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Day 60! c:

My Acne has been ok... but I have been picking A LOT! I just have been stressed for absolutely no reason! I'm pretty sure it's the Accutane that's making me feel this way. My Bacne is really good I've only seen 3 tiny blackheads on my back which I popped. I know I know I shouldn't pop zits. Acne stresses me out and so does school and other stuff that's why I pop. My side affects are the usual... tiny back aches and sore in the knees when I run but it's all good!

ps: Watch America's Got Talent Tomorrow on NBC I'm going to be in the audience... The Bonde girl in the secound row on the right side.

God Bless

Beauty is Pain <3


I'll just get to the point today:

Skin: My face doesn't get dry if I apply moisterizer nightly. The on my upper arms has gone away... thank GOD!

Acne: I have these weird small whiteheads that have a tiny hole in the center... it looks like a large not active blackhead. I tried to pop them because I let them be for a looooong time and they just stay on my face..., nice and cozy. THEY WON'T POP! So I gave up and I'm not picking them anymore but grrr they annoy me.

Bacne: I have no idea what is happening back there! I usually every other day have a pimple on my right upper back... if I pop it which I did it came back!

Must read book: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Beauty can be Pain?! <3


Day 42

Kenzi Jibba Jabber and Venting:

I am sick :/ I skipped soccer today because I'm sick. My mom thinks I'm just tired :think: she never believes that I'm sick when I tell her I'm sick. Don't you hate that?! I do. So when I said I wasn't going to soccer she said "what a waste of money" Its like holy crap I'm missing one day because my throut hurts soooooo bad and I cough every so often. Give me a break! Even in p.e. I was coughing up a storm but of coarse I guess I just have to be tough and deal with it. I'm also being forced to go to school tomorrow. Great.

I found out that 'tane stays in your system for 30 days so I was fine without being on the pills for about a week. My skin is not dry after skipping that many days of not taking the pill, I love NOT having dry skin. It is my love!

Skin: Not dry woohoo!

Acne: Had a small breakout on the skin by both my ears and along my hairline but know the acne in those places are barely noticeable. I have blackheads on my nose but on my chin the blackheads are almost gone. Overall my face is almost acne free! My chest has NO acne on it now!!!

Bacne: I think I had a mini breakout on my back. I have so many blackheads on my upper back/soldiers. No more new zits but the breakout never went away :wall: So... my upperback and soldiers have blackheads and sometimes pimples. GRR.


Day 32 :0

Ran out if pills Friday :/ My appointment is on Friday to get more :/ I hope I dont breakout :/ Lab tomorrow? Maybe? They were sapposed to mail a card to my house but hasn't so I don't think I can get my lab tomorrow to test to see if I can take Accutane still... not that the test would accurate because i havn't been on accutane since Friday!


Skin: on the scale of 1-10 level 5 dry

Acne: 1 active pimlpe on chin which is almost gone and a small pimple was on my cheek but flattened yippee~!

Side effect: I was laing on the grass for awhile (15+) min and m arms started to itch. A LOT I looked at my arms and broke out in hives a little. I didn't itch and they went away. I climbed a tree today and I have many scratches on my calf now :think:

Randomness..... :Today was a AWESOME day besides the dredded acne world! Here in Washington it was around 60 degrees which is warm here. Nice sunny day not a cloud in sight. Before church I had a sunburst iced tea which is Green Tea and reg lipton tea mix soooo goooood.Went to church with my friend, mom and sister then got a haircut after that dropped my friend off and ate at Pita Pit (its like subway but you make your own pita instead of sandwich....). I had a yummy Chicken Breast Pita which I put pinapple, mushroom, shredded lettuce, chedder cheese, banana peppers with teriyaki sauce on.... If you go to Pita Pit eat that sooooo goood. Then when I got home I went on bike ride with my sis. Then I hung out with my friend!

When I was downtown I went in a pet store and there was the nicest cute bunny I've ever seen. It would actually come to the edge of it's cage and sniff your hand then let you pet it.... I wanted that bunny ahaha

Beauty is Pain <3

God Bless you!


