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My experience with 'The Regimen', food allergies/nutrition & my journey back to clear skin! :)

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Fish Oil ???

Well, the first day on the job went well! Could have felt better about my skin, but for the most part I didn't feel self conscious at all! :)

Well, now I have a question : I have heard that taking Fish Oil (omega 3's) is good for acne...Is this true? I know it is supposed to reduce inflammation, but I'm not sure how my body will handle the fat even thought it is "good fat". Anyways, I'm thinking of trying it within the next couple of days & I was just wondering if anyone had a good experience with Fish Oil... :D

PS--the skin is looking good, I'm still continuing with the Regimen (this will be my 4th week) and I'm still making progress, but I'm not totally clear yet. I continue to have a few active blemishes but all in all as I finish up my 4th week I'm very happy with where I am at! (oh and I'm still trying to figure out how to post pictures of my skin...I tried to do it in the galleries for the Regimen, but for some reason it didn't work--any tips? thanks!)



Tomorrow morning is the first day of my internship! I feel like I have come a long way with Dan's Regimen even in the (almost) 4 short weeks I have been on it. My skin is NOT perfect--but looks SO much better than a month ago, I cant even believe it. I feel like I have enough confidence to totally dominate my first day of this internship & hopefully not think about my skin at all :) I mean a month ago it would have been hard for me to accept this position, just because of how my skin looked then--I would have been more self conscious. But everything fell into place & now my skin is finally calming down & clearing up little by little!

... wish me luck!


Alright so my biggest complaint/struggle with 'the regimen' was the flakiness of my skin from the BP. Like I said, I was a ProActive user for over 5 years before I started the regimen so I thought I could use a lot of the BP since my skin was already used to proactive's BP....well I was wrong :D ! Redness, roughness, flakiness -- I was miserable at the end of my 2nd week.

I backed down on the amount of BP & ordered Dan's AHA treatment. I know it says not to start the AHA until after 4 weeks. But I did anyways at 3 weeks & boy am I glad I did--no more flakiness or peeling layers of skin. My skin feels CLEAN & SMOOTH & I am actually able to stick to the regimen's rules (no rubbing etc.). It seems like its just revealing the smooth clear skin underneath--totally different way of exfoliating than what I was used to. I'm now able to ramp up the BP again to the recommended amount. So I use the AHA 2 maybe 3 times per week as my night time moisturizer, but only a thin layer of it. AHA is also helping my red marks from previous acne--amazing! The red spots are slowly getting less and less red and noticeable. I also use it on my back/neck/chest to keep things smooth & acne free. I wouldn't be without my AHA!!! :)

Question: does anyone use AHA more frequently like daily or every other day?? Just wondering if it irritates too much or makes things even better...


About Me

Hi all!

I'm no blogger, but I wanted to record my journey back to clear skin. I'm almost 22 years old (female) & have had clear skin my whole life. Last year I found out I had a food allergy to dairy (casein)-- and that turned everything upside down. Had SUCH a rough year health wise, my body was just out of sync. Well then I developed acne...awesome :). I had been a ProActive user for over 5 years & either it just quit on me, they changed their formula, or my skin just wasn't responding to it anymore. Thats what brought me here--now I'm on THE REGIMEN & things are slowly improving! I hope they stay that way!

I've been dairy free for almost 5 months & my body has never felt better. I have more energy, improved IBS, and I'm finally feeling like I can function again! I did lose some weight though :D from going dairy free & not being able to maintain muscle due to my health last year. But I'm finally feeling ready to get back at it! Just hoping to get this acne under control as well!

Well anyways--I'll post some pics (once I figure out how hah) of when I had great skin & some showing my progress on the regimen.


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