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Foundation routine that has my skin absolutely glowing:

CeraVe Moisturizer

Boots primer

Revlon ColorStay (in Sand Beige for summer!), applied with a sponge, very lightly.

And that's it!!!

I can swipe it on! Don't have to stipple at all! Because my skin is just THAT FREAKING SMOOTH!

I used to spend ten minutes on just applying foundation. Now it's ten seconds.

Having clear skin is so much different from being a pimply mess... And I realize new perks almost daily.

I'm seeing a new guy now. He's amazing. We went to the beach the other day. I didn't wear foundation. And I wasn't ashamed!

Yeah, I'm definitely not one of the people who gets depressed on Accutane. Quite the opposite actually. :cool:

I have one side effect from the medication: Dry-ish, slow-healing skin. No nosebleeds, joint pain, eye dryness, suicidal thoughts, or anything else.

Best decision of my life, hands down.


Things have been going pretty well. The only new side effect of the upped dose that I'm noticing is my chin getting drier as the day goes on (it starts peeling sometimes and I have to re-moisturize).

Other than that, nothing.

I drink more often now (once or twice a week, as opposed to once a month) and my labs come up fine still.

As for the birth control problem, the pharmacy somehow just automatically renewed my prescription. Don't know how they got authorization but hey that's fine with me!

In other news, I got called a "guy magnet" for the first time in my life today.

This would NEVER have happened without Accutane.


My life is soooooooo much better without cystic acne. Whenever I think about my life then vs. my life now, I want to cry out of happiness because it has improved so much more than I could have dreamed.


One side effect that's been irritating me lately: face is darker than the rest of my body. It's perpetually flushed-looking and reddish in color. :/ I need a new foundation. Again! And I'm so fed up with pink-undertoned drugstore foundations that oxidize... some time next week I'm making a special trip to Sephora. Time to go big or go home.

Saw my derm earlier today. I have almost no side effects from the meds and my acne is still not 100 percent gone, but she doesn't want to up my dose from alternating 40/80 mg/day because of my weight (I weigh around 115 lbs. and am 5'2"). :/ I feel like I would be able to take 80 mg/day just fine, since my body adjusted itself very quickly to the 40/80 schedule. But ohhhh wellll. Also, she said that this isn't my last month... so I guess I'm going to be doing six months of treatment instead of five. Ooookay. Fine with me! As far as I'm concerned, the more pills, the better! If I could be on Accutane for the rest of the year I'd be cool with that, but obviously that's neither realistic nor safe.

In other news, my birth control pill Rx has almost run out, and I've been trying to get in contact with my GP for refills but so far no luck. It's so difficult when I work beginning before their office hours and ending after they stop taking calls. It's the same reason I had to wait for tomorrow to get my blood drawn too. The blood place opens at 8 and stops taking blood at 3... and I work 7-3:30 (with a half hour commute to and from work). Ughhhhhhh! And of course they're not open on the weekends/my days off! So I have to go tomorrow, when I don't have to go into work until later in the day.

But... it's soooo worth it. Every day I thank my lucky stars. I still have blotchy, uneven skin and huge pores and broken blood vessels and scars on my face, but there is almost ZERO acne and for that I am SOOOOO indebted to my derm, to all the researchers and even big pharma for making Accutane available to me. It has changed my life so much that sometimes I think about it and just want to weep tears of joy.



Arghhhh. No more cysts, but these tiny bumps are so stubborn! I don't understand!

Side effects: NONE. Well, almost. My skin is "dry" but to me it just looks normal compared to the oil slick I was before starting Accutane. Other than that, nothing. No nose bleeds, joint pain, eczema, depression, or even chapped lips. Chapstick does the job fine; I haven't used Aquaphor since the beginning of my second month.

My Florida vacation was great! Wore lots of sunblock and my hat and had loads of fun. I got a bit burnt on my tummy but it's since turned into a tan without flaking/peeling, so that's good. I can't wait til I can finally get WAXED though!!! Ughhhh that's one thing I really miss!

Getting blood taken tomorrow (crossing my fingers that they're open on Memorial day); derm appointment is on Tuesday. I've developed a cold over the past few days and today I was (and still am) so sick and constantly dizzy that I had to leave work early... and I've never once called out or left early or even been late to work since starting this job in August. I wonder if that'll affect my blood work, but I'm not *too* worried about it.

