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One more month to go....

Till my my best friend's wedding. I'm off the internal cleansing and chanca piedra and upkeeping my internals with fiber supplements and a more digestion friendly diet (healthier eating). Other supplements remain the same. It's been about a month now since I've abandoned DKR benzoyl peroxide. My skin is well moisturized now, I sometimes get lazy and go without applying any moisturizer.

I just recently abandoned applying and drinking the lemon juice a few days ago. It seem to have lost it's effectiveness plus I play sports and damn it stings when I sweat. After doing more research, I've come across two new products. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had bought a "get rid of your acne forever" manual over 2 months ago so I decided to look over it again. One product they mentioned was an AZTEC SECRET INDIAN HEALING CLAY mask. I googled it and apparently bentonite clay is a great toxin absorber. You can also ingest the clay and it will absorb the toxins within though the ASIHC website said it's only to be applied as a mask. So I ordered it through Amazon and they recommended it to be ordered with BRAGG APPLE CIDER VINEGAR since the clay powder is mixed with ACV. Also found out that both can be bought at Whole Foods Market or most health stores.

After ordering it, I researched ACV and apparently it has been also noted even on this site to be effective for acne both applied topically and ingested. Something that has to do with the PH balance. I honestly got lazy and didn't want to read the findings behind it, just the parts that said it has worked for many. I got my products on Wednesday, made my first clay mask and have been applying the ACV topically (and ingesting 2 tbsp w/ 8 oz of water. Two days later, my forehead is literally clear and the existing spots/scars have already started to fade. Existing acne is starting to dry up nicely. Again, my face is still kind of horrendous from the last few months of breakouts but I already see a huge improvement, definitely not as oily as I put the back side of my hand against my forehead as we speak (washed my face 7am pst). They recommend the mask to be used once a week but I've used it twice already since I feel like I have a lot of toxins.

It's only been two days, it's only been two days. I see results but I've also read that other folks have broken out considerably after a week or two and then start to get clear. So far, not one new pimple. But then again, that is exactly what happened when I tried to use Murad, really clear and then broke out like crazy. Hopefully the combination of using ACV and the clay will minimize the "break out" whereas others I think are just using the ACV alone.

The cons of this is basically, ACV does smell but I can handle it if it means clear skin.

Morning (entire face) -

Purpose Bar Soap (following DKR, gently and about 10 seconds)

50/50 ratio Bragg ACV/distilled water, apply it like toner

Fruit of the Earth Aloe

Oil of Olay Age Defying daily renewal cream

Night (entire face) -

Same as above but use Oil of Olay Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment

Mask - 2 spoonful of Aztec Healing clay, equal amount of ACV and less than a tbsp. of honey

Internally digesting (besides my previous supplements) -

2 tbsp. ACV w/ 8 oz. water



Using an holistic approach, patience has to be the key. I have a wedding to attend in mid-March so that's my goal to improve my skin drastically. 2 weeks after my colon hydrotherapy, I followed it with OXY POWDER. I'm taking about 6 pills a day and will probably continue to do so for another 2 weeks. In the meantime, I'm also taking CHANCA PIEDRA supplements (3 pills a day) which is translated to "break stone" - like objects in the gall bladder or bile ducts. In order to do an effective liver cleanse and for optimum liver performance, these "stones" if any need to be out of the way.

Reading that hormones out of whack are a major cause of acne and regulating hormones is a function of the liver. Too many hormones in the system results in over-abundance of oil production in the skin. The liver produces bile and assists with further breakdown for easier digestion and absorption. With a clean and efficient digestion, I'm expecting my liver to filter out nutrients, hormones and release toxins from the body effectively through normal ways and not through my skin.

I've changed my diet and cut my serving size from 1 1/2 to 1 since I've been eating enough for 1 1/2 persons. I stopped using the DKR benzoyl peroxide for a week and found this way to be just as effective if not more but we'll have to see. My skin feels better overall and less oily during the day.

Morning (entire face) -

Purpose Bar Soap (following DKR, gently and about 10 seconds)

Fresh lemon juice with a cotton ball

Fruit of the Earth Aloe

Oil of Olay Age Defying daily renewal cream

Night (entire face) -

Same as above but use Oil of Olay Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment

Internally digesting (besides changing diet and lots of water) -

Primal Defense Probiotic

Vitamin A, B, E

Total EFA Liquid (Omega 3-6-9), Lecithin, Coconut Oil

Digestive enzyme

Chanca Piedra

Oxy Powder

1 lemon squeezed into 16.9 oz of water.

Aloe and lemon juice have been the newest addition to my regimen and results have been great. Just search "Fruit of the Earth" and "lemon" in the treatment reviews and if you're in the Bay Area (Oakland, CA), I'll be glad to give you some Meyer lemons (a huge tree in the backyard) and if you want to use them to bake, bake me something in return. :)


I posted a blog on Monday, but for some reason it was deleted. I wonder if it had to do with the recent site maintenance earlier this week. Anyhow I probably can't repeat what was exactly written but my current usage of topicals doesn't seem too effective. As stated in my previous blog, I was doing my DKR regimen but changing the cleansers and lotions but my current regimen now is Proactive face wash and toner and DKR benzoyl peroxide. Only major change now is that I've been using Oil of Olay regnerist night cream and age defying daily renewal cream. Overall it has made my skin softer but haven't done much for my acne.

