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This website is a blessing.

I learned that the jawline acne that I have been suffering from for the past couple of months is hormonal. I have clusters of acne, mostly red bumps, on the jawline on both sides of my face. It isnt that bad.. I would say it is only about 5-10% of my face. But i am worried b/c i know how bad this type of acne can get. I know the best way to diagnose and treat my acne is through a dermatologist but I cannot afford the time or money to see a doctor. I'll describe myself more thoroughly below, please help me!

I'm 22, Asian male. 5'11 150lbs fast and furious.

I exercise regularly, not great of a diet though,

I binge drink on the weekends, I run a restaurant...

I dont think it's anything that I am eating or habbits that I have to cause this "jawline acne"

I AM a growing boy, I know my body is still going through changes. Could it be my testoterone?

I have read that an imbalance of hormones (testoterone/estrogen) can cause acne primarily on the jawline and chin. Is this true?? What can I do to correct this imbalance? ;)


These pimples on my chin and jawline, though,

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