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Big improvement on the last post. I took my last accutane pills about a week ago, and am so happy that the journey's over! People say it goes so fast and you don't believe them at first cos it feels like it's never going to end..... but trust me there comes a point where it's just so routine time ends up flying by and you stop concentrating on it as much.

My skin is great now. No oil, a tiny bit of dryness but hardly any spots. I have a miniscule one on my lip and before i had some but they've just cleared up really quickly. My lips are still dry but not as bad and that should fair up really soon. The only thing is now i have red marks left over from the previous acne! But they only really show bad when ive got out the shower and it's been really hot. Still though i still have to wear foundation i'm not confident not to yet! Maybe in time..

If anyone is considering it, and acne just gets you down and isn't going no matter what you try, i'd seriously recommend this medication. The side effects aren't even that bad really and they get blown out of proportion so much. I'm so happy i took it, it's really improved my confidence, and i'm looking forward to living a life without acne.

Ta'ra :( xxx


9 weeks on

So f***ing much for accutane being a mircale drug.

It's bloody worse!!!

The red's still there, blackheads are still there, albeit not as many.

Have a few actives which really hurt.

Loads of dry patches all over my face and body now.

The inside of my nose is so dry and bloody, and i won't even get started on how bad my lips are.

I thought by now my skin would actually look OK, my faith is rapidly going down the pan.


Day 33

Uh oh.. just when my skin was started to be pretty much breakout free.. I get a breakout!

Friday night drinking and not much sleep combined with not really taking my makeup off properly probably didn't help

But anyway i have a horrible big hurty whitehead on the top of my nose, inbetween my eyes, spots near my hairline on both my temples, a couple near my chin and one slowly creeping up on my lip.

Still no oil though, hardly and blackheads left... redness is starting to go down i noticed but still a long way to go.

Lower back pain is still there now and again, very very dry lips.... and today i noticed more patches of dry irritated skin on my arms and around my neck.

Well that's pretty much it..

Til next time


Day 28


I just picked the spot that was healing nicely on the top of my lip. By pure habit. And now it's bleeding :) damn it! But other than that....... i've been quite good thank god lol

Thought i'd write an entry because the bridge of my nose had loads of blackheads on it about a week ago, then a few days after i felt my nose and could feel loads of tiny little bumps on it, almost like sandpaper, then yesterday i woke up, no blackheads and super smooth! Love it :D I still have a few on the tip of my nose, my chin and cheeks, so i'll see if they do the same thing. I'm still red on my t-zone and cheeks, and obviously the odd whitehead here and there.

Had my second derm appointment today since starting treatment. All went well and got my next months dose (60mg)

Side effects: Very dry lips. Still have to constantly have vaseline on them. SORE SORE back...... really hurt to walk today for about an hour

But that's it i think!



Day 14

Yayy 2 weeks!

14 to go haha.

But, i have next to no oil or shine on my face and i love it ! I've always had a shiny face and have to use blotting sheets or powder. But finally i don't have to worry about that. Just that is a big help cos i can wear makeup without it smearing off.

On the downside,

I have 2 horrible painful spots emerging on my lips, it hurts to talk! :redface: my lips are also very dry so i'm at a bit of a loss with my mouth lol.

I have a couple of spots emerging on my chin too but they're not cysts. I have a little cyst at the start of my eyebrow which is annoying too,

But other than this i can't complain. Oh, i' started work yesterday after the holidays which may have just knocked me a little but i feel like i'm getting a heady cold, i feel really tired and headachey, plus i didnt sleep wel last night. Might be something to do with accutane.



Day 12

Almost 2 weeks!

Where my chin was all scaly before, now it's just dry and annoying, i think it's clearing up though. My skin is just the same, spots are going and new ones are coming. I still have redness everywhere especially around my chin, nose and t-zone though like usual. Does this go, eventually on accutane?

Also what about little red marks where spots used to be, do they turn back to normal skin colour?

My lips are cracking but it's not painful or anything, i just keep using vaseline and carmex. I have a few dry patches on the top of my back and my neck but nothing major.

Not much to report so till next time :redface:


Day 10

I keep saying i'm not meaning to post so frequently but every day there's changes and i just feel the need to write them down!

Basically yesterday was quite frightening, i was with my friend shopping and all of a sudden i felt quite down, i went home to bed to see if i'd feel better, but i couldn't sleep for feeling really subdued and quite depressed.. i then got up after a bit to get ready for new years eve, and slowly started to feel more myself. But that was quite scary, perhaps that's one of the side effects kicking in.

Also i have a horrible scaly rash directly under my lips, it's as if i've been licking it loads and loads then really scratching at it or something, it's starting to flake so maybe it'll heal soon. I have a big whitehead on the side of my chin, one on my eyebrow, about 3 around my nose and 2 around my lips. My skin's less oily however, but my lips are as dry as usual.



