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WEIRD SHIT - A diet and Acne Experiment - A chaotic shotgun approach looking into possible links between gluten, Fructose Malabsorption, Histamine, [God knows what others] and ACNE

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Skin has been pretty much the same. Will be good for a while then get shit again. Endless repetitive pattern.

Last few months i tried fish [cod liver] oil and Vitamin D, i've never trusted the fish oil but i thought i'd try anyway, it certainly didn't help and if anything my skin was as bad as ever with a few nasty breakouts so i just stopped.

My sleep and digestion has been shit recently so hard to blame any food in particular really.

One thing to note is i have had a few of the nasty cyst/boil type things i tend to get every few months - like red lumps that never come to a head - almost look like bites - i had one near my hairline that luckily faded quicker than usual and now i have 2 near my ear - luckily not really visible because of hair. Almost like they are some kind of allergic reaction maybe. Looks unlikely i'll ever work it out.

My digestion really has gone to hell. I can't seem to digest any carbs, fruit or veg properly apart from pure evil sugar itself. I digest dairy fine but i am not sure i trust it, i always hear people going on about avoiding dairy for your skin.

Just because you have fcuked up digestion and shit skin doesn't mean they are linked - the interenet's favourite saying: correlation doesn't = causation.


Possible reason for cysts/boil type thingies:

Shit sleep. - disrupted circadian cycle etc

Fish oil and/or vitamin D

Had a yogurt

Too much dairy

Had some ice cream.

Saturated fat - dairy fat - had a couple of pizzas.

gut bacteria is fucked

Lectins and all that shizzle[bs]

Had a chocolate chip cake/muffin - god knows what was in it.

GOD only knows.

I might try some kind of Ray Peat bs, basically orange juice, sugar and meat, maybe eggs. Try it without dairy at first, or maybe just whey. Sounds like hell and unlikely i'd stick to it but i'm sick of my fucked up guts and skin and would be interesting to see what happens, apart from dropping dead.


I started taking Nizoral shampoo (active ingredient ketoconazole) a couple of weeks ago. I think around the 22nd of October. So it's been a couple of weeks now.

I think it's an anti-fungal and anti-dandruff shampoo and i have been using it on my face and scalp after a shower. I remember seeing it being mentioned as somehow working for acne as well, i think it is supposed to be a DHT inhibitor, or something like that, it can reduce sebum production maybe. I have never bothered with it in the past because of the DHT bit and possible side effects, by my brother left some around and i was f'ing pissed off with spots so just thought i'd try it. My brother has been using it to try and stop hair loss and he's clear when he used to get the odd spot, but could just be coincidental as i've been using it every day for 2 weeks and so far so nothing.

If anything my skin on my face and scalp has been shit whereas as my body - chest and back are pretty much clear. Doesn't mean it's the shampoo that has broke me out though.


I tried to stop obsessing over my acne last few months, without so much success to be honest. I tried limiting eggs for a while and nightshades but didn't seem to do anything, as usual. I have also been trying to eat less foods that make me fart, hoping there is some kind of ludicrous connection between farting and acne lol. That means less fruit and veg and wheat, if any, which means eating like a weirdo and then the inevitable binges like the big girl I am.

Acne was so so for last few weeks although I have been eating chocolate every few weeks or so which I am almost certain has some kind of connection to me breaking out.

Last Saturday [20 July 2013] I went a whole week without any chocolate [thank you, thank you] and I was thinking to myself Saturday night ooh skins starting to look better - NEVER EVER TEMPT FATE - obviously the next day I was hit with the inevitable dreaded pre spot pain and over the next few days I had what may be the worst break out of my life! WTF FFS FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.

