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Day 8

Cant believe it has been a week already. time to increase amount of BP.

There are still a new break out on my face because of my period, 3 red pimples.

still have a lot of white head coming out floating on the surface of my face. my face has been extremely dry and peeling a lot. I hope the peeling will go away soon


Day3 & 4

Day 3

I went camping for new year eve. The sun was really strong and was like 36 degree(i live in australia)I put a 35+ sunscreen on my face to prevent burning. I wear hat and sunnies to protect my skin too.


My skin is dry and red. and peeling as well. but i can see improvement. some whitehead are sticking out from my face, like almost coming off and most whitehead are gone. my skin became smoother. it is red tho. it doesnt look so good when its all red. hopefully the redness will soon go away

Oh and i discover that the reason my skin was shinny before was because i put way too much olay sunscreen on.


Day two



washed my face, applied PM and Olay sunscreen


My face was very shiny. I used water to rinse my face and apply more sunscreen again as I needed to walk to the bus stop.

At work:

My face was so shinny and a bit red. isn't my face suppose to be dry? why still so shinny? :redface:


Did the rountine and took 2 fish oil supplement. when i looked in the mirror i could see so many white head floating on my skin, seems like they are almost coming out. so want to squeeze them but i didn't haha.

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