Day 9

I wasn't going to post so soon butttt the dry lips side effect has worsened drastically. I went out last night and i had 3 drinks (jagerbombs) and it was fine, didn't feel like it'd hit me any more than normal, didn't feel sick or anything so that's a good sign... hopefully i'll be able to have a few tonight too new years eve :D

Anyway, as i was out i could feel my lips had loads of dry skin on them, like flaking off... i thought great stuff! So got out my e45 which didn't really help if i'm honest, so coated them with Carmex , like really glooped it on, but even that absorbed within about half an hour! The corner of my lip had a little crack too.. when i got home i put some vaseline on though and that seemed to work the best, so may just use that from now on.

The spots seem to be clearing up faster than they usually would, but more just keep coming. The ones i had in the groove of my nose have gone but more have replaced them a bit further above and on the other side :redface: it's mostly my 'muzzle area' (that sounds awful but it's how the dermatologist described it :redface:) that i get the spots.... and my temples too.

Oh well, i'm sure i'll be posting with some more changes soon,



I went into town yesterday and got some new products. I got Neutragena invigorating wash and the daily moisturizer, and the e45 lip balm. All seemed like they were working fine last night. I was using 'Simple' moisturizer and face wash before but it didn't seem like it was helping that much. When i was shopping yesterday usually by the end i'm like an oil slick, but there was just a bit of oilyness on my nose and that was it... and this morning i've hardly got any oil either, so i think things must be working! My little breakout seems to have cleared but there's a few more spots replacing them :D

I wear Estee Lauder double wear during the day which usually covers my skin up really well. But since starting accutane it just seems to make my skin go all flaky and then it looks rubbish during the day. I'm thinking because now my skins dryer it doesn't stay on as well. And then when i take it off at night it looks so much better, i'd take note of this and just wear no make up durign the day but my face is a lot redder after i've taken a shower and hours after that, so it'd look silly. Not sure if anyone else has this problem or whether it goes after a while?

I experienced a bit of a nose bleed this morning too. Not so much a nosebleed like gushing out of my nose, more like when i blew my nose there was blood :redface:

Oh and i felt sooooooo tired last night and it was quite early too! I just had to go to sleep, perhaps that's a side effect or it could be just the shopping from earlier :redface:

By the way i don't think i mentioned it before, but i'm female (probably guessed that already though! :redface:) and i'm 19.


PS... i desperately need to stop picking .......... i do it without realising !! :dance:


I wasn't going to post a blog so soon but there's been quite a few side effects today that i'm gonna note down!

- My lips aren't chapped or anything but they look a bit paler as if they need rehydrating and if i don't apply carmex for a while they feel quite dry but not flaky or anything just dehydrated.

- My nose, t-zone and chin are all really really shiny! i've been really oily today but even when i first washed my face this morning and it wasn't oil, it was almost as if my nose had been polished! it was soo shiny, like a burn or something

- My pores on these shiny areas and my cheeks near my nose seem to be doing something, they're still really big pores but there seems to be fewer..

- lastly i think i'm starting the IB! i have 2 awful spots right in the groove of my nose where it really hurts.. fun times!



Accutane Log Day 1-5

Hi there! Firstly i'd like to give a bit of an introduction on my acne. I've had acne since i was about 11, as soon as puberty hit - i'm now 19. I was told by doctors around the age of 13 that it'd be gone by the age of 18/19, infact it's got worse. I now suffer from cysts, whiteheads, dry skin, oilyness, blotches, blackheads and pastules. However, i wouldn't class myself as having severe acne, i'd class it as moderate with occasional light acne. But it's only ever light if i'm on antibiotics. I was on limocycline just before i got prescribed accutane. I've tried possibly every prescriptive medicine going including retin A, benzyl peroxide, doxycyline and about 3 different types of contraceptive pills. I'm currently still taking Dianette alongside accutane. I gave up my antibiotics a few months back, refusing to take them because i was sick of taking them for so long and just wanted to feel normal, but it was a bad mistake. My acne flared up worse than ever, i looked sunburnt all the time and my face hurt because of how deep and swollen the cysts were.

Hopefully, accutane will solve it all!

I went to my dermatologist a few weeks back and she gave me a pamphlet with some info regarding the birth defect part of the side effects and all the other side effects. When i returned to accept the accutane i had to take a blood test and pregnancy test. And so 5 days ago the journey started.

I'm on 60mg a day for 4 months.

During the past 5 days my nose and forehead were getting increasingly dry and today my nose has just completely flaked. This is a bit of a bummer as it's only day 5! I'm also getting dry patches around my eyes and have a flaky blothy part on my cheek. My lips don't seem dry at all yet however. I'm applying Carmex though just to prevent it as best as i can, maybe this it why they're not feeling as dry as they should be.

Anyway, i'll keep posting an entry every few days on how i'm doing!

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