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Hi friends! I started my first round of accutane around Jan 11, 2011. I was on it for 5 months and I had good results. Until now. Throughout my treatment I didn't have too bad of side effects. I had the typical very chapped lips and maybe some mood swings. Other than that my body handled it well. I got off Accutane around May 12 and up until now my skin was great. I had my usual hormonal breakouts but now my acne is coming back!!! I went to my derm and he even said I had alot of acne for someone who had been on a cycle of accutane. He said he was comfortable with putting me back on it. I have until the end of Nov to take my urine test and pregnancy test so I can get my first round of Accutane. Do you guys have any opinions or have any similar outcomes that I have? Any feedback would be much appreciated.


Day 33

Hey guys I'm back! I decided that I wasn't going to blog daily and become obsessive compulsive. I figured I would be less anxious if I didn't blog about my accutane everyday and track the progress daily. Also, I just got lazy..=)

Have I noticed a change? Yes! It's very gradual and but I'm happy with the progress so far. My friends and co workers have noticed my skin has gotten better, but I'm still convinced its still has a loong way to go. My forehead has gotten better and my complexion and tone has improved. Also it's strange for me to see my face matte! Ive always had oily skin and have to blot my face with blotting papers or tissue daily! It weird! No oil slick on my face! It's kinda nice. So far I haven't had a big IB yet. Just some medium size zits on my neck and the rest tiny pimples.

My side effects: Dry lips and nose. I have noticed my appetite increasing. I still work out 3 days a weeks and do my pilates. I drink lots of water and take my accuatane with milk.

I have a question for anyone out there? Did your DR. up the dosage on your second month? The reason I ask is my derm uped my dosaged and presrcibed Claravis, but the prescription was going to cost me 800$. I asked him if he could just keep the prescription the same dosage of amnestemm an dhe did. It only cost 300. Do you think it will hinder my results since I stuck w the same dosage and didnt go up in it? Any feedback??


Day 13

Side Effects: Dry Lips, itchy dry flaky scalp. Still no difference. My face seems dewy still and acne is still the same. Ughh. Will it even wprk for me? When is the IB going to to happen? Im getting all stressed out and don't want to have high hopes! I went out tonight and I had to put on a heavy foundation on to cover my skin. So annoyed.


Day 12

Hi everyone! Its day 12 and here are my reports. Dry lips is what is the main side effect Im feeling. My skin is still oily but has a weird tone to it. My scalp is dry and flaky and gets itchy at times. Other than that it seems like the side effects have been mellow. I have been able to work out as usual. I take my accutane with a glass of milk. I have been sleeping better. I guess I have been happier actually because I know taking this drug can help my skin. Im looking forward to have my skin back and be able to wear tank tops and halters tops w confidence.

Here is my skin care regimen: Cetaphil Cleanser,Purpose Lotion w spf 15 and neutrogena night cream. I stopped using all my designer moisturizers and serums and proactive until im done w my treatment. I wear bare mineral makeup and sometimes a heavier foundation if Im going out or if Im feeling extra zitty. I just want to be natural and not have to wear much makeup.

Anyway..so far so good..I feel like its taking soo long!



Day 8 symptoms: DRY DRY LIPS! and Very thirsty all the time. My skin is starting to flake a little bit. It seems like my complexion looks more even but still has small hard little pimples all over my neck and back, down my spine and side of my face. My forehead look a teeny bit better excpet for a few med zits! I thinking how bad can the IB be really be? My face has been in the IB state for almost 2 years..so i really can't imagine it getting worse. Any thoughts?? I guess Im just in denial. :) Im soo anxiously waiting for the IB to come throguh so I can get over it! I work with people everyday and I see them up close soIm super sellf conscious of them staring at my braille covered face. =( Oh well..

I guess thats all I have to report.


1 week on Accuatne!

Hey hey everyone! So it is my one week on being on amnesteen 20mg a day 2x a day! I have not had any major changes. Just the dry lips. It's hard for me to tell. The hard little zits all over my face, neck and back are still here. They do seem to look like they are drying out and it seems the comedo is having an easier time coming out. Mind you, my zits are the small hard ones. It looks like a blind person could read braille on my face right now. Im not feeling quite so tired anymore and I have adjusted to having the best nights of sleep! I haven't had a headache since the first 2 days. I went to my cardio class and it was fine. Im still eagerly waiting for the breakout everyone says they get so I can get that over with!!