I continued breaking out on both sides of my jaw line (cystic) and both temple areas along with the forehead and chin, practically my entire face. So I did more research and came across a "get rid of your acne forever" regimen. I forked out another $39.99, what was $40 compared to the $100s if not a thousand I have spent trying to acheive clear skin? The amount of reading was overwhelming but when it came down to it, information is priceless. Acne was explained as an internal affair, the root of this evil comes from within us. We're like a machine and we need to maintain it in order to function properly. And this was absolutely true, no matter what topicals and how much I used, it never solved the problem. This was a process that broke it down to balancing your hormones, diet, digestion and liver. I went ahead and purchased a bunch of recommended supplements; Omega 3-6-9, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, zinc, herbs, etc. I started taking them and the results were still minimal.

Part of this regimen spoke about digestion and cleaning it. It recommended me to take more herbs and supplements to "flush the system" but I was growing impatient. Then with my research I came across COLON HYDROTHERAPY and looked into that. The doctor himself explained to me how important digestion is which inturn was exactly what the $39.99 booklet had explained. He compared our digestion to a garbage can, sometimes the garbagemen go on strike and the garbage doesn't get tossed out and even then the bananna peel at the bottom of the can may get stuck, rot and stink. Our digestion is exactly like that, waste starts to build up over the years and without proper digestion hormones are not absorbed and released properly and instead, toxins are released back into the body. The liver also plays a pivotal part with digestion. One feedback mechanism of the rotten bananna is our skin.

I'm sure you want to know results so I did my first session last Saturday and I came out refreshed. My skin did feel better, and after I washed it, it felt so soft. Though soft isn't my goal, I felt the difference immediately. My skin is still horrendous from all the existing/previous acne, but after a week, I haven't gotten any new ones on my forehead, temples and chin, but I'm still having issues with both jaw lines though most are still pre-existing gunk. At $95/session, I was hesitant to do the 2nd of 6 sessions so I researched some more and found a product called OXYPOWDER. With its positive reviews I ordered it and I just started taking it yesterday. After the hydrotherapy, one mentionable notice was that the DKR benzoyl peroxide seems to absorb way better into my skin and dries a lot faster. Before, I swear it took nearly 10 minutes. Oh, plus I shedded about 4lbs.

I did more research and came across this website which explained similarly to my $39.99 booklet.


It's been less than a week and I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that this is (part) of the answer to all my awful acne experiences of the last 10 years. I know seeing is believing, I have pictures to share and results will hopefully follow.

Other keywords you might want to Google.

COLON acne

PROBIOTICS acne - which I'm currently taking.


My historacne...

I'm excited to blog about my skin/acne. I started the DKR probably mid September which I had heard about from my friend. I actually was introduced to this website a couple years ago when my friend came across Dan when he was covering his face with Neutrogena On the Spot treatment. That regimen did wonders for my friend.

Here's my history. I'm 31 now, had acne since I was about 20, swore that it was from a blood transfusion from my father when I needed his blood during my brain tumor surgery. I've tried all kinds of stuff, over the counter, tetracycline, 3-day fast, etc, except for Accutane. I don't think I'm a stable enough person for it. I pretty much just settled for bad skin, thought it was normal and continued to live my life. It got really bad when I was about 27, but I think that was linked to illegal consumption of certain things. My next door neighbor was an esthetician and she offered her services because she felt so bad for me. I was so iffy about facials and I'll always remember this when I said, "it's going to make my face so red and irritated", and she responded, "it already is". My first facial was painful, I was getting free facials, nearly once a week for about 6 months. I was using her salon products and though my skin was improving; softer skin, tighter pores, etc., but I was still breaking out.

I stopped getting facials and went from the salon products to PROACTIVE about late '05. This wasn't the regular one, but the extra strength formula (7.5% BP). There was a huge improvement, my acne seemed under control the next two years with very minimal breakouts. With all BP, it sucked because it bleached a bunch of my collared work shirts, towels, even my carpet when I dropped some on there. BTW, Geoffrey Beene shirts don't bleach and they're wrinkle free. In July, I started getting the recurring cystic ones on my jaw line, a few on my forehead and when you have clear skin, blemishes look very bad though they probably weren't to someone else.

So I thought I could improve my skin by seeing an infomercial on MURAD, tried it for six weeks and it didn't work. At this point, I had even quit smoking. It had produced acne across my forehead, both jaw lines, and chin, something I haven't seen since the pre Proactive days. I felt like, 2 years of clear skin had gone down the drain. At this time, my friend introduced me to DKR, so I purchased just the BP and used it with CETAPHIL cleanser and moisturizer. I saw the effects immediately in September. But I was still breaking out, thought it might have been the CETAPHIL because it was so gentle, so I switched up the cleanser on 10/15/07 and used my PROACTIVE cleanser. I didn't see any improvement, but thought it might have been the polluted air because I was in China at the time but when I returned to the States it was still just mediocre. I was convinced MURAD did the damage. Around 11/9/07, I switched to the PURPOSE Bar from the reviews from here. Still breaking out w/ cystic acne, thought it was the moisturizer, so I started using FRUIT OF THE EARTH Aloe (also from the reviews here) which worked pretty good but was over drying with the DKR BP. I stopped using the BP 11/19/07, just used the aloe and my skin was actually fair. 12/3/07, I started breaking out again along with cystic ones, so I went back onto the BP with Aloe. Aloe absolutely calms the face and tightens your pores but over drying with BP. Inconclusion, I haven't seem to have found a combination of products that have been effective. I even threw in an aspirin mask twice a week the last two weeks, and I haven't really seen any improvements, but it makes your skin really soft.

I think the problem with me is that I'm not patient, since going on DKR, here are the list of products I've used. I've changed so many factors. The list is in order; DKR BP, Cetaphil wash, Cetaphil moisturizer, Purpose Bar, Fruit of the Earth Aloe, Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 45, Peter Thomas Roth SPF 30, and a no name brand SPF 30 equivalent to PTR, and aspirin masks.

As of today, I've added to my regimen again, will explain it to you in my next blog.

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