I'll update again after I see my derm :cool:


So since my last entry over a week ago, I haven't seen any new pimples crop up! My skin is almost completely clear. The only issue I have is those little bumps on my cheeks. I'm beginning to think that they could be clogged pores, possibly from my makeup? I'll have to ask my derm. They're only two very small clusters (like 3 or 4) barely noticeable lumps right under the surface of my skin. Right under the highest point of my cheekbones. Weird.

Side effects are the same. The inside of my nose is very dry, and my skin is getting a tiny bit drier now that my dose has been upped. Nothing unmanageable though.

Sunday is commencement, and Monday I get up bright and early to fly to Florida for a few days! My mom already bought me a big floppy hat and some 100spf sunblock. She's awesome. :wall: And I bought myself a Kindle as a graduation present, so I plan to use it while sitting in the shade at the beach! I'll also probably get a spray tan while I'm down there. I refuse to let Accutane ruin any part of my vacation. :think:


The only things I have to complain about:

1. God I want to go to the gym and hit it hard!! Being inactive is taking a toll on my pudginess and my mental state. It's hands down the worst side effect of being on 'tane. My waistline is growing even though I'm trying to watch what I eat (most of the time, not all of the time. I do indulge!). But even worse, is I haven't felt that *accomplished* feeling you get after a good heavy workout in a loooong time because I'm just plain unable to hit the gym. Just walking at work makes my feet hurt so bad. They're quality shoes, and I've been working there since August, so this is a direct result of the meds. If I were to hit the elliptical/treadmill, or, even worse, try to lift anything, I'd pretty much collapse.

2. A THIRD huge pimple appeared practically on top of the other two on my right cheek! What the hell is going on here? That place was always a hotspot for pimples even pre-'tane, so I'm not surprised by the placement. I must have some rogue oil well under that cluster of pores or something. It appeared two days ago and is almost completely gone today, so at least the process is fast. Other than that, I have a few tiny bumps on my face but I otherwise am pretty clear. So happy about that!


more pimples :/

Yesterday I got another HUGE pimple practically on top of the other HUGE one I got a few days ago. Now the right side of my face looks super inflamed and nasty :think: Sigh. I'm kind of glad though, since the aggressive breakouts I'm getting are a direct result of my upped dose.

On the plus side, my dizzy spells have gone away since I've been eating a protein-rich breakfast every day. I'm still going to mention it to my doc at my next appointment, but for now I at least know that it's not linked to Accutane!

Still getting off-and-on headaches, but I've been drinking more water to try to combat it.

Not much aside from that. Still feeling very lucky whenever I look at myself in the mirror!


So it's been a few days now on the alternating 40/80 mg per day. And wow, I'm feeling it (at least I think I am). It's like I'm having the IB I never had in the first place. A HUGE pimple came up yesterday, and today it came to a head. As far as side effects go, my body hurts all over, especially my feet (I walk all day at work). I'm getting near-constant headaches, and I'm also experiencing some major dizziness. ***However***, I'm pretty sure that I'm hypoglycemic and I would be getting dizzy whether I was on 'tane or not. The dizziness is most likely more related to my eating habits. I need to return to eating eggs/protein for breakfast instead of sugary cereals. My bad. I have a doctor's appointment in July so I'll bring it up with my GP then.

Anyway, I think that's all I have to say for now. I need to go drink some water and then lay down because of this massive headache. Thanks, Accutane. :think:


It's going to be harder to keep track of the days because my derm upped my dose this month. I've been on 40 mg/day for the past three months. Now I'm going to be alternating 40 mg/day and 80 mg/day for the next two months since I'm still breaking out and my side effects are almost nonexistent at this point.

One little snafu, though: the pharmacy could only give me 40 pills (at 40 mg each) since the max they can legally dispense is 45, and they can't break packs of pills (10 in a pack). Soooo instead of getting 50 like my derm wrote, I got 40 and will be 5 pills short for the month. No biggie I guess. I don't think the extra 10 pills this month will have much of an effect on anything, to be honest. I'll just let my derm know at my next appointment and she can decide where to go from there.

