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Hey - 2009


New times........

Acnelak.....2x a day, until my Purpose arrives

No wanking

Brevoxyl 1x a day (night time)

Drink 1 (500ml) bottle of water for the first week, second week drink 2 bottles (1litre).

I will update on 1st February 2009 to let you know how its going. I also hope to have a job by then. Fingers crossed. Here's hoping and wishing.



Wow, im so happy im married. Ive met such a great girl. I want to start over with her. What i mean by that is - new skin, new body, a changed man. I want to have clear skin, i want her to be proud of me and show me off to others. So for her to do that, i need to clear my skin and put on a few pounds. As this is acne.org, i will only discuss the skin issue on this blog. So from tonight and onwards, my routine for the next 2 weeks will be:

Take Doxycycyline 2x a day (100mg)

Wash face with Acnelak 2x a day

Thats how simple my routine will be.

I will not indulge in soft drinks, sweet foods or dairy products. A promise from today.

I will update as often as i can and see how my skin progresses. By the way Acnelak is a soap from India, ive currently run out of Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar, ive ordered 2 bars, they will arrive in about 2 weeks, so until then i will be using Acnelak, let's see how that fairs with my skin.


Hey All

So its 3 months on, skin is looking slightly better. Ive tweaked my regime. I am still using the same cleanser, but have changed the BP product i use now, and have also decided to try the Aspirin mask 2x a week from now.

So my regime is:

Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar

Quinoderm Cream (5%)

Aspirin Mask (2x a week) - Saturday and Wednesday nights

I will post back next saturday to update progress...........

Takecare in the meantime.


Hey All (Im Back Again),

Well since i posted last the condition of my skin has been up and down. It was good for a few days up to a week and then a few days later it got bad again. Well it was the christmas period so im guess everyone is allowed to let "loose" and enjoy this period.

Anyways back to the reason why im posting this entry. One of my new year's resoultion is never to get a spot again (if i can help it). The reason why i saw if i can help it, i can help some factors that contribute to the outbreak of spots which are having sex, drinking fizzy drinks and eating dairy products. So im gonna avoid all that (i know this must be boring for people, but im writing this thread again, because its a new year so it feels like a new beginning). I am pretty sure im gonna break out in the next few days because i had a fizzy drink today and have participated in sexual activity a few times in the last few days. So what im basically saying is that once i get rid of these spots i tend to make sure that i dont get any new one's.

Will post back in a few days.



Hey All Again

Well its just over 24hours before i see my mates and about 30 hours before i go clubbing! Im so excited by the prospect of going out with mates tomorrow. I aint been out for about 6 weeks now, so you can probably imagine just how excited i am.

Update on the condition of my skin:

Well my skin is not too bad, its like......."okayish", there are a few noticeable spots but hopefully they will go down by tomorrow. My skin is kind of dry right now so its kind of hard to tell. Im hoping that when i wash my face later tonight, the spots will come off (peel off), which means my skin will be slightly clearer. Well thats me wishing anyways.

I do have some down news though. Like i said on my first entry, i find stopping sex the hardest thing to do. I was doing so well this week but then last night i had a "wet dream" and im afraid i might break out with a few spots tomorrow, hopefully i wont though. THe reason why im so down about that is because its not my fault, i was sleeping and i couldnt help or stop the "wet dream", had i had sex when i was awake at least that would be as a result of my own mistake. But anyways here's me hoping again that my skin remains clear.

Will post again tomorrow before big day!!!!!!!!


Skin looks so BAD!

Hey All Again

Update on the condition of my skin 24hours later after first post:

Well after i posted my first entry i immediately put my BP gel on all day and yesterday evening too. And i have it on now as well, so you could basically say for the last 24hours i have had BP on my face. My skin is slightly red as you can imagine but im certain thats because of the BP gel. I usually put BP gel once everyday other day during the night, but i have "uped" the doasge to get rid of some irritating stubborn spots (cysts), they hurt so i think they are cysts (maybe pastules, dont really know what they are).

Im going clubbing in about 50 hours time and gonna see my friends in about 48 hours time, so i need to get rid of these spots/acne as soon as i can. I know my skin will not be perfect, but as long as it gets better and the spots/acne are less noticeable i will be happy. So overall in the last 24hours i have seen a slight improvement, they are starting to dry out, so not hurting as much, which must be a good thing right?

Anyways i shall post tomorrow, 24hours prior to big day, yes im slightly afraid!!!!!!!!!!


Skin looks so BAD!

Hey All,

I would like to first say how great this website is, it allows us acne suffers to share our views and consequently not make us feel lonely. When you have acne, you tend to feel lonely because you look at other people and everyone seems to have clear skin apart from you and that makes us begin to question ourselves; "Why me? Am i jinxed?". So this is a heart felt Thanks to Acne.Org.

Ive decided to set up this BLOG to help me battle my acne. I think i know what causes my acne, so i guess im fortuante in that sense. But the problem is that what causes my acne is something i love and cannot get enough of it. Anyone wish to venture a guess? . . . . . SEX. Yes that dreaded 3 letter word that makes parents shiver whenever they here their young children talk about it, and teenagers excited and jump with joy. I am a typical boy in the sense that i am 20 years old, love sex and girls. Whenever i realise a girl likes me, i think about sex immediately. Its great (you know the act, performing it, WOW), i just love it! But obviously i regret it several days after when i notice huge bumps on my face, ironically like i am now. I have surfed the internet for numerous hours each day for the lasy year to see if there was a way i could find a solution to counteract this problem, and guess what, there doesnt seem to be a straightforward solution.

I have been on websites that offer to lower your testerone which in theory lowers the production of oil. I am no scientist or doctor but like many acne suffers have done my OWN research and it seems that the more sex i have it causes excessive DHT which triggers the acne. I wish i could stop the DHT but i dont know how and i have read on various websites that you cant, well not safely anyways.

Well, about my condition now. My skin looks really bad at the moment, well that is how i feel anyways. I have several large spots on my chin, i dont even think they are spots, more like lumps! They hurt everytime i make facial movements or move my chin around. Damn!!!!!

I know exactly what i need to do to prevent further acne in the future and to clear my bad skin now. I have to "basically" eat a healthy diet which consists of no dairy products, no sugar foods, enough hours of sleep a night and the most difficult thing for me, STOP SEX or limit it to about once a month. I honestly have no qualms about the previous three but the latter is something i struggle to cope with. Well i am seriously motivated to beat this acne so i am gonna give it my all and beat acne!

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