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How using all natural/organic skin care products, and suppliments has changed my skin, and my life!

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All natural routines

So I thought that we could start with finding out other peoples natural routines to see what has worked for them, and maybe find some stuff that will work for you. I'll start.

1) I wash with an all natural cleanser (earth science) at night I mix some baking soda with the cleanser and rub for 1 min to exfoliate. often times harsh cleansers are half the problem with acne. The baking soda is great because you really need to exfoliate, but harsh scrubs make things worse. 2) tone with 1:4 ratio organic apple cider vinegar to water. ACV kills bactiria and reduces oil production. 3) moisturize : aloe vera gel (pure, no chemicals) mixed with 2-3 drops of organic jojoba oil . The aloe has been used forever for a moisturizer, and will fade scars, and heal acne. The jojoba will not make you oily!!!!! It is very similar to the consistency of your natural oil, and tricks the skin into thinking that it has already made enough oil, therefor it makes less. 4) spot treat with tea tree oil mixed with 1/2 water. Tea tree has been used for centuries in Australia for every skin problem under the sun. It also has antibac properties. 5) 2 x week I use a mask of 100% raw honey. I leave it on for 30 min to 1 hr. this softens the skin and has antibacterial properties to heal acne faster. 6) I take a multi vit, and 50 mg of zinc a day (with a meal) zinc is an anti-inflamitory, and will help acne heal, and reduce oil production. It is completly wonderful. I hope this helps you guys, what do you do?

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