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My trip on Acnotin (previously know as accutane)

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Day 2

hmmmm when i woke up this morning, i felt alot of new cyst coming up, i even got one behind my ears.... strange rite.... i had 2 fight the urge 2 try an pick at the few whitheads i saw.... i forgot 2 mention, i have moderate cystic acne, and i live in the caribbean on an island called Trinidad and Tobago. Very soon its gonna be carnival, a time when everyone is gonna be partying..... i really want 2 partake so im hoping the acnotine takes effect very quickly.....

p.s. the antibiotic has really helped the itching.......


day 1

I couldn't wait 2 hear my dermatologist say 'im gonna put u on accutane'....... what i got was 'its no longer called acctuane, it's called acnotin'...... same thing rite.... Yes it was. after getting my perscription for the acnotin 20mg and EES 400mg ( antibiotic for acne) i was totally excited.... my instructions were 1 antibiotic everyday and 1 acnotin every other day. :) i wanted to take it everyday 2 see results faster, but i guess im jus gonna have 2 wait and see.

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