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just a blog on my acne treating journey and maybe a little bit update on life.

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on going major break out

I have finally decided to not wear make up on a daily basis now, it is not doing any benefit to my skin,

my skin is purging crazy at the moment!

Bad self esteem, feeling "cornered"

I hope the white heads go away soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fingers crossed.


About wrinkling with BP

When i first starte the regimen, my face experienced temporary wrinkling in areas with BP. It felt like it wasn't mine and i was really really really wrorried and frustrated about it. But after a couple of times moisterizing with JOJOBA oil, my wrinkles were gone!!!!

About my face.

:) ehhhhhhhh

idk, i don't feel that bp is working really drastically right now, but im sure it'll be good someday !

number of whiteheads, about 3 (a really really huge zit))! on my chin area.

and a few other tiny ones.

i feel two cysts are coming up. ffffff.

oh well. i feel happy because im done with two of my exams this week.


2-14 V-day

Happy v-day guys, hope that a monday didn't ruin the fun. Today is my first day without make up on a school day on my regimen. annnnnd i'm feeling a little weird. My face looks like its sun burnt. In any case.

I have found that my wrinkles have faded!!!!! (i'm still 20 btw.) My face is still adjusting to BP, but i can see that it's getting better. At least the little comedones on the side of my face have flattened. All due to good effort. Last night i slept prettty well, and hopefully i get to sleep by myself over the weekend. I feel that I should get back to my oat meal, For some reason I have always been lazy and not wanting to move. Anyways.

Updates on face. :)

:D I keep having new whiteheads , and they grow super big and dry out the next day, which is good i think.

:( My face feels stingy from time to time. I just tell myself, it's the bp killing baterias, little battles going on under my skin so I'd feel better.

:D Good luck on my calc three exam tomorrow. :)

I also added AHA+ to my spot treatment. I haven't used it as moisterizer yet, cuz i want to wait for a bit. until my face doesn't sting much anymore. :(


Current BP update

I have noticed many new breakouts and irrations on my face and this is my 10th day on the regimen. and 5th day on Dan's regimen. I am expecting everything to be expected. Face is dry and itchy and flaky. It irratates me so much tht i have to put all my hair up so it doesn't brush against my hair. Im not sure if bb CREAM makes my face go worse, I just have to say that the new white heads i had yesterday all died today, yet theres another huge zit on my left chin. It's hardened up now so theres nothing more to worry about. :D All i have to do now is to be patient and rub my face less. Just stop worrying.

my current dosage on bp is

one full pump in the morning

and one full pump in the evening. After it dries, i apply jojoba oil all over my face and then apply moisterizer, i find that easier to apply.


yesterday i told me mom about BP and she was worried and was like :D its gonna make you're fragile face go worse, luckily i was able to find something to show her that it is all going to be fine :)


Ahh catch up updates

Time for another update for my face. Today is the 4th application of Dan's bp. I havae to say that my skin is having the reactions of what to expect. Im going to add AHA+ for my flaking cheek skin tonight.

Jojoba oil is working great! It is a bit shiny but it gives you a healthy shine (thats what i think)

My bf and I are exchanging gifts tonight. I hope he likes what i got for him. :)

I noticed that applying eye cream right after washing off bp from face will cause irratations for your eyes. So make sure you completely clean your hands before you apply eye cream if you're on the regimen.

I sitll can't help but pick my skin. WILL POWER SALLEH!!!!!!

i hope everyone's having a good time.

THURSDAY, (ADDING AHA +) (starting once aweek)


They look GREAT!i love the green foams daniel put in the box, they are purty!!!!!




they feel solid :)

im happy!!

updates on skin

My jawline has started to feel flaky now. Sometimes i tend to rub it off (my jawlines have normal skin). Maybe I should eliminate doing that because today i will start adding jojoba oil into my regimen.

I'm excited!!!!!

Something to mention about Mario Badescu's Body Soap

I tried it (it has AHA, GRAPESEED EXTRACT ETC)

my skin feels soooooo smooth!!!! (i don't have body acne)

and hydrated. And a little squirt foams up a whole sponge! definitely something to keep.

i got it as a present for being a great costomer :D


Rules: As many pickers told them self, keeping a log of not picking acne really helps clearing up a lot!

From today, i'm gonna start on my 30 day journey of no picking.

1-Wash hands before applying on moisterizer and bp

2-when itchy, put up with it !!!

3-write down everytime i picked/scratched.

I can do it!


hello everyone.

Updates on my face.

i used BB cream to just cover the ugliiness, and it didn't hurt at all. Although my skin has started to flake a little, but it's within manageable range.

Ahh, please ship soon!!!!


This morning my face feels fine and under control. 2-6-2010 Day one of my increased BP application and no BB cream. I hope it stays that way.

Whiteheads: 2

Comodones went away mostly. Still pimples in my temple area.

BP is great.


Chinese new year

Yesterday, my friends and i went to chinatown and had a blasting new years meal! It was the best meal I've ever had in Chicago so far.

Updates on my skin.

I believe today is day 3 on BP aka dans regimen.

My skin doesn't itch as it was yesterday. I'm glad! Im also very happy to find that my face is suuupppeerrr soft when I wash it in the morning.

Yesterday I purchased neutrogena on the spot treatment, It says its invisible cream formula, I guess it should work while waiting for Dan's shipment to come over. It was 8 dollars though. It's 2.5%BP.

Im surprised to find that in walgreens, there aren't many 2.5%BPs.

But i'm glad i found it. I'm gonna try it tonight (if i run out the other NOTS).


day 2

My product just got shipped!!!! I am very excited, so i'm putting up another entry.

I didn't sleep well last night because of the noise the mice make in my room. Anyways, i have been quite stressful this week, but the new pimples I got seem to have dried out today, I'm very happy about that, however I got another breakout on my upper lip, its an embarrassing place to get a pimple. But I don't care that much about it any more. Just gonna let it be.


Although i suck at keeping up journals, I want to start keeping a log of my acne treating progress, so that I don't regret or forget when I first started and abandon my regimen.

A brief description of my acne, started having acne when started first year of college, it worsened when i started dating my ex bf, stress and change of life style contributed much to my acne. Well, started actually caring for it over the past summer (2010) and you have no idea how horrible it was. They were mainly on my cheeks, left cheek more of a nodule kind, and as time went on, i started having them on my chin!!! (T.T)

Anyways, Mario badescu helped me clear up a lot, I purchased their acne repair kit as starters and ordered twice the acne healing cream and recently purchased the whitening mask.

The healing cream works wonders!!!! Also it takes a few days to see results, but you can actually see the acne healing, and the scabs going off themselves. Iv only used the whitening mask for a little while, so I can't say much about it yet. But I've read so many positive feedbacks.

As of yesterday I purchased Dan's

16oz. Treatment

Jojoba Oil


The shipping fee was really expensive (about 15 dollars). But I still determined to give it a try. I hope its worth it, until the package arrives, I'll be finishing up my BP from nutrogena.

So this is my Week One Day 1 (starting wedsday Feb 2nd)

I do feel itch on my face, but i try not to touch it.

It is a bit red.

I see a few whiteheads forming.

I'll keep it updated.

I wish everyone beautiful skin!

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