I am feeling so amazing lately, though. I've been incredibly lucky these past few weeks and have been loving life. My skin isn't 100 (or even 90) percent clear but at least I don't feel like a freak 24/7!!!! Even one of my supervisors at work noticed a change in my attitude and says I've been smiling non-stop for the past month. I didn't even REALIZE until now just how self-conscious I was with cystic acne. It's been gradual, but now I carry myself completely differently. I walk taller, I smile, I talk to people so easily. I used to be terrified of striking up a conversation with a stranger for fear of being judged harshly. But just a couple days ago I nearly gave a guy my number! We had struck up a conversation at a store he worked in; I left with a few friends to go shop some more, and while I was in another store I started thinking about it. The guy was cute. He was friendly and interesting. What harm was there in giving him my number? So I wrote it down on a piece of paper and shoved it in my pocket, planning on swinging by his store again and just handing it to him (and my friends would have been floored, as this is something I've never done). Alas, the mall closed before I even realized it, and he was gone before I returned.

Oh well. There's always next week. :wall:

Clear(er) skin is improving every single aspect of my life. I had a phone interview for a job a few days ago; I feel like I aced it because I wasn't afraid that they would like me so much to call me in for an in-person interview. Imagine that. I'm not proud to admit it, but I can finally say it: I used to sabotage my own career path because I was afraid of meeting people in person. I was afraid they'd see me as a teenager (because everyone knows that only teenagers get pimples :think: ). I was afraid they'd judge me on my looks... and studies DO show that people DO give favorable judgment to attractive people. And guys, acne is not attractive.

I feel like I can finally be the ME who's been too afraid to come out. I'm definitely not perfect, but at least I don't have to hide any more.

And all of this change in only four months... the only question I can ask myself is why didn't I do this years ago?!


Day 88

The edges of my lips have miraculously healed! I'm stoked!

Two new pimples popped up, one on my chin (where I never ever used to break out), and one near my left temple. Neither of them are/were cystc... in fact, they seemed empty every time I tried to squeeze something out, even though there were lumps there that definitely looked pus-filled. Both of them turned red and inflamed before I touched them at all. Such an odd reaction that left me confused and infected-looking. :think: I'm hoping that this is a sign of progress?

In other news, I went out and bought the new (ish) Revlon ColorStay Aqua mineral foundation. Even after reading/watching horrible reviews for it, I decided to try it on a whim. And wow, I love this stuff. It feels so awesome to put on... it doesn't give much coverage, but it does hydrate my skin without making it greasy. Perfect! For now I'm using it over a tiny bit of the liquid ColorStay, used to cover up hyperpigmentation, as I've found that every concealer I try just flakes off and looks bad.

As summer approaches, I can't help but fantasize about full days spent at the beach under the sun and in the water. I even bought the cutest bathing suit, perfect for frolicking in.

The reality of it all is that while my friends play beach volleyball and/or tan on their towels, I will be in a beach chair covered from head to toe in sunblock, with the widest hat on that I can find and most likely covered in a long flowy shirt and sarong. None of my friends know that I'm on Accutane, and I'm actually in the middle of making new friends out of work acquaintances as the majority of my good friends live in a different city.

I know that my new friends will be totally understanding and sympathetic to my situation. But still, acne SUCH an embarrassing topic to discuss. I'm dreading the first beach invite of the summer.


Day 84!

Wow! The days just blend together. I forget what month I'm on, even, since I can't believe I'm in my third month already (and about to head into my fourth). This is nuts!

I'm sorry to say that my face hasn't shown any improvement for a long time. :( Blemishes come and go, and I haven't broken out severely since I started taking Accutane. However, the smaller breakouts just keep on coming. I feel small bumps all over my cheeks and it's depressing since I saw such LEAPS and BOUNDS of improvement in the first month, and now, nada. Two days ago I even popped a cluster of cysts (the first legit cluster of cysts I think I've had on the meds!). Now there's a huge gross looking patch of scab on my right cheek. :doubt: I need to stop picking >.< :(

My lips are still chapped but mostly under control; this week dollar store chapstick is handling the job rather well. Within the last two days, though, the corners of my mouth have cracked... :( I've been waiting a long time for that side effect to appear! Hopefully the chapstick will continue to work its magic. I'm being very cautious, though, like with eating and opening my mouth too wide. I have to choose every morning and night whether I want to either brush my teeth properly, or split my mouth edges. I feel like the Joker. :dance:

My nose hasn't started to legitimately bleed yet, though every once in a while when I blow my nose a bit of blood will come out. Just a tiny side effect I tend to forget about until it happens.

I've pretty much stopped all forms of exercise. Once in a while I'll hop on the treadmill for half an hour and work up a gradual sweat, but my body cannot handle more than that. I feel like a lazy bum but I keep telling myself that once my skin is clear, I can work out as much as I please without hurting myself and/or risking permanent muscular or skeletal damage. Better safe than sorry.