Day 29 :]

I have this thing, called a mom. Mom wouldn't let me go on the computer because it was too late. SO... I couldn't update my blog (so sorry)

my life the past couple of days consisted of myself thinking, "why is it raining? bored bored bored. my skin itches. DON'T ITCH! wow my chin is dry. lips chapped, where did I put my chapstick? Dang it lost another chapstick *licks lips* I hope my face isn't too red" and so on....

Skin: Reddish tint on arms and face. Mainly*. Jaw line is super dry cheeks are a bit less dry

Acne: Not active annoying white bumps that are hard to see that say pop me! And a few blackheads on forehead only a few. Blackheads on nose and chin are now less dark and are tiny tiny* bumps. I hope that means my blackheads are going away :]

Side Effects:

~dry eyes

~no more back pain

~red tint in skin especially on face

~skin very sensitive (stings when I take a sleeve off my arm)

~the tired at 6 o'clock has gone away

ps: ony have 2 pills left! Which means 1 month down wooohoo. 2 to go until predicted clear and 5 months to go until the prescription is over :]

God bless you..., and you...., and you....., and you......

Beauty is Pain <3!

Ps: Water for Elephant is a must see movie... loved it!


Happy Easter!!! Remember today is about celebrating being forgiven for our sins.... NOT the Easter bunny. I went to the Melting Pot with my family, to celebrate Easter what did you do?

Skin: Cheeks are a little dryer. My arms are itchy and have a red tint :think:

Acne: NO new active zits! Yipee! It seems like this 'tane is working way faster then it should...! I am NOT complaining though :]

God Bless you... and you... and you (you get it)

Beauty is Pain! <3


AHHHH it's been 4 days but not until today there hasn't been any major changes! (Luckily! :think: )

Acne: No active acne that I could see. On my ear I could feel a pimple. It hurts but it won't pop... I popped it once already and it hurts a little less but I know there's gross stuff in it still :/ If it didn't hurt I wouldn't touch it! On my right cheek there's pretty flat bumps that might become pimples. The blackheads on my chin are more like a blackhead that is not deep... <--- did that make sense? They don't look like pimples and I can't see them unless I smile obnoxiously so I guess that's good haha. I had a balckhead that turned in a pimple but it's almost gone now. Regular blackheads still on my nose!

Skin: Have 1 dry patch on both my cheeks! Once I got the dry spot the small un-active pimples went away in that spot. I can no longer wear foundation which sucks because I have some red spots and my skin is red. Oh by the way my skin iss red.... :wall: looks sunburned but it might just be red because of the drying

Lips: Super oober duper dry 9 out of 10 dry manybe 10 but I have a feeling they'll get worse :/ grrr. My lips are deep pink which doesn't bother me too much but they just burn/hurt, especially when I wake up. I always always always wear lip balm, chapstick or vaseline on my lips... a favor my cocoa vaseline.

Other Side Effects:

~Back pain isn't as noticiable

~skin on the top of my hand gets scratches easily..., I put my hand on concrete while I was about to sit down and I moved my hand without lifting it off the concrete and I got a scratch between my knuckels I was thinking wtf that was weird.

~Dry spots on my upper left and right arm

~1 random dry spot that is about a inch wide/long

~I had a nose bleed 2 days ago.. I always wake up right before it happens or right after I feel like I'm drowning then I plug my nose and run for my life to the bathroom!

Beauty is Pain! <3


Day 19 woohoo

19 days down! No jabber for today!

Acne: On the left and right sides of my face are breaking out with whiteheads that havn't surfaced. Me picking them is not helping... I need to stop picking I was really good over the weekend... The temptation!!!

Skin: Got a weird dry spot on my stomach? It looks weird I never had a dry spot there before -_- . My cheeks are dry/rough to the touch.

Lips: I have a feeling peeling willoccur if I don't appky LIP BALM 24/7

Beauty is Pain nut it will be worth it in the end! <3


Day 17!