Possible explanations / reasons for this hideous disforming:

  • A few days earlier I had gone back to having a lemon a day due to lack of fruit and veg in my diet.
  • This included a few glasses of orange juice.
  • I also started Vitamin C again and I think around that weekend I started high doss - like grams of the stuff.
  • I had a very strong cup of Camomile tea on Sunday and another a few days later [salicylates - heavens forbid!]
  • I had some BD cake on Saturday [shoot me]
  • I had been eating some home made Ice Cream / Parfait plus some bought stuff a few days before and then continuing over the weekend - including condensed milk as an ingredient [high carb content so maybe high lactose?] [summer yo]
  • This combined with a mini chocolate binge on Sunday - a few rank truffle things.
  • Might be too much saturated fat all things combined
  • Been hot so my Erythromelalgia has been pretty shitty so not been sleeping well.
  • Maybe sweating more when exercising - boxing especially. [i used to think sweating was good].
  • Was farting particularly badly Sunday evening - after home made moussaka type thing - aubergines maybe?
  • Seems guts are particularly fucked up at the moment - seem to be hypersensitive to any fibre or residue leading to excessive gas - farting.
  • I have been getting lots of sun - [ obviously isn't that good at stopping breakouts]

There are no doubt other factors I can't think of off the top of my head.

One thing to note is that I have been getting lots and lots of sunlight which I used to think was good for my skin - so obviously sunlight doesn't really make much difference to my acne.


I stopped my no/low sugar diet yesterday [saturday 25 May 2013] because i have continued to have bad breakouts last few days and the whole thing is just doing my head in.

I haven't eaten any processed sugar at all for a few weeks and nothing sweet for 5 days or so but my breakouts continue. My skin is worse than average and even if it is some kind of purge or Initial breakout i am not in a position to go through all this at the moment. I don't see the point in depriving myself and eating like a mentalist if my skin is going to be worse.

There is nothing worse than not being rewarded for your discipline and it kind of destroys any motivation left i have.

Maybe i need to take an extended vacation in the woods somewhere where i can be free to try out all my mad shit without the worry if initial breakouts or purges, if they even exist that is.

I am still thinking about seeing a doctor. I will see what happens when i start eating normal again and start eating the dreaded poisons milk and sugar again. Oh Heavens forbid. I'm such a naughty boy.

For now i am going to be eating mainly normal again apart from trying to avoid nightshades and eggs, maybe nuts and seeds to. So not normal then. I can be many things but normal isn't one of them.

Of all the crazy mad ass shit i have tried i don't think i have ever actually tried removing eggs and i have always had a suspicion about nightshades.

Thinking about it nightshades and eggs are in just about every food i love so i'm just going around in circles again. When will this madness ever end.









Fuck this shit.


After a week or so of no sugar [processed sugar / table sugar etc] i have now removed anything sweet at all since Monday [20th May 2013].

Apart from some smallish amounts in some small amounts of condiments i couldn't avoid and about 100 grams of blueberries twice.

I am still breaking out badly on face.

Back is actually good.

Scalp as normal - handful but not bad.

Seriously fucking annoying,

On face it is the nasty painful red spots i can get which tond tend to turn into white heads for some reason.

As of today:

No active spots or pre spot pain on forehead at all - which is rare.

On red painful spot on side/crease of nose been active last 2 days,

Painful red spot on top lip not so visible - YET.

Pre spot pain on side of chin.

Redness below corners of bottom lip - some limited pain.

Painful red spot underneath chin.

Some pre spot pain on jaw line.


I will decide over the next day or so whether i am going to continue with this fucking bullshit self experimentation that never goes any where. My acne on my face is as bad as it gets for me and thats with none stop deprivation so it all seems utterly self defeating at the moment. I will consider going back to an average diet for now seeing as acne is making my life very difficult at the moment and i cant really afford to be having these bad breakouts now.

I might go to the Doctors and ask about treatment, even if it kills me might give me a few good years rather than more of this endless fuckign around,


After a chocolate binge on Thursday the 9th May and Friday the 10th i have completely removed all refined sugar from my diet + milk.

I had a very bad breakout 2/3days after the chocolate binge so from the ~13th but this only last for a few days or so and started cleaning up from about last weds/thurs[15/16].

Something to note is that i also started eating fruit from the 9th May onwards so this well could of been the culprit rather/plus the chocolate.

Although i compellingly removed all processed sugar/table sugar etc i have continued to satisfy my sweet tooth with fruit [which i f'ing love - can't believe i stopped eating it for so long]

I was eating say on average :

1 lemon

1 apple


+ some other fruit such as Sharron fruit, grapes, banana, dates, raisins, dates.

Approximately around last thursday [16th] i also started to eat porridge made with water and a few dates [maybe 3-5]. But on Friday i probably ate more like 6-8 dates and on Saturday maybe the same but also a handful of raisins.