All in all, my experience on Accutane so far has been a bit annoying but sooooooo worth it. I just hope my skin will continue to improve. Perhaps my derm will up my dose from 40 mg/day to something higher, though from my experiences talking with her I think she'd rather extend my treatment than up my dose. We'll see what happens at my next appointment.

Til next time~


I've been away for so long! I've moved towns and houses and here the internet is very scarce and very expensive, so my updates won't be as frequent. So here's an update, finally.

Cortisone cream worked in two days. Everything was gone until recently. Then last night the eczema came back a bit. Will have to start applying the stuff again.

Once in a while, I'll blow my nose and a tiny tiny tiny bit of blood will come out. First signs of coming nosebleeds? Maybe. I hope not though.

Three new cysts on my cheeks and chin. Argh! But I am clear for the most part. Small pimples show up and disappear regularly. I haven't been 100% clear since that post a while back. I'm getting compliments on my skin and it feels soooooooooo great.

New makeup routine that works: CeraVe cleanser and moisturizer, Benefit's Conceal-a-holic kit (which I needed desperately!) -- primer, undereye concealer, blemish concealer, lid primer, and eye brightener. Finishing with Revlon PhotoReady powder (fluffy brush to apply), a bit of bronzer and blush as needed too (all applied with the same brush since it gives me the perfect amount of product).

So far so good! It snowed two days ago so I'm not too worried about missing out on sunny weather. :( Will keep on truckin.


Day 61

Directions on my cortisone cream: "Apply sparingly to scaling plaques twice a day until clear."

Scaling. Plaques.

Sounds delish! :doubt:

Even though the cream makes me sound like a reptile with leprosy (which at this point I basically am, I'm so covered in red flaky spots), it works. And it was cheap, too. Only $5 for five tubes of the stuff, and two refills afterward... that's fifteen tubes of cream. If I were on Accutane for the next three years I might need it, but I think it's a bit overkill...

Anyway, the proper name of the stuff is Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment USP, 0.1%.

In other news, another makeup-ish issue has arisen. Since I'm no longer wearing foundation my (genetic) under-eye circles are much more prominent. I know I'm broke, but I'm itching (hah!) to pick up some Benefit Erase Paste, or at least try it out at the nearest Sephora. Maybe I can scrounge up a sample from them. I've never tried it before but it's got great views on MakeupAlley and I'm desperate for something to cover my circles. I went to work the other day fully rested and got "wow, long night?" or "too early for you this morning?" for my entire shift. Again, it's just Accutane doing its part to make me look haggard. Whoopee. :(

At least my skin looks FANTASTIC.


Day 59

AAH! So this morning when I stepped out of the shower, I saw myself in the mirror and holy hell... my torso is covered in eczema! Why I haven't noticed until now, I don't know. Accutane is just king of surprises I guess. Later tonight I'm definitely picking up the cortisone cream Rx. I am sooo itchy even after applying Eucerin everywhere.

On the plus side, the CeraVe moisturizers and cleanser are great. I was able to apply a bit of foundation, along with blush and bronzer. My face is glowing. :( This never would have been possible pre-tane.

KC31, it really is strange how everyone reacts to Accutane differently. I am dry as a prune at this point and you're the opposite, but we're both clearing up. Weird! But good! Being clear is all that matters. :doubt:


Derm appointment was this morning! A few notes:

1. My blood work came back "perfect," lucky me.

2. I told her my skin was getting very very flaky, especially on my upper lip/under my nose, and on my eyelids. "Yeah, I can see that" she said. "We're sucking all of the oil out of you. It's only going to get worse. Much worse!" And then I swear she cackled. -_________-

3. So basically, there is no hope for me in the foundation department since just keeping my skin moisturized is going to be my new 24/7 mission. She gave me a bunch of free CeraVe samples: cleanser, moisturizer, and a heavier night time moisturizer. I'm going to try the day moisturizer before I go to work tonight. I don't like having flaky skin. It just looks so unprofessional.

4. Those dry patches on my arms and hands? Yeah, it's full-blown eczema, she said. I didn't even realize it was that bad. She wrote me a script for a cortisone cream to stop the itch. I almost didn't even fill it, since I'm scared of how much it's going to cost. And I'm broke. :/ Oh well, it's going on credit for now (I know, bad bad bad habit to start. Don't follow my example).

