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Wow, I was just looking at my profile after I signed in, and I've had this account since 2004! That's nuts!

Anyways tho, everything is going A-OK, pretty much still completely clear. I'll get a few here and there, but nothing thats lasts more than a day and/or is very small and non-inflammed. I wouldn't like to have to go on Accutane again, as well, near the end there I was really starting to get bugged by the sideffects, but I am glad I did go on it for the time that I did, it really did make a difference.

So as of now, I am using Retin-A .04% strength every night, the doctor gave me a year supply. I love this stuff too, it works really nicely for evening out skin-tone and fading marks. Other than that, sunscreen every.single.day, no matter what the weather, always put it on. Cetaphil cream at night, I have a bottle of Jojoba oil too that I'm mixing into everything right now, haha.

I use the oil-control formula of Covergirl Clean make-up (foundation and powder) the colours are abit pinky I won't lie (I'm more yellow) but the foundation itself is pretty good. Stays nice and matte and has enough coverage for me.

Sweet. wub.png


3 Months

Sooo... It's been alittle over three months now that I've finished Accutane; end of June, July, August, September, start of Oct, k so more like four months but either way.Skin is looking awesome, havn't had any major breakouts since stopping, reddness is clearing niceless. I have been using Retin-A now for about five weeks or so, .04% strength, and I think thats whats really helping everything heal nicely, I would totally recoomend it, great for stopping any breakouits and for getting rid of any marks and whatever left over. So my routine now is; morning; I wash with Dove beauty bar, use two drops of Joise Maran 100% Argan oil (this stuff is awesome, makes your face feel so nice and soft), rub it in, and then a 60 spf sunscreen from Aveeno, in the night time; wash with Dove beauty bar again (i know it seems werid to use bar soap on your face, but this stuff is so gentle and non-irratating, never drys anything out), apply Retin-A, wait abit, apply Cetaphil mosturizing cream. And yeah, that's been working great for me, I'm excited to see how things progress from here, might soon be time to get rid of foundation, hehe.



Back when I was really broke I used to use just the plain Dove bar on my face and it always worked really good. So today I went out and bought a pack, now that my accutane course is almost done, I'm going to try that, plus a Clean and Clear saliclic acid astringent. that way I have the gentle cleaning of the bar, but something medicated and alittle stronger to finish up and take off any remaining make-up. I'm hoping that works alright, I thinking that by using something medicated maybe it will stop any break-outs (if they're going to) from happening, rather than trying to treat them AFTER they happen.

If not, then I dunno. lol. Back to stage one I guess.


Ten more days left!

So yeah, only ten more pills left then I['m DONE. That went fast and slow, I'm glad to be finsihed soon though, I;m really not a fan of taking pills, and some of the side effects (although pretty mild) are still getting annoying. MY EYES ARE SO DRY AND RED ALL THE TIME< ARGGGGG! Searously tho, my eyes are driving me nuts.

I'm now thinking as to what I'm gonna do after \i finish. I think I'll ask the doctor maybe for some retinal-a and i'll have to get a good ance cleanser and lotion.


Pack number 5!

Well well, It's been a good month since I've posted last, but when there's not much new happeneing, you know... I can't have like twenty posts going "still good!", lol. Aw well, so anyways, yeah, completely clear, I havn't had a zit in who knows how long, and very rarely when I do, it's just alittle one that disapperars before the day is even out. If it stays like this even after I go off Accutane, !!!. That would be awesome, if it dosen't, I'm gonna try another round, my body is holding up well to it, blood tests always come back good, and don't really feel to many side effects. I'd proably have to wait 6 months or something in between, but I ain't going back to get pimples all the time anymore.

It's starting to get really nice here, I wear sunscreen on my face everyday (the Cetaphil 50spf one, which is really good, totally reccommend), but I'm probably gonna have to start putting it everywhere else too. I bought some stuff from Banana Boat, also 50spf, which should be good. I really don't want to turn into leather face/body. lol.