On Sunday i noticed a spot on the side of my head and on Monday i had a bad breakout on my face with nasty pre spot pain below and above mouth and above tach near nose. These are the kind of red painful spots i fucking hate the most, often they never come to a head and may not even be as bad aesthetically as large white heads etc but i fuckign hate the sensation of feeling them every-time i move my face etc and i hate anyone touching my face [apart from even looking that is].

SO it would seem that maybe the sugar from the dates and raisins could of sent me overboard, so to speak. That is if sugar is a factor in the first place.

Other possible causation factors include; i had a particular stressful day on Saturday, i had very little sleep on Thursday night. I have been going to bed too late again. I have been eating more fat, saturated fat in particular. I have been eating bread again.

Possible causative factors

Fruit - sugar and or fructose - liver - whatever

Dates, raisins [too much sugar total - glycemic - insulin etc bollocks]

Saturated fat.


Lack of sleep.

Late sleep - circadian cycle etc.

For now i will remove all sweet tasting food. I don't want to go low carb again because of my previous experiences with ketogenic diets.

Basically seeing as i'm riddled now anyway i am depriving myself of most of life's pleasures. How fuckign wonderful.


The last few weeks i abandoned my low fibre and low residue bs and actually did low starch lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. nearly 4 weeks of low starch did jack shit so i abandoned that itself on Monday lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

And now the last 2 days [9+ 10 May] i have basically abandoned everything and just binged like a big ass bitch.

Diet report 9 + 10 May.

lemon, vitamin c.



Pineapple juice,

Cherry tomatoes,

4 scrambled eggs, Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper,

Chicken breast,

~15 [~200 grams !] chocolates of debatable quality [Thorntons],

4 eggs, sugar, quark, ground almonds, almond essence,

1/4 tub weird dairy free ice cream/frozen desert [swedish Glace]

cherry tomatoes,

Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peas,

5 onion rings,

2 quorn sausages,

2 burgers,

lemon juice, vitamin c, orange juice,

2 apples,

2 satsuma,


Few sweet tamarinds,

~12 chocolates [~160 grams]

bit of Swedish glace,

Green tea,


I frigging love Fruit and chocolate.

God knows how riddled i am going to be next week.


Starting a week or so ago i decided to try a low fibre/fructose/fructans diet jsut to see what would happen. First week has been fucked up by my faggish chocolate binging.

Reasons for / Hypothesis etc

I have been farting a lot, whole gut bacteria connection etc.

Most foods that make me fart are high fibre.

I am basically proposing that there is a link between me fartign and my acne.

Problem is that most foods that make me fart are "healthy" ie veg and maybe some grains.

So i am basically eating a very unhealthy diet - starch [rice], dairy, sugar and meat lol

Unhealthy and unfucking ethical too - forgive me lord.

At firt skin seemed to be clearing up and was better although most likely coincidence, psychosomatic or simply calorie reduction etc.

Last few days has been bad but also coincides with chocolate binge,


Jesus died for our sins, my sin being eating chocolate ffs.

From the 30th of March to 3rd of April i ate some chocolate every day. During this time i also happened to have just started a low fibre/fructans/fructose experiment so this chocolate related disaster kind of fucked up that too.

In a row i ate:

[30,3,13] 40 grams white chocolate

[31.3,13] 40 grams white chocolate

[1,4,13] 60 grams milk chocolate

[2,4,13] 50 grams milk/white chocolate.

[3,4,13] 50 grams milk/white chocolate

Skin was good first few days with couple of smallish ones on face, usual couple of painful ones in scalp, not much if any active on chest or back.

By the 3rd i noticed one near my nose, by 4th bad pre spot pain and some pre spot redness, i immediately put an end to this chocolate binging.


I started my low fibre/fructans/fructose just over a week ago and i have noticed changed to my bowels so could just be from that.

I was eating mainly rice until the 3rd when i ran out of rice crispies so i had cornflakes instead. Could be corn!

If choclate is guilty, and i have defo noticed association before what is that is leading to breakouts?

Saturated fat? - association noted before


Sugar/ GI etc? - makes sense - but plenty of sugar in diet when clear before etc

Histamine etc?