5. I'm staying on 40 mg/day of Amnesteem. One pill with my biggest meal of the day.

That's about it. On to month three... shit's about to get serious.


Day 57

Somehow, some way, my face magically has cleared itself within the past two days. It's 100% free of active pimples.

Let me say that again.











Ohhhhh lordy.

My pores have shrunk to near-invisible status. Today I went out with a tiiiiiny bit of liquid foundation only on my cheeks and nose, mostly because it flakes off, and partly because I don't even need it.

Oh Accutane, sometimes my face burns with dryness and my hands get all red and scaly and my muscles and joints hurt but damn if my face doesn't look awesome and if you were a person i would kiss you.


Day 55

Woke up with a huuuuge pimple on my right cheek this morning. Popped it as soon as I felt it. It's gonna scar, I just know it... :(

Hyperpigmentation on my left cheek is very stubborn. It just refuses to go away and it's pretty difficult to cover up.

Overall, I feel like Accutane's effect on my acne has stalled. I was like 85% clear after the first month, dry skin, very small breakouts, etc. Now I feel that I've regressed back to getting cysts more often, and the scars the cysts leave are bad. I know that the 'tane is working, though, because my arms and hands are covered in tiny dry pale and red dots. The skin there is sooooo thin.

Got my blood and urine done today. Hope it comes out all right, since I did have a drink last night for St. Patrick's day.

Derm appointment on monday!


Day 52

My skin is sooooooo dry. The skin on my hands are so fragile, it's almost painful to be at work because they dry out and crack and I have to go hours at a time without moisturizing them and it's just :) sigh. The dry/rough patches on my arms and the back of my hands are slowly growing to be more apparent. I'll def have to show my derm when I see her on the 21st.

On the plus side, my makeup looks amazing today. It hasn't budged at all since this morning (I put it on more than 12 hours ago). Very worth the dry skin on my hands to have dry skin on my face (though I fear it will eventually become drier than it is and that wouldn't be fun).

And in other news, I'm newly single and have noticed the amount of people hitting on me skyrocketing.

I like to think it's because of my newfound confidence, thanks to my newfound skin ^_________^


My body huuuuuurts from exercising two days ago. :) I've decided that weight training is simply too much for my body to handle right now. But I will go nuts without regular exercise and I don't want my gym membership to go to waste, so I'm going to try power walking on the treadmills instead. And if that's too hard for my joints, I'll do a slow elliptical workout. This is probably the most frustrating part of taking Accutane.

Oh, and an update on the e.l.f. tinted moisturizer: it's great! It's definitely yellow enough for my skin, which is a first. It's a tad dark so I go over it with some Lancome powder I've had lying around. I plan on trying PhotoFinish powder over it too. But it's great that I don't need as much coverage as I used to. These days it's just moisturizer, primer, tinted moisturizer (I treat it like a foundation), powder, and e.l.f. mist & set (which I adore). Concealer for hyperpigmentation.

Sooo St. Patrick's day is coming up. I have plans to go out and... drink a little. I had maybe half a mixed drink two days ago while out with a friend. It got me a bit buzzed. I'm sooo afraid to drink too much. :) The thing I'm most worried about is my upcoming blood test... it'll be done the day after St. P. I want to have an entire drink that night (yes, one *entire* drink! I'm such a lightweight on Accutane! :D ). But I don't know how that will affect my blood test in the morning. The last thing I want to do is fail it because of a single drink.

Not exactly sure how to proceed. Advice/anecdotes welcomed!


Day 49

An awful day for side effects... eugh.

Went to the gym for the first time in a few weeks (long story as to why; gym clothes were stolen out of my car because people are dumb).

I hurt myself on my third set of squats. :D Even when I considerably lightened the weight, I still couldn't make it through my entire workout.

And afterward, while shaving in the shower, my razor felt like... well, imagine shaving with a rusty knife. That's how it felt (and the blade was brand new).

My skin is like paper. :)



So in my quest to find the perfect foundation for my Accutane'd skin, I pulled out an old enemy from amongst the mess on my dresser: Revlon PhotoReady.

Oil-slicked, pre-'tane moi hated this foundation. I bought it at CVS a while ago thinking "hm, I like Revlon's ColorStay, so maybe this (new) thing is even better!" Oh how WRONG I was. The color was too light for my skin, it blended horribly, it didn't cover my acne at all, and I really disliked the shiny stuff in it.