Acne: Very small bumps on forehead but they are not active. Not active bumps on my cheek but theiir still bumps :/

Skin: Around my nose is crusty my dry skin (I know TMI)! Skin is dry on cheeks, and forehead! I put cocoa butter vaseline on my skin and my skin already doesn't feel as itchy as it did before I put vaseline on my skkin. Vaseline is a old trick used to moisturize skin. :doubt:

Lips: When I brushed my teeth yesterday the left endge of my lip cracked! It hurt so bad. Today I have been putting chapstick on my lips every 5-7 minutes I think now. I was eating at a resturant and I wiped my lips with a napkin, it felt weird and then I touched my lips and dead skin went on my finger. That was gross I literally said "ewww" and shook my hand around to get it off...

PS: I saw the movie Soul Surfer yesterday and I must say that movie was great! It is a must see. Totally worth the over priced tickets!!! :(

Beauty is Pain! <3


Day 15!

I am going to update my blog every other day from now on!

No changes... At all! Am I boring you because I am boring myself.

mini Kenzi Jibba Jabber: I had soccer camp today and after a hour and thirty minutes of playing soccer my back started to ache. When I sat in my Dad's car on the way home from soccer camp my back just hurt! It felt like someone slapped me in the back to many times. It hurt! I noticed when a girl clipped my ankle with her kleet 1. I fell down 2. I landed on my wrist which hurt super duper bad and 3. MY ANKLE was on fire! I didn't cry, I'm a toughy but I didn't want to walk on it. It seems like getting clipped froma kleet and falling on my wrist shouldn't have hurt that bad... Possibly this is a side effect. Time will only tell.

Random fact:

Grapple: An apple that looks and has the texture of a apple... but taste like a grape!

See you day 17!!

Beauty is Pain! <3


Kenzi Jibba Jabber: I'm in a hyper/random/good mood! I keep on having weird dreams.... why, why God did I dream that half the school's students were singing the spongebob ripped his pants song?! Then of making a bagel. The dreams I have...

Acne: pimples healing on cheek from picking a few says ago. Zit under my bangs and left eyebrow are drying. Its all good!!

Skin: Not very dry at all. I hate moistrizer, well I used to but now I don't mind it. I put on a huge amount of cetephil moistrizer before I go to bed and I wake up with soft-ish skin. YAY!

Lips: DRY. on the scale of 1-10 my lips are 8ish rated

Any suggestions on how I can make my blog better? Comment below :(

Any cRaZZzY dreams you want to share? comment below... or else!! <--- jk

Beauty is Pain! <3


Day 13!

Skin/Acne reciew/ Kenzi Jibba Jabber: My skin is semi-dry. as for acne everything is the same as yesterday besides under my nose I have tiny white heads. I put vaseline on my face tonight after I showered. I heard it's a old trick to help deeply moisturize :(. I have cocoa butter vaseline so my face smells like cocolate... yummy! :doubt:

Side effects: Back is getting more sensitive. I try not to complain because I hate having to explain why I continue to take accutane to get rid of acne and back pain is a side effect... Non-accutane/acne people don't understand the stress acne has a affect on people, accutane is also hard because of the side effects but will be worth it it the end to cure my acne.

Thankyou for all the support <3

Beauty is Pain! <3


Kenzi Jibber Jabba: ... Had a great day! :doubt: Not many of those especially on school days! But for my skin... I just got over pms, I think my skin got affected by that... maybe not! For so long since on accutane my cheeks got white hard to see pimples, only able to be seen at a certain angle. This Saturaday, I believe they started to reach the service creating a classic zit! Lovely huh>? :( For awhile... since Saturday they've been drying up... I gave up today, I told myself not to do it but I did the deed. I picked them, one by one. Each tiny pimple white stuff came out of. I'm sorry for that TMI. :(

Skin: DRY. Not flaky yet but I am so sick of my skin being sry I put a ton of cetephil moistrizer on my face tonight... I think I'm going to do that every night for now on. Skin is beyound sensitive, my skin stung from the cetephil face wash!!! it didn't hurt my skin a couple days ago...?

Bacne: Still "coming out" slowly.

Acne: Big pimple healing on my forehead (under bangs) Pimples on cheeks now healing but they might turn into big pimples after they heal, hoooooray! <--- sarcasm

Lips: After Aquaphor drys I apply new layer on lips... If not they chap. Any lip balm/ chap stick reccommendations>?