Something specific to cocoa?

Be a bitch if it is saturated fat because if im goign to keep up this low residue/fibre/fructans/fructose bs i need to be eating something else


I have been using epsom salts topically last few weeks. Dissolved in hot water then left on face for a minute or so in shower.

My erythromelalgia has also been worsening during this time which has led to broken/worse quality sleep.

Could be coincidental but i'm sure i have made this association before.

Probably coincidental and other possible factors such as weird weather etc but with breakouts continuing pointless carrying on. Seems unlikely i will never get through my shit load of epsom salts now.


As per title been using Epsom salts dissolved in hot water, in shower, instead of salt, for the last 2 weeks.



Skin very good. Face was clearing up nicely. Couple of biggish ones in hair near back of neck.


All went to shit.

New breakouts on face. - one near ear, sideburn near temple,

First spot on cheek for ages - led me to stop "experiment" - suspect it was affecting erythromelalgia so pointless if it isnt even stopping spots.

Stopping after 2 weeks because i suspect it may be responsible for worsening of erythromelalgia last few weeks, resulting in broken sleep etc. Could be coincidental as always - cause or effect etc but cba risking it.


After eating the following one evening i then spent that night and the following morning with some of the worst Gas i have ever had:


Iceberg Lettuce,






Apple cider vinegar,

Olive oil,




Cottage cheese,


Potato salad with scallions [spring onions]

2 Small jacket potatoes

Chicken with cornmeal, herbs, coriander, salt and pepper.

Not sure why it was so bad, sleep wasn't great night before but has been much worse.

Salad usually causes gas but not that bad.

Fucking rank smell and none stop production.

I think maybe potato skins were significant factor,


Erythromelalgia was very bad on monday night [4,3,2013] Not sure why.

Possible factors include:

Small amount of strawberry jam eaten that evening made with glucose-fructose syrup.

Chicken in black bean sauce meal eaten.

Also had some minor reflux that evening.

Started taking zinc a few days before.

Had some crunchy nut cornflakes

Feet were very cold that night before going to bed - could just be the chilblain rebound type thing.

Cant remember anything else.


Zinc Picolinate 50 mg / day : Start date 28 February 2013

As per title i found some of this lying around and i can't remember why i stopped taking ti so i thought i would give it another go again. No doubt i will be quickly reminded why i stopped int he first place.

I'm taking it in the mornings on an empty stomach and not eating the casual cases themselves.

Skin is much better on face and whole of body today - no new or active spots but obviously means jack shit so far. Just fits into my usual cyclic breakout pattern.

Last few days i haven't eaten much saturated fat, also haven't done any weights for a few days combined with some running the other day.


About a week ago [around last wednesday ~13/14 th February ] i noticed an horrendous boil/cyst type thing near my ear / sideburn area - wasn't very visible because of sideburn but large and nasty. Similar to one i got just after Xmas - around new years eve. I have gone on to have a few more similar ones on different parts of face. All in all face has been as bad as it ever has been in the past.

Around a week ago ]15/16th Feb] had terrible breakout in scalp, luckily hid by hair.

Back and chest alright - strange.

Worst breakouts i have had for ages.

Possible causes.

  • No1 Suspect - STRESS [been stressful time lately]
  • Diet: Had some "poisonous sausage/frankfurter type things that i know break me out around 2 weeks ago.
  • Been carb and cereal binging. - specifically Kellogs mini max chocolate which contains sorbitol and other shit.
  • New vitamin D tablets.
  • Been taking zinc now and then ~25mg zinc picolinate.
  • Other diet

Guts are still fucked - still farting lots when i eat salad/veg/ whole grains etc.


Betaine Hcl

I have been taking Betaine HCL on and off for a few weeks now. Maybe a month or so. I stopped for around a week becaus ei was getting weird reflux feelings in throat.

At first i thought my skin was getting better but was just coincidental. Skin has been very bad last week or so, so started takign it again.

Erythromelalgia has been bad last few weeks may or may not be related to betaine hcl.

- The tablets stink like cat piss. - need to research what and how they are made from.


From last Wednesday [23rd January 2013] i starting having the symptoms of a cold, ie runny nose and i had a few bad spots/cold sorish on face.

