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Hey guys, :D

Ok so im starting this blog to let other people know and follow up with me on my road to clear skin..

so i have been looking for hollistic methods for acne and i came across the topic of ROOIBOS TEA. i have heard many promising things about this tea in regards to skin problems :) . So this will be my first blog about acne and what im doing currently...


Just bought 2 boxes of Twinings african rooibos red tea from Krogers.. it was about $2.50 each.

I grabbed 3 water bottles which I think is about 6 regular cups of water and 4-5 teabags and brewed it on the stove for NO LESS THAN 10 MINUTES :D .. i have read that to get the maximum effects from this tea it must be brewed at least 10 minutes for all nutrients to seep out..

The tea brewed.. I added half a yellow lemon for more taste (tea already tastes nice and sweet naturally) and I put it in a pitcher to cool in the fridge .. i will be drinking it sometimes hot and mostly iced.. since i do not have time to be preparing myself a hot batch every time..

I am super excited to drink this tea and i have heard marvelous things of what it can do to your skin.. so read on it and try it..

If you have tried this tea please tell me how it is going for you.. i love to hear success stories .. it motivates me more lol :evil:

As for me, I will keep a journal and i will update every couple of days or so to inform you guys of how its going for me

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