Beauty is Pain! <3


Day 11

Skin: dry (nothing new)

Acne: the bumps on my cheeks are turning into tiny red pimples but oddly are already drying up... Hopefully they'll heal soon :] There's a big pimple under my bangs... I picked it :/ bad habit!

Lips: I need to have lip balm on 24/7 or my lips will dry out instantly

Bacne: I'm trying not to itch my back because if I do the blackheads turn into pimples... Tmi? I thinnk yes!!!


10 days down... many to go

Acne: The 2 active pimples are still under my bangs, the pimples that were under my eyebrows are gone on the right eyebrow but there's a drying up pimple under my left eyebrow. The pimple under my nostril, after I popped it 2 days ago is now flat... sometimes picking is effective! (usually isn't :doubt:) There are still bumps on my cheeks that can't be seen unless I look at a certain angle, they feel like their shrinking though, yay! :(

Bacne: feels like the blackheas on my back are coming out, one turned into a no head pimple... I think that happened because I itched my back, oops :(

Lips: Are getting super duper dry! If I don't apply my aquaphor every hour my lips will start to dry out once the product wears off. That sucks for me!!!

Skin: On the scale of 1-10 (10 being highest) my skin is rated 4.5 for being dry

Good luck to all ya acne fighters!

Beauty is Pain! <3


Short and sweet for these days,

Acne/skin: pimples underneath my skin on my cheeks and my forehead is pretty clear, 2 active pimples under my bangs... i picked those!!! Grr I need to NOT pick. My skin is getting dryer day to day..., medium dryness right now, lucky me!

Side effects: My back is a little more sensitive, but nothing I can't handle. I've been getting really tired at 5:00 PM but if I take a nap I can't go back to sleep.

Ps: The reason I couldn't post yesurday is I got out of school, was track manager until 4:45, got home at about 5:00 (my tired time) worked on my English project until when I left my house at 5:40 to go to soccer day camp which I have every Thursday, I got home at 8:00 and stayed up until 12:00 doing my project, sorry for missing a day!!!!

Beauty is Pain! <3


7 days!!!!

Kenzi Jibba Jabber: I'm soooo happy my first week of accutane has gone by so fast and smoothly... :(

Acne/Skin: Forehead has NO active zits :0 ! My cheeks have deep pimples, maybe small cystic acne, they have been there for awhile but their getting larger. At least their pretty flat though and isn't red. I still have a couple small pimples under my eyebrow hair which is barely noticeable :( . The large active pimple under my right nostril finally got to me... I couldn't stand it anymore... I popped it, it was gross but wierdly satisfying that I know the gross stuff is out of it. I could feel it healing already. My bacne is was blackheads and becoming pimples... I hope that means their going to go away... I wanna rock my bathing suit without worrying about having blackheads on my back... and chest!!!

Side effects: My head started to itch in fourth period... I itched it and that didn't help so I itched the annoying itch on my head. After 3 more itches I probably looked like a idiot from itching my head so much. :( To think of it my head itches now... lovely. hmmm, my ears are still dry, not itchy. My arms itch every once in awhile (I already have a small case of eczema which means I have dryer skin then most people, I wonder how dry my skin will get from the accutane) One really annoying side effect is my vision. The classrooms at my school are lit OK but when the teacher turns off half the lights or its too dim in the room my eyes can't focus right on reading. It's really weird I usually have to look away then read a few paragraphs until it happens again then look away. I'm trying to brush it off but I hope that doesn't effect my school work. One more side effect is my lips are a dryin! Not much ... yet but thir starting to become chapped! OH and lower minor back pains.

Skin Routine: While in the shower in the morning I use Cetephil Gentle Cleanser which I love, after I dry my hair I pin my bangs back and put 2 pea size dots of Cetephil Moistrizer then I put 2 smaller pea size dots of Clean and Clear 2 in 1 moistrizer and rubb my hands together and apply the moistrizer to my face. I can't stand how oily Cetephil is alone and I like the cooling effect of my Clean and Clear moistrizer. I do the same at night. (2 30mg of accutane in the morning.)