Well, I tried it today out of desperation and two things happened:

1. It matched nearly perfectly (blame winter and 'tane for me being super pale!) and

2. It went on smoothly, covered nicely, and stayed put all day.

The only complaint I have is that I can't stipple it on. I have to swipe it on with my fingers because the formula is weird. :)

On top of this magnificent find, my local Target re-set a bunch of their cosmetics aisles today (FYI, your local Target is likely to have done the same!) and saw that E.L.F. PRODUCTS WERE OUT! I had such a hard time not grabbing everything I saw, and the display wasn't even finished before I grabbed a few things I've been dying to try. I ended up getting a set of false lashes, a waterproof eyeliner pen, their makeup mist & set (never tried a makeup setter spray before; so excited!), and some cream eyeliner. On top of this I grabbed... wait for it... tinted moisturizer, in porcelain, "for very fair skin tones with yellow undertones" (GOSH IF THAT DOESN'T DESCRIBE ME!

All this for less than 10 dollars (with Target Red Card discount)!!!!!

So even though I'm really liking the PhotoReady, I'm really excited to try e.l.f.'s tinted moisturizer. Beyond excited. Like the exclamation marks didn't tip you off already. :D


Ugh, the NARS sheer glow foundation looks horrible. It won't blend into my dry dry dry skin. :) And I've found that every foundation I own (and I own a good amount) just refuses to go on properly. Even the Neutrogena moisturizers I was using don't do their jobs any more. The SPF 35 just sits on top of my skin and makes it greasy, while the one for combination skin just won't absorb. I can rub it in all I want, but it just streaks and gets pushed around without sinking in. The only moisturizer that actually works (and I am SHOCKED) is the Jergens! Lucky me, it has SPF 20 in it so I don't have to worry about going outside too much.

I need to buy some new foundation tomorrow. I just don't know what to try. My budget is limited to drugstore, so I'll have to pick up something totally new. Or maybe I'll try out Maybelline's Dream Smooth Mousse again... it didn't work with my past oily skin, but maybe it'll work on dry skin.

I'm so frustrated right now because I am going to have to make do with what I have until I get out of work tomorrow. That's 8.5 solid hours of interacting with people while having gross skin. Ewww. At least I could cover up my acne. Flaky skin on top of a few cysts (and my face is wicked red and blotchy lately) is a lot harder to deal with.

It's worth it, but I will be SO glad when this is all over!


Thought this might be helpful to others in some way.

Monthly cost of Accutane, for me:

$20.00 Dermatologist co-pay

$20.00 for a 30-day supply of Amnesteem/generic Accutane, 40 mg capsules

$20.00 for 28-day supply of prescription birth control pill (Aviane/generic Alesse)

$25.00 (roughly) for blood and urine tests

So that's about $85 each month, plus the cost of gas, plus the cost of having to take a few hours off of work (missed wages).

I'm lucky that I have health insurance through my dad's employer, otherwise I'd be paying thousands of dollars (I've heard from people without insurance). Or rather, I wouldn't be paying at all since I wouldn't be able to afford it.


Acne status: Small pimples have stopped forming. Instead, I'm getting about 2-3 large and painful cysts a week. I don't like this one bit!!! I feel like I'm regressing, like the Accutane isn't working like it used to. Arghhh.

Side effects: My whole body is just sooo dryyy.

I'm about 60% sure that rashes on my hands are starting to develop... they're kinda red and blotchy, like, you know all the little dots where those fine hairs come out? They're red and inflamed-looking.

Also, yesterday I was at Sephora looking for a new foundation because my Revlon ColorStay liquid is flaking off of my face (and I'm using the normal/dry formula). While trying on different foundations, I used their makeup remover a few times... by the time I left my face looked sunburned, it was soooo red and BURNING. Even later that night I couldn't put water on my face without it burning. Washing was awful. :)

Actually, you know what? I think the makeup remover is what made the back of my hands all red today (trying out different foundations there before putting them on my face). I take back my statement about the rash. I'm only 40% sure it's a rash now.... 60% sure it's just because of the sting-y makeup remover. :D

On a positive note, I got a free sample of some Nars, and I had some success in-store with YSL foundation. Alas, I'm too poor to buy either at the moment because Accutane is eating into my spending money for the next six months.


Day 39

Dry patches on both of my arms, from shoulder to the back of my hands.

Can feel em but can't see em.

Dunno if they'll become rashes.

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