 36 - Claravis

What's new: One small active pimple on jawline. Little pimple on lip line.

My face: Only the small pimple on jawline and small bump on lipline (not visible). I still have about 5 red marks on my jawline from old pimples. Face isn't dry anymore at all. Redness is going away. Haven't seen an IB since I upped my dose from 40-60mg/day.

Everything else: Nothing new. Side effects are very minimal: sometimes some pain in lower back after sitting in one place for too long, and when I go on a run, places on my arms burn a little which I assume is from sweat getting in dry skin patches? That only happens on the back of my shoulder/upper arm area. It goes away once I stop sweating. Not a big deal.

Since I started accutane I hadn't done anything to my eyebrows, no waxing, which I usually do (but can't on accutane), and no plucking b/c I usually don't have to. So they were a mess. On Sunday, I went to an eyebrow threading place for the first time. And it was great. No irritation of the skin at all, no burning - just clean shaped eyebrows. And, it took under 2 minutes. It was great. I'll never go back to waxing my eyebrows.


What's new: One active pimple on jawline, blackheads are disappearing on nose, not bumpy either. Side effects, minimal.

My face: So it's tough to update once or once every other day b/c so much changes for my skin within 12 hours. For the past few days I've had only one active pimple, and it may not be the same one. For instance one died last night, but I have a new one this AM. But one active pimple is no big deal, at all.

Everything else: Nothing new. It's been 4 days on the dose of 60mgs a day, and nothing has changed. Fingers crossed.


Day 33 - Claravis

Too much information post.

What's new: Skin is still improving; looks smoother and clearer. And the one active on the jawline is becoming inactive - still a bump but very little pain.

My face: I'm feeling really good about it. One active and that's it. Lips are doing pretty well, too. I apply aquaphor every hour and they are a little peely in the AM when I get up, but other than that, they're fine. Skin isn't dry anymore. In the AM I can apply one hefty layer of Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion, and then poweder and no flaky skin. (At night I'm using the Restoraderm mixed with a dollop of Cetaphil cream.) In the AM and PM I layer the lotion on so thick that I can still see the lotion on top of my skin and I can't rub it all in. Just let it all sink in. I've also been spritzing the Avene Thermal Spring water on my face in the AM right after shower (let it dry while I brush my teeth) and in the PM after I wash my face (again let it dry while brushing). Too much information.

Everything else: No new side effects. Body feels good. I pushed myself this morning and did Jillian's 30 day shred level 2 - look out! It was so tough. But felt so good. So I'm switching off every other day b/t Jillian's workout and running 3 miles, and I've lost 7 pounds since I started the Accutane. Again, I'm looking at this 5 month long process as a chance to get my whole self in good health, so once the 5-month finish line comes, everything is in good shape. Again, TMI. Oh well.

So, now that I'm feeling good on a couple different levels, skin and working out, I'm also trying not to let it go to my head. As I need to prep myself in case I get some sort of IB since two days ago I increased my mgs from 40 a day to 60.

So it's the start of the weekend. Whether if for you, that means you have a couple days ahead to feel safe at home b/c skin isn't doing well right now, or if for you it means you'll be out in public b/c you've seen some improvements (or are improved)....I hope everyone can relax and feel good knowing we're all pretty strong for going through this.


What's new: Started taking the 30mgs 2 x a day. One active pimple on jawline, that's it!

My face: All looks pretty good. Still red, but not as bad as weeks 1-2. Dryness isn't that bad either, not as bad as week 3. Just have one pimple on jawline, and then some dead ones, red spots just hanging out on the chin/jawline. Don't mind those at all though.

Everything else: I just feel more tired. Around 5:30pm on the train ride home I'm ready for bed. I've been going to bed/sleep around 9pm and getting up at 5:30am. So that's between 8-9 hours of sleep a night. And it's not like I feel more rested, that's just what my body needs now. Luckily I can go to bed that early.

Thanks to the ladies who commented on the incident post - it helps to know that I'm not the only one the pharm is plotting against. So I picked up my new prescription early yesterday afternoon, took one with lunch, one with dinner - so now I'm all set. I've moved past The Target Incident (for now:), until next month's pick-up...


What's new: One active pimple on jawline. And little holes, large pores on side of nose, top of nose and chin. And...I had my first breakdown/serious mood swing last night.

My face: Face feels smooth and looks really good this morning. Although, after I moisturized and put powder on I could see these big holes on the side of my nose where the powder didn't sink in, and they are on my chin, too. They look really weird - like holes in my skin. Anyone else?

Everything else: Nothing new with body, except The Target Incident.

The Target Incident

It was a big one.

On Tuesday I spent forever (an hour or so) on the phone talking to my dermatologist and Target, back and forth, to make sure the derm called the prescription over to Target, then to check that the derm called the right mg in, then to Target to make sure they got the call, then a call back to make sure they would order it (they don't keep Claravis at the pharm) and it would be ready for me to pick up. Let me repeat, that it would be ready for me to pick up.

