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Flying Mom

Day 21

Well today is day 21 on Claravis (60 mg) both capsules taken in the morning with breakfast. As I said in my first post I have not have many side effects so far (thankfully) and my DR said that 2 weeks would be a milestone to reach as many people start having side effects at that time with severe dryness and breaking out. My skin has a ways to go before it is clear but I am hopeful. I still have a few cystic nodules on my neck area which hurt.

To help with my dry lips I use Aquaphor thruout the day and really put a thick layer on before I go to bed. :)

Flying Mom

I started taking accutane (claravis 60MG) on February 3rd 2011 after trying pretty much everything under the sun for my adult acne. Growing up thru my teen years I did not suffer very much acne- a little on my forehead but it was easily covered up with my bangs.

My real acne began in my late 30's-early40's on my jawline. I tried ProActive wash that helped for a little while. I had used Elizabeth Arden flawless finish foundation since I had been in my teen's but thought I would try Bare Essentuals Mineral Makeup to help with my acne. Onto many over the counter washes, scrubs etc. I went to a derm DR in 2009 and was prescribed Doryx antibiotic and topicals that I used for over a year without much improvement. I was also prescribed YAZ birth control to help control any hormone issues that might have been present. I tried these methods for over a year and then quite cold turkey thinking I was doomed to live with adult acne....

In January 2011 I started seeing a new Derm Dr and tried Solodyne along with Isolaz lazer treatment. The combo seemed to help a little but not much improvement to speak of. I began the process of getting approved for Accutane the beginning on Jan and was finally ready to begin taking it on Feb 03~ it has been almost 3 weeks taking accutane (60 mg in the morning). My Dr said to try taking both pills (30 mg each) in the morning instead of 1 AM and 1 PM. I have not have many side effects so far except dry lips, dry T Zone area.

I am currently fighting a cold/cough and when I went to the drug store almost all of the cold meds have tylenol or its equivelant in it. From all I have read when using accutane you are not supposed to take tylenol because of the risk of liver damage. What do the rest of you on accutane take for pain relief, colds, etc.?

I will post again with more info. :)

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