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Week 8

Hi all...so this week I have been breaking out more so than usual...not to impressed becuase I thought it would only be getting better, not worse :D I am on a high dosage (80mg) a day so I dont know why I would be breaking out still (unless its just not working for me :) )

That and I am still having problems with this dang rash on my hands...my friends joke I have leprosy ...not cute. I have tried everything and it won't go away :) I tried jojoba oil mixed in with vasaline and still it continues to show up. Rawrrr hopefully things will look up soon.


Week 7

Hey guys, just thought I'd up date on my progress! Aside from the extreem dryness on my arms and back of my hands everything is going great! Skin is clear, might get one zit every now and then but the black heads apear to be almost all gone!! Very happy about that!! No other symptoms that I can recall other than the dryness. Has anyone else experience a rash on the backs of their hands?? Its almost like a cluster of red spots...even with lotion it still seems to be present. If anyone has any sugestions or advice I would really appreciate it!



Week 6

Hey all!! So its the begining of week 6 and things are going great :) !!!! skin is all clear and I feel awesome!! Side effect wise nothing really new, just dry lips (but roc lip repair really helps with that) and that rash is still on the back of my hands (which comes and goes but is treatable with lotion, I prefer shea butter). Oooo and I bought this stuff called Jojoba oil and it is great!!! It is great in baths and I have been mixing a couple drops into my mosurizer at nights and it seems to really be helping!! I was a little sceptical at first (cuz its an oil) but after endless googling I decided to try it out and so far I'm loving it!! Its great for hair too, just mix a little in with your conditioner and it helps with the dryness. It definitly worth looking into if you are fairly dried out! Really happy and excited to start seeing results! It is sooo nice to be able to go to the gym and not have to worry about covering up spots or being self conscious about my skin! I really hope it only gets better from here on out!

Has anyone else hear of this jojoba oil?? Let me know what you think...talk to you soon!


End of Week 4

So its the end of week 4 now. Test results were good. Skin looks alright...got a few cysts but other than that it is looking better thats for sure. Have to admit I have been feeling down alot lately...not sure if it has to do with taking Accutane or if its just the weather / time of the month. I am also really really irritable...again I can't be sure it is due to the pills but it is one of the possible side effects.

Anyways will keep u updated...if anyones reading..


Day 23 - week 4

EEEAAAAKKK...random rash on my right hand...consisting of a whole bunch red dots. NOT CUTE! Hoping that goes away asap. Becides that I had a bad nose bleed last night when I was washing my face before bed. Blood was gushing out :D . I made sure to load my nostrils up with vasilne after it stopped so I hope that doesnt happen often. Not fun.

Skin is looking better....terrified its going to break out again but hoping for the best. I have my first appointment with my derm on thursday, getting blood test tomorrow. Yikes...hope everything will be okay. Did anyone have smooth sailing after there IB or am I doomed for another month or so..... :)

Anyways I am trying to study for an exam but I got side tracked, ttyl!


End of week 3

Hey guys, so its the end of week 3 and it looks like my IB has calmed down now. There are no huge mountains growing on my face anymore (I had to squeeze becuase i couldnt take it) but now I am left with red marks. I have also noticed ALOT of black heads all over....I have been bad and have been squeezing those too, bad I know but i can't help it. Since my IB was so horrifying I decided to go back on my trimethoprim for a little while to try and prevent any more breakouts. My derm said it was okay to be taking both so hopefully it helps.Tomorrow I am getting my blood tested so I hope the results are okay. Will check back in a couple days!


Day 20

UGH I am so discouraged. I just spent like 2 hours googling and reading about people's experiences with initial breakouts and how long they last for. Mine is so bad I don't even want to leave the house :). I have to work tomorrow and I am debating whether or not to call in sick becuase I am so self conscious. I spent 1 hour applying foundation to try and cover my zits but I still thought about it all day. If anyone is reading and was in the same boat as I am how long did yours last? I'm reading anywhere from 1 week to 4 months... :D I know its different for everyone but I really hope to god mine doesnt last more than 1 week.

Anyways...not a good day, going to spend the weekend @ home :D


Week 3

Day 19

Hi guys, I decided to switch blogging sites because I wasn't feeling like anyone was reading my blogs :D ...hoping that there are some people to relate with on this site! Anywho its the middle of week 2...all I can say is so much for the smooth saling...looks like I am experiencing one of thoses dreaded initial breakouts I have been warned about. My skin was soooo beautiful (I even got compliments on how radient it was) but not anymore. I am so tempted to go squeeze but I know if I do it will just make things worse :). I learned the hard way, I now have a scar on my cheek from picking at one from last week. Other than the break out I experienced I am not really having that many side effects. Ya my lips are dry but I make sure to wear chap stick 24/7 (I like burts bee's and roc lip repair and ooo vasiline at nights) and I also make sure to mosturize my skin with lots of cetaphil mosturizer (with spf). I am also making sure to drink tons of water, so it seems I am doing everything I can to prevent getting super dry and chapped. Hope it stays that way. Another thing I noticed is my hair is getting less and less greasy! Its awesome I usually have to wash it every day but now I can go 2 even 3 days with out washing it! So there is some upside to this so far....

Anyways if anyone has an feedback I would love to get it!



Week #1

Day 7

So it is the end of week 1! So far so good!!! My skin is almost totally clear! Looking the best it has in a long time!!!! Hoping it will only get better from here on out! I am not super dry yet but I have noticed a little bit of peeling on my forehead when ever I wash my face. Other than that my lips are staying well hydrated with lip chap and I am trying my best to drink as much water as I can. So far so good! Stay tuned!

Day 3

Hi all...pretty sure no one is following my journey so far...but I'm going to keep blogging anyways! Well I am happy to say my skin is looking better each day! A tad dry but nothing a little mosturizer won't fix! Not really anything new since last time I wrote but I am really happy that it seems to be working for me so far! Hope it only gets better from here on out!! Will keep you posted!!

Day 2

Well its end of day 2 and so far not much has changed from yesterday. I did notice my skin is starting to dry out but I keep making sure to moisturize and apply chap stick frequently. I also read drinking allot of water helps so I am doing that as well. I am taking all the precautions necessary to fight the side effects I have read about. My skin is totally clear! I hope it stays that way but I have also read about an initial breakout once starting using Accutane (maybe I should stop reading up about this, I am psyching myself out a bit to much). Guess we will wait and see.....

Day 1:

Took my first set of pills after dinner last night. Woke up with a pounding headache which lasted most of the day. It seems to be gone now but I hope it isn't anything to be concerned about. I don't know if it is just me but my skin feels dryer already (maybe its because I have read up on the side effects and know what to expect but still it is really early to tell). I will try to update as much as I can, stay tuned!


Intro -

Hi everyone, I have decided to log my experience on Accutane not only for myself but for others considering taking it in the future. I have read many things about Accutane (both good and bad) but have decided to give it a try because nothing, and i mean nothing has worked for me in the past. I have tried anything from gels to creams to antibiotics and nothing has made a difference. At this point I am 24 and tired of dealing with the constant embarrassment of pimples, I want it gone for good and this is the last resort so here it goes! :)

A brief background about myself:

I am a 24 year old female. Wouldn't necessarily say I have horrible acne, but I constantly get new pimples no matter what I use to prevent or limit new breakouts. I have suffered cystic acne for as long as I can remember and have used everything a doctor can recommend as well as any acne skin care line out on the market. Finally I went to the derm and he recommended Accutane. He put me on 80 mg once a day which he recommended based on my height and weight. At first I was skeptical but I am willing to do anything at this point to clear up my skin. Really hoping this is the final answer!

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