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Well. It's time for the month for me now. That explains a lot about last week's/early this week's turn-for-the-worse. I wish my menstruel cycle was regular so I could actually time when they come, but I have been irreguarly regualr for years. The Benzaclin feels harsher than usual today. I think I may not apply it tomorrow morning, or just apply it to the problem areas and not my entire face like I'm supposed to, because it feels drying only on the areas of my face that aren't too broken out. Does anyone know if aloe vera is good for reducing redness? I know it works on sunburn, but I don't want it to have a weird reaction with the benzaclin. Because, you know, that would suck.

Chocolate time now. Urge.


Things Looking Up?

Yesterday & This Morning:

Yesterday was kind of frustrating, mostly because the deep zits on my chin decided to come to the skin's surface. You know how that goes (or if you don't, I'm jealous!) huge, white, raised caps on top of red lumps. I used to do this thing whenever one of zits would come to a head like this that might help some people. I would sterilize a sewing needle, gently poke the zit, and carefully drain out the fluid. Then I was dab at the site VERY GENTLY with hydrogen peroxide. Don't put moisterizer, or neopsorin on it, otherwise the fluid will come back. The hydrogen peroxide dries the zit out. Even with it though, you may need to poke and drain a few more times. Don't touch at the zit, or pick at it, or you'll scar. Don't go crazy with the needle either, and don't put any topical medications on it for at least a day or two after you poke it. Gentle patience is the trick.

Anyway, after giving you that long explantion, for my puss filled zits? Yeah, I can't do that anymore. It was really frustrating to know I could make them go away though. I want to give the topical creams a chance to work. Luckily, I guess my resistence paid off, since this morning the white part of the zits is gone, and the red bumps are starting to shrink. Actually, my whole face looks better, but I'm not sure how much faith I'll put into it. I'm still expecting my acne to get worse before it gets better.



Last Night:

So last night was the start of this new regime. I decided to try and take the Septra at about 9:30 am & pm every day to keep things regular. My derm told me to drink a lot of water while I was on Septra, so I drank a glass with it. I showered, applied a play face mask and washed it off, and then applied a less-than-recommended amount of differin to my face, and a more generous amout to my body. I used less than my derm told me to do, because I've had issues with topicals drying out my skin in the past. That's why she took me off Retin-A and put me on Differin .3 gel (which is more powerful than differin .1, which was what I was on a few years ago, but not as strong as retin-A). Anyway, after that, I went to bed.

This Morning:

Woke up feeling great! My skin wasn't red or peeling like I was afriad it would. No change in my acne, of course, since it had only been one night, but it was good to see the differin wasn't going to tan my face. The Bezaclin might be a differt story. Again, I put on less than my derm recommended, and I was glad I did. For a few hours afterward, my face felt kind of dry and looked a little red. However, it's night now, and all of that has gone away.


Same as before since... it's only been twenty four hours! A couple of lovely red lurkers coming to a head on my chin, and a smattering of blackheads on my nose and whiteheads on my cheeks. Not to mention the lovely red marks left over from past battles. I suppose the best thing I can say right now is that I don't seem to be allergic to any of the presprictions, which is pretty good really!



Hi guys! My name's Evie and I'm eighteen years old. I've struggled with mild to moderate acne (including some mild body acne) for the past four years of my life with basically the same regime until yesterday. I wanted to chronical my progess, and maybe help some of you guys out there too!

This Is How It Was:

I was prescribed tetracycline when I was fourteen years old. I took this two pills, twice a day, along with Differin .1 gel. It really helped me out, and made my moderate acne a mild case. However, my acne still persisted, so I eventually switched over to Tazarac instead of differin. This worked REALLY well, and by the time I was seventeen, my acne had pretty much disappeared completely. It was great! I went off the tetracycline and used the tazzarac only sparingly. That is, until the end of last August, where I broke out terribily for reasons I'm still trying to figure out!

My derm put me back on the Tetracycline, and perscribed me Duac as a morning spot treatment and Retin-A for the night. This had mixed results. I was put on this new regime in about last November, and I saw almost no improvment until April or so. My face was red, and peeling. My acne got better over the summer, but once school started again, it got worse. This November, I finally decided, to hell with this! And dumped the tetracycline for good and saw a new derm.

The New Regime:

Now, I'm taking two pills of Sulfameth/Trimethoprim (generic for Septra) a day, while using .3 differin gel at night and on my body acne, and using Benzaclin in the mornings. I also have an Estee Lauder clay mask I use a few times a week as an exfoiliant. I cleanse with either Netragena or Cetaphil gentle cleansor, and moisterize with non-comedogenic moisterizer before I apply either of the topical things.

Other Details:

All my life, I've been an active, fit person and I eat healthily. I take multi vitamins occasionally, and fish oil pills occasionally. I wear almost no makeup, and when I do, I don't notice any effect on my acne afterward.

Will this work? We'll see!

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