Totally excited for summer! :think::D;):wall:



Lol. It's been awhile since my last update, when things are going good, you tend to kinda not dwell on it. Either way, yup, loving the Accutane, my skin looks good. Clear, the redness is going away, it's smoothed out quite abit. I just started my fourth month, so two more to go, and hopefully that will have taken care of that and will stay clear from now on. That's what I'm aiming for either way, lol.

other than that, that's it really, like i said, things are working out nicely. :(



Am loving the Colorstay makeup, I usually don't like liquid foundation AT ALL, but this stuff, you only have to use the tinest amount, it dosen't rub off, dosen't get oily, looks very natural, awesome. I got it in Sand Beige and it's a pretty close match, not perfect, but enough that where the foundation ends and regular skin starts, it's still barely noticable, no harsh lines or anything. I use Bosica's makeup remover (which I highly recommend) in the evenings to remove, and as of yet had had no problems with zits. Good stuff.

Other than that, nothing new, no new zits, still very red, but it has seemed to calm down a tiny tiny bit, so we'll see.

No side effect problems, so all in all, still good!



Third pack already, things are going fast now! So one random zit on my left cheek bone, but that seems to be it. Lump on my finger is still there...? Not sure about that.

I am so dry lately!, I'm practically shriveling up, my eyes get really irratated, my lips are so chapped I have spots that are actually bleeding, my hair is crispy as fuck. I'm making sure I drink lots of water and mositurize, but yeah, I think there's not too much you can really do about that. Went out and bought the spf mosturizer by Cetaphil, liking it so far. Good timing too cuz we've been having some nice sunny days, and I spend pretty much 8 soild hours, give or take abit for lunch and shit, out in it five days a week. I don't want to end up leather face.

Trying out Revlon's Colorstay, I'm just to dry for my regular powder, as much as I love it. Colorstay is alright, I'm not used to wearing a liquid foundation, so that bit is kinda werid, the coverage is insane tho, just a tiny bit and you're pretty much good. Feels abit more noticable on my skin than also what I'm used to, but I'll suck it up.

All in all; everything is going pretty good, still glad I went on it.



Tired tired tired, totally staying home tonight and going to bed early, lol, shit's getting wild and crazy up here. :)

Anyways, I am having an interesting problem, or situation, I dunno if it's quite a problem yet. I've aquired a large, hard, bump on the side of my finger, I've been telling people it's my secret conjoined twin, but searously, what the hell? It seems almost like bone, like it's completely hard, but I can't grow an extra piece to my finger that fast. It's coming right out of my joint too, it's really werid. I wonder if it's Accutane related, I know it can effect your bones, I don't know, I have no idea what it is. Just wait and see I guess.

Other than that tho, everything is fine, nothing new has come up or happened. Skin is looking good lately, still very red tho, and I've noticed that I'm going to need to get some sunscreen right away, like this weekend, cuz I can really feel the sun on my face, almost like a pricking feeling. I'm gonna go with the Cetaphil one.

Sephora has also just realsed a new liquid foundation that I'm gonna pick up tommorow and try out, it sounds promising.

Valentine's date tommorow night, things better look good, although I think at this point I'm probably out of IB territory for good! I hope so! :D


The big Five Oh

Fifty! Yikes.

So as gross as this sounds, I think I'm gonna have to stop washing my hair or something. Maybe just start wrapping it during the day, it is so.so.dry, it's like fucking straw coming out of my head. I just put in abunch of argan oil and it feels alittle bit better, but still.

So nothing new, two little ones that are drying out on my left jawline, and one on the right. I get alittle bit of oil on my forehead during the day, but that's going the whole day without any blotting or anything, so I'm not gonna complain. My skin feels very smooth, but it's like a werid smooth, if I rub my hands over my face (which I have a bad habit of doing) my fingers like catch on my skin since even tho it has no real texture anymore, it also has no real oil either. Werid. My eyes are so dry, they're constantly itchy and trying to rub them only makes it worse. Glad I don't wear contacts, I don't think I would even be able to at this point.

But other than the dryness, I think I've actually gotten off easily with the side-effects thing. The asthma flare ups have stopped too, maybe my body just needed to get used to the Accutane, since that was at the beginning of the treatmeant. Joints don't hurt or anything and only rarely do I get headaches.

I did have acouple beers last night tho, and I might have a few tonight. But once again, never actually getting drunk or anything.

Weather is starting to get nice too now (yay for the west coast, lol, early spring), I work outside, so whatever it's like outside, I'm in it. I'm gonna have to get some super intense sunscreen for the summer time. I saw that Cetaphil makes like a 50spf one for face, might have to try that one out, and then something for body too.

