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7th April

I completlely forgot about this blog!

Well i've been on ACV for 4 weeks now and it's fantastic. My skin is smoother and evened out. I still have red marks though but they are much better and new spots heal quicker. My only problem is that I keep picking, I can't not as i'm not going out with a giant white head on my face. The good thing is that I don't get too many whiteheads anymore.

Strangely enough i've started getting them on my chest. Hopefully the summer will clear them all up and help fade the redness too.

Current routine:

Take lymecilin tablets and dianette pill

Use Dan's cleanser

Apply ACV topically (sometimes diluted, sometimes neat)

Apply differin cream (only at night)

Apply Dan's moisturiser.

Now and again:

I will use baking soda as an exfoliant

I've also head about the wonders of tumeric powder. Think i'll start using it on my backne/red marks and chest to see if it works as i already use enough on my face.



29th March 2011

So my skin is much better! I only have two spots, the rest are marks. I think this is mainly due to the dianette pill as well ACV helping my skin along a bit. I think i'll try and put some pics up soon. I've also ordered Dan's cleanser and moisturiser which should arrive in the next week or so. I'll let you know if that improves my skin.


apple cider vinegar!

I spent agesssss yesturday looking through threads on how to help red marks and came across the posts on apple cider vinegar! It really is amazing!!! It makes the skin sooo smooth and soft, and it dries up white heads really quick and flatend the surface of the skin and makes red marks fade. The results are so quick too! You can drink it or put on your skin, I do both. But I only drink a little bit because I'm starting gradually.

If you havn't already, go check out the posts on apple cider vinegar. I can't recommend it enough! :( (I even went without makeup today, am i'm not going to wear any tomorrow!)


22 March 2011

Well today has been rubbish. I'm fed up of having to spend ages in the morning covering my face in makeup because I am too embarrased to be seen in public without it. I don't know all you guys on here keep so positive. I've had enough of saying 'one day it'll all clear up!' I've waited wayyyy too long now and i'm giving up hope. So there's my depressed rant. My skin actually has got sooo much better but it's still not good enough. I want to get rid of my scars but have to wait until I stop getting spots and who knows how long that may take!


8th March 2011

I think my skin is getting better, I've tried not to pick but given in way too easily. I think the skin around my spots is really good, i've just got quite a few big red spots/marks on my right cheek and chin. I got some spots on my neck too which is weird.

When I first got spots (aged about 14) they were all on my forehead, now my forehead is completley clear and i never gets spots on it no matter what I do to it, then they moved down to my cheeks (by the top of my nose and eyes) and they've gone and are now on my lower cheek and chin, and they are now clearing up there and moving onto my neck. It's as if they have all travelled down my face. (hopefully they'll just drop off now lol) :)

However, I do feel in more control now and i've given up all dairy products for lent and taken up some form of exercise per day (started on sunday) so let's see how it goes. I'm also collecting weekly photos of my face in hope of actually seeing a clear improvement. I'd put them on here but i'm a bit shy at the moment.



1st March 2011

I've had a really bad skin day today :) I was fed up of having to wear make up all the time to feel good about myself, but everyone kept commenting on my skin, so because i didn't wear make up today everyone thought my skin has got worse when infact it hasn't and is just the same and i was reminded about how bad my skin actually is!

Basically my skin is sooo red! my left cheek looks like a rash with a giant red spot on my neck and my right cheek is red with a few big red spots which are turning into giant white heads! :D

Hopefully this is just my skin getting worse to get better.

Did anyone watch embarrasing bodies the other night? A girl who was 22 or 23 had really bad acne and they gave her laser treatment (Nlite) and scar treatment and her skin was amazzzzing afterwards! They said you have to be between 23 and 25 until your hormones properly settle and you stop getting spots so there is hope! I'm just gutted i've got so many scars but i will definently get rid of them, have a chemical peel or something.

Here's a link to the site explaining everything, it looks good! but expensive.



22 feb 2011

I know it's too early to say my tablets are doing anything significant to my skin just yet but i do feel like they have done something. :) the left side of my face and my cheeks are clear. the only spots i have are between my right cheek and chin and they are pretty big and red but i was naughty and picked them..

I am aiming to do more ,so i hope that clears my skin too because my brother, who also has acne has completly clear skin now, due to all the sport and exercise he's doing.


15th feb!

It's only been a week since the doctor put me on dianette (as well as still using antibiotics and adapelene cream) and i swear i've already noticed a difference in my skin even though she said it would take a while. I still have spots but they are smaller and as i would describe 'normal white heads' rather than giant red ones i had before.

The spots on my chest and back have gone down too (although i dont't want to jinx it)

I'll update again in a weeks time on how my skins improved :) ps. I think it must also be because i'm not stressed at the moment as well because during my exam period my skin broke out sooo bad!


I thought i'd start a blog to follow my 'journey' with acne (had it since about 14) and hopefully follow it clearing up! :D (i'm 19!)

I had an appointment with a dermatologist on 4th feb and she told me to keep on my lymacilin tablets and adaplene cream but she strongly recommended going on the dianette pill which i should start taking by the end of the week. She also said to get checked incase i have polysistic ovaries which can cause acne, although i doubt i have it. She mentioned (ro)accutane but i said that would be a last resort because it sounds really scary with lots of bad side affects.

So, this time next week i should be taking the dianette pill as well as my other medication and then my skin should be clearing up, i'll update this on how all is going.

Currently, i have a clear forehead (and never ever get spots there) but i have small white pimples on my chin and cheeks and hard red sore spots on the side of my face. I also have quite a few scars but i will deal with them once the acne has gone. I also get them on my back and chest, grrr. I hope these go by summer and i can bring out the strappy vest tops! :)

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