Jan 17th DAY 6

I didn't notice any thing different today. Just the dry lips. I was at the beach today and was wondering if its ok that I was in the sun from 1-5pm? I wore a hat and had suncreen on my face and drank lots of water and kept reapplying my lipbalm. My small zits are still all over my face and neck and chest. I think they are getting owrse! Eww when I wash my face I get so bummed and grossed out that I feel all these little bumps on my skin instead of smooth skin.Its times like that I get soo frustrated! I guess I that is all I have to report. Everyonehave a nice day.


Face Stauts

Day 5- Dry lips, skin feels dewy? headaches and tiredness. Zits are small all over my neck and chest. Zits are small all over my cheeks and sides of my face and on forhead.


Hi everyone! So here I am on my 5th day of accutane. I know it is a bit soon to really see any major changes or side effects but, I guess it feels good to get stuff off my chest! I never thought that going on a medication would get me to be so critical and super conscious of my health, mind and body. I don;t know if it's all the media hype and warnings that gets me all anxious about being on accutane, but Im really trying to just go with the flow and be optimistic about being on this stuff. I mean, the end goal really, is to be happy and have my normal skin back, acne free! I am a pretty healthy person, so I do really care what goes in my body. I work out regulary..cardio class, run 2miles 3 days a week and yoga 3 times a week.I don't eat fast food, and I drink soda once month to treat my self. I just hope that I can still continue my reg workouts? Anyone have any experience w that? What about the side effects of muscle pains and backaches?

So the dry lips are starting to happen, and Im using the Aquaphor. It's kind subtle though. My face feels like its dewy all the time? Has anyone experienced that? I thought it was supposed to be really dry? Im a bit confused? My skin still has zits all over it and Im soo bummed! I soo soo hope accutane will work! Aaah! I know it'll take time, but having this horrible acne for the past 2 years has been so awful. I guess that is it for the side effects.. oh also Ive been feeling a sleepy at work through out the day. I work at a busy bank so i interact w people on hourly basis and I have to be peppy and on top of it..yest i felt like i could nap forever! After working 8 hrs I ususally go to an 1:15hr high cardio class but the last time i went i felt really gassed out after 30 min.. not typical of me. Today I was off of work and took my class and had no energy! Is this from the accuatne?

Anyway..im trying once again to not overanalyze things and obsess about my journey on accuatne ..but i can't help it!!



I'd love to hear any comments, feedback or just thoughts on your experience w accutane. I m new to this whole blogging thing!


Hi all! I started accutane yesterday and I was looking online for other people's results and their personal experiences. So here I am I guess experimenting with blogging my experience.

I am 30 years old female and I have had acne most of my teen through now adult life. My acne wasn't too bad, but when I did break out it would be a few big ones on my chin, nose area forehead. I have pretty oil skin and i just figured that it was a hereditary thing. I have accepted that I have acne prone skin and that is just a part of me. The last 6 years I have been using Pro Active and it would control my acne 65% of my breakouts.

Around Nov 17 2009 my skin broke out like CRAZY! The acne was small little pimple ALL OVER my face and spread to my shoulders, neck and back! I have never experinced anything like this!

I went to see a derm and he gave me antiobiotics and tretinoin cream. That didnt work. I was on antibiotics and tretinoin for a year n half almost 2. I was tired of the pills and cream not working so I went an got a 2nd opinion. The second derm wanted to prescribe me accutane. I was really really terrified and against taking it because of everything i had heard about it. I thought about it for a month while, I was on the waiting list for ipledge and was so bummed that I had to go on accutane to help clear my crazy acne. This is my final resort to helping my skin.

I know it only day 2 of me on accu but I wanted to try to keep a journal or blog of my journey on this so called "dangerous " drug. Im optimistic and will keep an open mind while Im on this. Im not going to go looking for all the bad things its supposed to do and over analyze everthing.

Ive been prescribed 20mg of ammnesteen 2 X a day. For 6 months! Im looking forward tp having my clear skin back!

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