Illness - started noticing on Wednesday - runny nose and sneezing - weird because usually every cold i have starts with a sore throat and follows this pattern.

Sore throat - sneezing - nose running - one nostril blocked - blocked sinus - sinus pain - coughing/on chest.

But this time was only ever a runny nose with sneezing - none of the other symptoms really.

Possible explanations:
  • Certain strain of the virus.
  • Just run down - overtraining etc - lack of sleep
  • Caused by colostrum somehow - ie "detox"
  • Colostrum actually reduced symptoms i normally would have had.
  • Other.

    Breakout - on 23rd noticed spot forming below lip [ cold sorish type one] red pre spot pain etc] tht i usually get when i'm run down i think. Plus pre spot pain on forehead. Spot then came on top of forehead next few days and another bad cold sorish spot below lip - larger and more noticable.

    Possible explanations:

    • Run down - overtraining etc
    • Colostrum
    • Lack of sleep - terrible circadian cycle [whatever its called]
    • Carb/cereal binges after fasting - higher sugar cereals.
    • Ate yogurt around 1 week ago - although small amount.
    • Something else.

    Other things to note -

    I am farting LOTS - as in hard core and culprits are all "healthy food" any kind of raw veg or fibrous veg eg salad, carrots, potato skins, beets, will all give me terrible farts - fuckign pain.

    Think skin was reasonable if not good on face before wednesday - seems doing more cardio and boxing with the sweating was helping but need to get the balance right. Fine line between benefits from training and overtraining leadign to being run down etc.


Skin over Christmas and into new year has been bad.

Not so bad, average to good on face apart from boil type thing on side of face and infected hair thing on chin.

Bad on back and in scalp.

Must be doing something.

Things to note:

Eatign too much cereal and carbs in one go.

Stopped Vitamin b5 so maybe it was doing something.


Boil thing on side of face - weird next to eyebrow wasnt spot more like a boil - Nasty - maybe be caused by food allergy etc.

Pulled out thick hair on chin - became infected and large whitehead.


[15 DEC 2012]

My hair has never been thick and always quite thin but i have noticed it has definitely got much thinner during the last couple of months which also happens to coincide with the time i have been taking Vitamin B5 [Pantothenic Acid].

I have been taking ~ 1.2 grams Vitamin B5 [Pantothenic Acid] with ~1.2 Acetyl-L-Carnitine since the beginning of October.

My skin has gotten better but there has also been other factors such as taking turmeric for the last month or so, severe depression, losing weight through Intermittent fasting and not eating enough.

The thinning of my hair could of course just be a coincidence and might just be accelerated male pattern baldness and/or my longer hairstle and pony tail. But it doesn't seem to fit the classic male pattern baldness receding, my hairline hasn't changed and the crown is unaffected. Basically the whole of the top, especially at the very front has got much thinner. The sides haven't receded at all really.

Possible reasons for hair loss:

B5 [Pantothenic Acid].



Longer hairstyle worn in pony tail.

Telogen Effluvium induced by fasting/calorie restriction.

Fasting/ calorie restriction.

Something else.

Male pattern baldness.


Depression And Acne.

Up until this wednesday my skin was as clear as it has ever been for years. I have been messing around with supplements and been taking turmeric for about 3 weeks so it could of been that.


Then on Wednesday had breakout between eyes and then on forehead - also couple of spots on back.


I have been badly depressed last few weeks/month or so, worst in my life [could be supplements] with a noticeable reduction in my hormone levels. I started feeling a bit better the last week or so maybe hormone levels were returning to normal again.

Just an idea.

Maybe depression actually helps my acne because it reduces my testosterone/hormone levels ?


Bad breakout 5th-7th November.

On Wednesday when i woke up i noticed a pre spot pain between my eyebrows, one mark on one cheek that faded quickly and one small white head on other cheek.

I then did a salt scrub on Wednesday night which i think led to a further breakout on forehead - although could be completely coincidental.

Spot between eyes got slightly raised and red but didnt come to a head and is now diying.

Bad spot appeared on forehead thursday and by today had come to a head.

Things to note.

Cardio on Tuesday - long run 40 mins+ - sweated.

Not much sleep tuesday night.

Eating a lot of microwave food.

Diet is pretty crud.

Still intermittent fasting.