People can judge me all they want on this (lol!), but I've been getting my fake tan on the last week, and it's making my skin look really nice. It kinda blends the redmarks into the skin better and gives me a nice tone. Haha! :)


Fourty... Eight!

So wow, how times flies, I'm almost at day fifty, I find once you pass thirty, then it all seems to kind of blend together. Anyways, so my skin seems to be pushing out the last few ones, I get like one small one on my jaw line now and then, but that's it. Almost all the blackheads are gone! My nose pores and empty and skrinking, yehaw. lol.

omy, I can't even think right now, my roommate is playing the most intense crazy sounding techno I've ever heard, lol, I can't concentrate on a single thing. :D

Either way, zit wise = things are good. My new foundation, the mousse stuff, decent. I probably wouldn't use if not on Accutane, as it strikes me that it would probably get pretty oily, and I woulodn't use alot of it either, but for now, good enough. So still on the hunt for something else.

Bad stomach cramp today for some reason, I wonder if it's Accutane related. :)



So yesterday totally was the thirty-nineth.

Anyways, I have another new zit!!! Just a small one, on my cheek, but urg, not liking at ALL. It better be because I'm (get ready for TMI) getting close to my period, but yuck. Still, I shouldn't bitch too much as well, considering how shit was just like three weeks ago, three zits ain't NOTHING.

BOught myself a jar of Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse, gonna try that stuff out. Hopefully not as dry as powder, but less gross than liquid, and it's cheap and easy for me to get. What I don't like about my regular powder is everytime I run out, I gotta make an epic trek across the city to the mall, and that's one of the last fucking things I feel like doing after work. So we'll see how this turns out, hopefully good.



I think, or thirty-nine? Lol.

Anyways, two little tiny ones on my left cheek, but they seem to be right at the surface and going away already. I think that might be from Saturday, when I went to Spehora, the make-up girl had the un-socliatated idea (lol, searously, I just about cryed as she wiped my regular foundation off with some werid foaming cleanser and kleenex, my poor accutane skin) to apply NARS Sheer something-something-foundation to my face. I don't think my skin was too happy, in between the super thick mostiruizer, the horrible green primer, the buffed on layers of founation and brozer she applyed, I could litterly feel the grossness sinking into my skin. Went right home and washed it all off, but yeah, I wouldn't be surprized if that caused some zits. I'm a total believer in less-is-more when it comes to face products, and that combination was way way too much.

Other than that, everything else is pretty much as it was before, only a few of the blackhead/clogged pore things left, those two zits, and yeah. I've been eating really badly the last couple days, I'm totally PMSing right now and I've got the munchies in a way I don't think I've ever had before. I could litterly eat an entire convenince store of crap and still want more. Maybe it's the Accutane, but I've got like pregant lady level of food cravings. So hopefully that dosen't cause some crazy food induced breakout. LOL. :D

So yeah! :):D:evil::D


Thirty Seven

Screw liquid foundation, I almost forgot how much I don't like the finish. Ended up buying Make Up Forever's HD Foundation, which IS a good one, but eh, not for me. I like matte, super matte, I'm gonna head to Sephora tommorow after work and extange it for my usual Mineral Compact, whatever if it's abit dry, I don't like shine.

Anyways, little zit by the bottom of my mouth, left side, other than that, nothing else new. My pores are finally starting to empty, in their wake they've left tiny little open spots, which looks kinda werid, especally on my nose, but that'll close up. I'd say blackhead count as of right now is like 1/4 of what it was two weeks ago, so that's good!



I'm gonna go out (as soon as I stop procrastinating) and buy a new foundation. The powder one I'm using, I like it and all, but my skin is WAY WAY to dry for powder right now. I havn't been able to use a liquid in so long, super oily skin before, how exciting! haha. I'm thinking Sephora brand, I like their stuff and it's not TOO expenisve, just incase it sucks or something.

So I had two beers last night and I'm probably gonna have a few drinks again tonight, I really hope this isn't gonna kill me, lolol. I'm thinking tho, as long as I'm not actually getting drunk I should be alright, right?..... right?

lol. It's just that now that my skin is looking so good, I totally wanna go out and show it off, no more "errr, yeah sorry I'm really tried, gonna stay in tonight...".

So yeah, still completely clear, am getting some peeling, have had one or two tiny little zits push themselves up, probably the last couple straggelers, but they seem to go away super quick and aren't very deep in the skin. Hair is getting very dry, I've completely stopped shampooing now, just wash with conditioner and rinse.