Sorry it got soooo long!!! Hope you liked reading this whoever you are!!!!

Pray for me that it will rain tomorrow in Washington state I don't want to have to run the 36 MIN RUN!!!!! I will pray... :dance: <--- 2nd favorite smiley... I like angel best :doubt:

Beauty is Pain! <3



Short and sweet for todays blog...

Acne/skin: My skin is still moderatly dry but I am happy that my acne has settled down! My forehead has only 2 small pimples under seach eyebrow but it's hard to see them... There's still many black heads on my nose and chin..., and I still have the annoying active red zit right under my right nostril. It had NO head but feels hard.. Was that TMI?

Side effects: mainly lower back is sensitive to the way I sit... I will get sore but not much pain. I wore earings today and they are peace signs, on my left ear the peace sign turned upside down and I turned it so it was the right way and there was dead skin where the earing was, I pealed it off.I looked at my other ear and there's a dry spot on the edge of my ear... I never had dry ears before... I think it's quite odd!

ps: I'm not picking... as much!!!

pss: this was longer then I anticipated it to be...

:( <---- why is he smile-ing when he's drooling?

Beauty is Pain! <3


Wow! It's been 5 days already!!! Hopefully the rest of the treatment will go by just as fast!

Acne: Skin is semi-dry... I did something I probably wasn't sapposed to do. I used my sponge that is a little ruff which takes dead skin off... man that thing works wonders! I gently did circular motions on my face with cetephil on the ruff sponge thingy and after I did that, my skin had no more dry flakes!!! The thing about that sponge is it's bad for your skin especially if you do it too much because it in a way, the sponge basically scatches your face.... Not as painfull as it sounds I promise :]

Back & Lips: I'm noticing they are getting a little chapped, nothing that noticable. My back is just mildly sore, I barely noticed it throughout the day. It is the most sore when I lay down and when I move my back in ways it probably should not be moved!

Kenzi Jibba Jabba: The first day of school, back from spring break sucked! I loved seeing all my friends but in class I was sooooo tired! In P.E. I was really jumpy for some reason... :dance: I usually are not jumpy at all... I don't know what the deal is but if a basketball came close to me I spazzed out! Side effect? Probably not. :( I've been really bad with picking lately, I just have more pimples on my face at the moment that I just can't bear seeing in the mirror. I can't wait until this is over! I try to think poitive, it may look like a pizza face now but in about 3 months... I won't have one zit! That hasn't happened since 4th grade. I'll pray and ask GOD that this accutane journey go smoothly. :(

:( <---- you go banana


Ps: I want to know whos reading this thing!!! haha. I'm 14 any 14 15 yr olds out there... commenting isn't a crime so go for it!

Beauty is Pain! <3


Jiba Jabba Jabber: <---- thats funny ... haha :doubt:

Ps. If you don't want to read about my Bad beginning of the day and ending happy, read the last two mini paragraphs... kinda random but don't you think everything mini is just cuter then the bigger version?!

For some reason last night I just DID NOT want to sleep... I'm surprised I didn't fall asleep because from 11:00 to 4:00 in the morning I, half awake stared at my t.v. and watched the weird shows that are on t.v. early in the mornin! :( Today, I was super cranky cause I woke pretty early (8:00 ish... I've been on spring break) and was soooo cranky! Church had a really good message today about, "what is truth" which I liked a bunch. Then... wait for it... I went to the mall with my mom, dad and aunt! :( I rarely go to the mall and get stuff thats not with my own money... I felt really loved because out of no where my mom just decided to spend a little money on me, which made me feel like that because it is a bad economy and like most middle class families, my family is learning to survive in this economy.... ANYway, my mom got me some make-up from NARS to cover up my acne on this journey with accutane. :(

Make-up for when on accutane: NARS: Mont Blanc Sheer Glow, Pearl Beach cream eyeshadow (which is really pretty... it has a purple hue.. and many other hues on looks really pretty on blue eyes), Orgasm blush (which made me wonder why they named it that.... I won't go there) and a small kit called Tinted Love which is a lip, cheek and nail set.