After all that follow-up with derm and Target pharm, it would seem that I'd be all ready to pick-up my new 60 mg (2x30) rx at Target. I did all this prep and confirmation b/c it's a big deal that they have it before I go as it's quite the hike from my place. I live in DC, don't have a car, so it's a couple train rides/transfers to get there. A pain. And last time, it was NOT ready for pick-up when I got there.

I get to Target last night after work, and they don't have it!

They had ordered 10mg instead of 30mg. I almost started crying right then. They said they had already ordered the right mg to correct the error, and it would be ready tomorrow (today at 11am). I still got upset. After all my work to make sure it would be ready...

I asked if I could just, for tomorrow morning (today), take three, 10mgs pills, and then come in after work and get the right ones so I could stay (and start) on track with when I take it (breakfast and dinner). They said no. I understood why, but I was still upset. I couldn't help it. I said "I have to start this tomorrow!" I think I kind of yelled or said it snotty. And she said "You can, it will be ready at 11am." Seemed reasonable; good response from her. And she was very nice and apologetic about it all. But I still wasn't happy. I was being very stubborn, and on the verge of tears.

Then I asked the cost. For my first 40mg for a month it was $260. For this one it's going to be $792! I figured it would be around $500. (My insurance doesn't cover it). So that means $800 for the next four months! I had to walk away. That was it. Eyes and nose were burning, tears were here. My husband, Pete, was there with me. Tears, tears and more tears in the shampoo and conditioner aisle of Target. I didn't care. And I couldn't stop. My husband was being so sweet. Every time I looked at him I realized I was overreacting, but I could not stop crying. Just kept thinking about all the steps I took so this wouldn't happen, so I could get my rx when I showed up. It was such a big deal to me then and there.

Then I was over it. By the time we got to the soup aisle all I could think about was food. Mood swing central. Look out (Pete).


What's new: Well, nothing....besides Katy - 1, acne - 0. One month down, acne. WHAT?!

My face: Really nothing. The stuff on my jawline just keeps going down. Face is less peely. Lips are fine.

Everything else: Just fine.

Nervous though, about starting the 60mg tomorrow. I assume something will have to happen with the increased mgs, it's just a matter of what and how much. Of course, just when I'm getting used to this level of accutane in my body, I have to go and mess with things again. Got to remember, Accutane is on my side. Got to stay strong. "Enemy deserves no mercy." (Karate Kid #1).

So I've decided that everyone on Accutane should plan a celebration trip for yourself and your friends/significant others during the course of accutane to keep you motivated. An "acne's got nothing on me/look at my beautiful skin" trip. No big deal. Just a thought. Now, where to is the question...


What's new: No new pimples, have two active pimples (one on chin area and one on jawline). New dry spots on one arm.

My face: Not as dry, not as red. And seems to be calming down. Still have the blackheads on nose that haven't changed since I first started. They've just camped out right on the surface of my nose - grr. Still have about 10 spots on my jawline from ones that have come and are dead but have left a mark.

Everything else: Noticed dry spots on one arm yesterday so I put two layers of the Cetaphil cream on it last night and they're not so bad. So I'll start applying the cream to my arms a few times a day to avoid/lesson those dry patches. Other than that, headaches treated (advil) no itchy scalp (morracon oil and Dove damage therapy daily moisture conditioner), lips are ok (aquaphor) - realized I get the lip blisters when I go w/o the aquaphor.

Update from the Derm: Went to my derm this morning and he's upped me to 60mg a day (30 mg with breakfast and dinner) which I will start on Thursday. I've made list of things we discussed when I saw him. I felt good after seeing my derm b/c I he took the time to answer my questions, and I trust him to tell me the truth and not just what I want to hear.

Take 'em or leave 'em - but, here are my questions and his responses, paraphrased:

  • IBs: Where's my IB? He looked at me confused and said you really shouldn't have one. And if I do to call him right away - as that shouldn't happen and the "suffering through it" approach is not correct and hasn't been for three years. He said that's why derms start people on lower doses. He said to call him right away if my pimples double at any time (feels like an IB may be coming), and he'll lower my dosage. I was surprised to hear that as so many people's blogs/vlogs I have seen/read say that they are just pushing through horrendous IBs. So talk to your derm if that's the case with you.
  • Vitamins/Supplements: Is it ok if I take Glucosomine with Accutane? He said a recent study revealed that the claims that it treated sore joints/muscles was false - he also noted, that's just one study. I think I'll continue to take it. He said if I do take it, do not take it at the same time as the accutane. I asked what about other vitamins, he said not to take any other vitamins. He said, "It's just the opposite, you should not take vitamins with it, especially not fat-soluble ones (vit a)." So, I think I'm going to hold off taking my other vitamins for awhile (Vitamin E and C), but continue to take my Omega 3-6-9, but at lunch, so not at the same time as accutane.
  • My bloodwork results: (didn't have to ask). He said that my cholestrol did go up a little, but everything else was fine. For the cholestrol he just said to watch the foods I eat, for example, stay away from cheese. That's going to be tough, but I'm definitly going to do it. And I looked at the Top 5 foods to lower cholestrol and just added them to my peapod shopping list (oatmeal/high-fiber foods, blueberries, almonds, olive oil and fish/omega 3, etc.).
  • My running: Should I be scared to start marathon training in the end of May? This would be beginning of month 4, although I'm already running every other day. He said my training for the marathon shouldn't be a problem, but just to keep in mind that, just like any other medication, you could be sorer than if not on the medication. He said his main concern for me with marathon training was making sure I get enough SPF for my long runs - note to self, carry SPF with me, and reapply often, on long runs.
  • Adult beverages: Can I drink in New Orleans - like really celebrate? He said he'd be concerned if I took my accutane, took a bunch of tylenol and drank a lot all in one hour....joking as in this is the worse case, all bad on the liver. He said seriously, just be smart - know that this drug is hard on the liver - take it with breakfast and dinner, and use advil (not tylenol) in the AM if you need to cure a headache. I can do that. I haven't had anything to drink, as in wine, beer, etc., for a month now - and I feel great. BUT, I'm going to New Orelans for the first time, so I must be realistic - I'll want to have some adult beverages.


What's new: Jawline has calmed down - do active pimples there. One active pimple on chin. Skin was really dry a couple days ago, now not so much. Lips have blisters again.

My face: Looks pretty good right now. Still red, but things have calmed down. About a week ago, my jawline was breaking out (about 6 active pimples) now, they are all on the way out (hope they don't come back). Now I just have a small active one on my chin, and one going away near my nose. Lips are dry, not peely. And then I have a couple small blisters, they don't hurt, they're just bumps on my lips. Nose is still bumpy from the blackheads just sitting there just under/on top of the skin. They're annoying - won't go away. I exfoliate my nose in the AM and that gets it smooth, but they're still there. Anyone else in this stage or past this stage? What happens next with the blackheads?

Everything else: Is great. Back doesn't hurt any more. Body isn't sore. Scalp doesn't itch (moraccon oil) and my headaches are cured by a few advil in the AM and PM. Feeling pretty good.

Had my bloodwork/lab test on Friday, and see the derm tomorrow (Monday) for the results and to get the rx for 60mg (30 / 2xday) from the doc. Hopefully that's still the plan. Nervous for an IB once my dose is upped from 40 to 60mg a day. We'll see....


What's new: New pimples on jawline (total of 5 active pimples on jawline); new pimple on lower cheek near nose (only one not in jawline area). Face is dryer.

My face: Seems like the jawline is getting hit now, some pimples seem to heal or die (or so I think) but then they come back. And then news ones come. So the jawline is just "active" all around - but nothing too bad. Can handle it. And my face half way through the day is dry/little peely in my chin area, and side of nose. Same face skin routine except at night and in the morning, I'm using a layer of the Cetaphil cream, too.

Everything else: Back is sore. Getting more headaches (never had headaches before). Skin on rest of body is normal. Nose is dry, blew it tonight and a little blood. Have been using q-tip to get aquaphor up in there the past couple nights, and will continue to do so. Hope that helps. And anyone that has itchy scalp and uses moracconoil, put some on your scalp, it has solved my itchy scalp problem.

Just posted new pics - will be up tomorrow (Thurs.)

Work is kind of crazy right now so haven't been good with the daily entries. But will get back on it soon.


What's new: Nada.

My face: Nada.

Everything else: Calves were really sore yesterday and today. My workouts involve a lot of jumping, so I know my claves get a workout. But normally they wouldn't be this sore. It's gotta be the Accutane. Oh well. That's not going stop me from exercising.


What's new: Two active pimples on face, on jawline, one on right, one on left. Nose is bumpy from all the blackheads surfacing. One side of my chin was really dry this AM.

My face: My face is still very red. I'm still getting new pimples on my jawline that come and go, nothing serious. Bunch of red marks on jawline from past pimples. And my nose is still bumpy from the herd of blackheads. I used the Modern Friction exfoliator scrub on my nose again in the shower, and it feels a lot smoother. And it was glowing after, unlike other parts of my face. I love that stuff. A side of my chin is getting pretty dry - but a good layer or two of moistruizer and it's all gone.

Everything else: Nothing new. Back still hurts, but nothing terrible. Most of the time I don't notice it.

Opened my third pack of pills today, pretty exciting. Can't wait for month one to be over.