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Week 6

Happy Groundhogs day! AND EARLY SPRING WOOOOO.

So, my face is pretty clear :3

I have a itsy (so far) little zit on my cheek that I picked at :c and one on my forehead.

I stopped taking Doxy this week.. I'm sort of scared to see what will happen.

That's basically it, have a great snow day :)


Week 5

Sooo. You know the whole holy buttons thing? Well I broke out the day after.

Garrrr. Then I picked it.

Garrrr. Now I have marks.

Garrrr. They're almost all gone though.


My face is really dry, though, but not *that* peel-y. I vomited (sorry for TMI) because of the Doxy on Monday though.


Peace, love, and less acne <3


Day 22 (Week 4)

Hey guys! Just a heads up, I'm going to start blogging by week, instead of by day.

My skin is a bit more moisturized, and only dry around the corners of my eyes.

I picked a zit, and now I have a third eye (between my eyebrows) type scab D: Going to Neo it up :3

BUT GUESS WHAT@()$)@(*$@$@$*)$(@?????

My face is 99% clear (other than that little bugger above grr)





(if you didn't get that, it's my username, and something I say when I'm really excited or nervous.)


:):D :D :evil: :evil: :D :D :D :D :D


Day 20

Getting a bunch of little whiteheads. And I want to poppopopop. And I do.

So I'm breaking out.




Day 18 & 19

Face is clearer, I put a jello pore strip thingy on it, and it didn't peel, buuuut it left it really smooth.

I'm still really dry, but whatever.



Day 14 & 15

Blah, my face is dry.

Forgot to wear retainers the last couple nights so my teeth are like :B

Anddd my lips are dry.

That is all.


Days 11 & 12

Got a nodule on my forehead, trying to clear that sucker up.

Got a bunch of white thingies, but they aren't bad.


I hate people.



Day 9 & 10

Didn't wear makeup. Aaaaah so awesome :3333

Got my haircut I love ittt.








Day 8

Skins a bit dry, but all in all good.

Getting a haircut tomorrow.. really excited?



Day 7

Lucky number yayyy.

My skin is pretty clear for it only being a week. Still thinking it may be placebo... but if it stays this clear I won't wear makeup anymore.

Did you hear that?! NO MAKEUP. I haven't not worn makeup for over 2 years I think. Aaah. Amazing.


Day 5

Today was a lot better. I wasn't as sick, and I woke up as per usual. I forgot to wash my face this morning though D: Gar. My face is actually, in my honest opinion getting clearer. :0 It's a bit dry though :/

Welp, nothing much to report. Have great days <3


Day 3 & 4

Blah. Today was pretty awful, especially for being the New Year. I got very sick, I'm not sure if it was from the Doxy, or not. I woke up around 10, and took my pill. Around 11, I got sick, went to bed, and woke up again around 4. I watched the Twilight Zone for the remainder of the night.

My skin is clearing up, in my opinion. Then again, it could be placebo, because it hasn't quite been long enough.

PS, sorry I couldn't blog yesterday, it being New Years Eve and all, I was at a party all night D:


Day 2

Ahh, today is a good day, my friends.

Last night, I discovered a huge cyst (actually, not THAT huge, but a big one for me) on my cheek. I was freaking out because I'm going to a New Years Eve party, and want to look as good as possible. I used a guide I found on here (http://www.acne.org/messageboard/cyst-pimple-zit-t166343.html) and iced it, applied BP and Neosporin. Today, I took the bandaid off... I was very anxious, and WALA! It looked just like a little tiny red bump. It had a bit of scabbing (mostly from me picking it earlier :redface:) But, for what it was the night before, it was insanely tiny. I owe the guidemaker a huuuuge hug :redface:

Back to my experience. A lot of people complain about being nauseous will taking Doxycycline, and especially on a empty stomach. I took it today, empty stomach and all, and no nausea WHATSOEVER! I'm very glad :D My Epiduo does burn though, which isn't great. I can tell it'll dry out my face, which I'm worried about :/

OH WELL! All in all, hopefully my acne will clear up :redface:


Day 1

Hey everyone :K Back from the Dermatologist. He looked over my skin, and I got Epiduo and Doxycycline. I'm supposed to apply the Epiduo once a day (at night) and use a gentile cleanser, they recommended Cetaphil (which I have, so it's convenient.) I also take the Doxycycline one pill, two times a day. I'm sort of worried that it'll dry out my skin, but I'm going to try anyway. I'm glad that I can cut my morning and evening routine of my last regimen so short :redface: Now it is as follows:


Cetaphil Gentile Skin Cleanser



Cetaphil Gentile Skin Cleanser

Epiduo gel


*spot treatment if needed

One bad part of this is the fact that I can't eat any dairy products (I lovelovelove milk & cheese) 2 hours before/after I take my pill. Semi-sucky, but if I eat at 6/7, got to bed at 10(ish) it shouldn't be too big of a problem, except for breakfast. NO MORE CEREAL :D Oh well, I hope that it works out :redface:

Face time! Day one:




Day 0

Hey everyone. Blogging late at night, as usual :redface: So, today I made a dermatologist appointment, after trying to battle my moderate acne for about 3 years. I know, it isn't severe, and it isn't a long time, but I've decided that, for my sake, I want to have a clear face.

As of late, I've tried everything. From AcneFree to Yogurt Masks, nothing has quite worked. The past 6 or so months my regimen has been clearing a lot of acne, so now I only have about 10 major spots. I tend to get breakouts along my chin and cheeks.

Right now my regimen is as follows:

Wash my face, in the shower with:

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub

Cetaphil Gentile Skin Cleanser

At night, I wash my face with:

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser (to remove make up)

Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser

Then I apply:

AcneFree Pimple Patch Activator and Spot Treatment (I don't use this a lot, as it's actually a zit zapping activator thingy, so it costs an arm and a leg

Clean and Clear Advantage Spot Treatment

Tretinoin Cream (0.025%)

*Also if need be, I apply Complex 15 moisturizer (most haven't heard of it, but my grandma has been using it over 50 years, I believe)

This helps a little bit, but makes my face quite dry (haha, can you ever guess why?) I hoping my dermatologist will give me an oral pill, because I hate the tons of gels/ creams I have to use D:

Welp, hopefully it goes all right. :D

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