Acne: I have three small red pimples right under my eyebrow, the black heads on my nose and chin are starting to come out!!! YAY those have been on my face since 4th grade! On my cheeks I can see bumps that might turn into pimples which that will be fun. For about 2 days now a pimple has been right by my nostril but it doesn't have a head... It hurts to touch and is sore anyway if I don't touch it... Tmi. Basically am I getting a IB on day 4? Is that possible?

Side Effects:My back hurts when I sit in the car too long or turn weird, have weird sleeping habits and a loss of appatite. Lovely

~ Beauty is Pain! <3


Day 3 :)

Kenzi Jabber: Ello! I'm not British but... Ello :( I drunk 2 water bottles :dance: and a rootbeer :doubt: . Is it true that it's good to drink a ton of water while on accutane? if so why?

Acne/Skin: The gross stuff that has been under my skin for who knows how long is starting to come to the surface of my skin... Gross :( . My lips are not chapped so that's great :( . I noticed that my old scars seemed more visable today which was kinda a bummer, but that nothing make up and cover up! Well good luck to all you accutane people and bye bye for now!!!

~ Beauty is Pain <3

I play the violin ------> :( <-------- Awesome huh?

ps: Don't you just love animated smiley faces


Day 2!

It is day 2... SURPRISE. Not really much of a surprise but to lighten the mood... SURPRISE! Is you can't tell I'm ExTrEmElY bored!

Anyways... No side effects, my lips are not getting chapped and no back pains :doubt: lucky me :( that's all for now but I know this is begining and sooner or later, my face will look like a sand storm.... My derm said my face will look like a sand storm at least? haha

ps~ does anyone know how to post a profile picture? If so comment or message me :]

Bah bye 4 NoW!

~ Beauty is pain! <3


Day 1 :)

Heyy its me! Who else would it be haha, I'm in a really good mood because just got my 1st 30 day supply of accutane!!! What I do everyday is take 2 30mg pills in the morning with some food and in 6 months... I will have NO MORE acne!!!

Some needed products while on accutane: When I went to Walgreens to get my acutane I also got a pack of 2 Aquaphor for chapped lips and cetephil face wash and mosistrizer! I have Eucerin lotion at home and baby pwder for the dry skin days :(

Anyway no side effects yet as expected.

ps: I've had acne since I was in 4th grade, my skin is oily in the T zone and sometimes dry like it is know, I mainly have a ton of little bumps on my forehead, blackheads on my nose and chin also on my back and chest, and I would say once a week I have a break-out.

~ Beauty is Pain! <3


Heyy! My name is Makenzie I'm 14, I have moderate acne and I'm starting a prescription of Accutane aka isotretinoin, March 31st. I am very excited but scared of starting medication. There is side effects that are GOING to happen. I will make a list below of side effects:

Side Effects:

1. DRY DRY DRY. Dry chapped lips. Dry, red skin common on face, arms, and hands. Dry eyes (this is worse in contact lens wearers). Cracks at corner of mouth. Dry inside the nose which can cause nose bleeds...

Kenzi Jabber for #1.

~ My dermatologist told me that chapstick will be my new bestfriend.... (Aquaphor chapstick is VERY GREAT for healing chapped lips. Baby oil in a spray bottle will help heal dry spots on the body, reccomended (by me) to spray body right after a shower to trap moisture into the skin)

~ Dry skin is hard to cover-up! Make sure to use creamy makeup products to cover up any pimples! (if you use makeup)

2. Increased blood facts (triglycerides and cholesterol levels) If you dont know what either triglycerides or cholesterol put define: triglycerides or define: chlesterol to learn more about those two words

3. Headaches, muscle pain, tenderness and joint stiffness... (Tylenol will help

4. Thinning Hair (don't worry you don't have cancer!)

5. Sensitive to sun exposure (SPF! moistrizers)

6. Temporary changes in night vision (Can't see as well in darkness)

You probably see how I am scared to be put on Accutane to treat my acne. I hate dry skin! All I know so far that it is important to be informed about Accutane and I just helped you be informed!!!! [: :] Have a fantabulous day... or night!

~ Beauty is Pain! <3

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