Second Month!

Alright! Starting on my second month, wow times goes by fast. Things are still going good, blackheads are really starting to fall out now, have had some biggies just drop out on their own, gross but pretty fricking cool too, haha. Do have one new zit though... on my neck! Which I never get, but the weather`s cold enough right now that I can just pull up my collar and that takes care of that! Ha.

Still using the Cetaphil mosturizer and face cleaner, really liking that, if my skin permits I`m going to keep using it even after the Accutane is done.



Yes! Horrible breakout adverted! lol. All clear for tonight (lol my cat is licking my perfume off), just killing time til 7 then out I go. So excited.

So status update: completely clear, red marks and blackhead galore still of course, but I can cover that up so it's not too tramatic. Blackheads are really starting to come to the surface now, some big nasty ones that must have just been chilling in my skin for years coming up. No wonder why, even when clear, my skin still tended to look kinda rough pre-accutane. So yeah, even my bitching and complaning during my IB (and two missed days of work, lolol) I definitly would take Accutane, what a difference already, and I still have five months to go.

Gonna be drinking alittle tonight, probably a glass or two of wine, hopefully my liver dosen't explode.



Twenty six

The inside of my nose is so dry now that I constantly have crustys around the bottom of it. Lol. Sometimes I'll be talking to someone and after we're done I'll touch there and die alittle inside, haha! I probably look like I have a massive coke problem or something.

Sooo, I have a date on Saturday! That means, my skin better be completely awesome! If I randomly start phase three of my IB, I think I'll just cancel, adopt 14 cats and live the rest of my life as a reculsive cat lady. Haha. :)

I caved yesterday and ended up squishing out a few blackheads, managed to get one of the biggies, but I really need to NOT do that, I'm gonna end up with new scars.

Other than that, nothing else new. Just took another Omega 3, they seem to be helping with my asthma too, havn't had a flair up now in the last few days.



Well, looks like Accutane is working it's magic, I got asked out today. Haha! :)

Anyways tho, lol, everything is looking really good still, I'm thinking, maybe cuz my acne was more on the mild side, that might be it for my IB. It seems that more than anything, I have blackheads rather than zits. Which is alright with me, they don't look completely horrible when coming out, lol.

my skin has taken on a kinda strange texture tho, it's like.... really, really smooth, in a werid sort of way, almost like plastic. There is litterly no texture to it whatsoever in certain places.

I've been taking one Omega 3 supplement a day now for the last three days, I'm hoping that'll make my skin super awesome. Ha!



EW, had to go for my blood test today, needles = yuck, but oh well, only five more times to go. even the lady working behind the desk at the clinic looked sympathic when she saw that i have to come back each month. lol.

anyways, everything zit wise is looking good, a little tiny one came up on my cheek last night and i have a few small ones on my forehead, other that that i am pretty much clear. what is coming up tho... blackheads, and tons of them, when i look up close before i put my powder on, it almost looks like i have freckles, only they're blackheads. L.O.L. Some fall out but there's still tons just sitting there, i really hope they're not like stuck or something and are just gonna chill there for the next six months, lol, but i alwaysw remind myself, IT'S STILL EARLY, don't freak out yet.

skin has almost completely stopped producing oil, sometimes i can feel it despertly trying but yeah, like 95% gone, i LOVE IT, yehaw. lol.

skin is pretty red on my cheeks, not even like red marks really, just red, but that's a side effect of the accutane i hear, suppodely it goes away after a few months when your body really adjusts. easily covered up tho, so i'm not really worried.

on a side note; i want a driiinnnkkkk, lol, this no alchole thing kinda sucks.



I'm probably totally jinxing myself with this, butttt... my skin looks fucking awesome right now, even after being awake since five this morning, plus being at work for 8 hours. Minus the left over dying remanents of the dying ones, and those godawful blackhead things, everything else, lookin' good! i'm so excited for what's going to come.

i pulled acouple blackheads out when i got home, bad bad bad me. i really don't want to start picking at myself, it only causes bad things 90% of the time, but they were just sitting there at the surface, calling to me. lol. so if i get a zit there or something gross, it's totally gonna be my own fault.

so things i'm using/doing as of now:

- trying to drink lots and lots of water

- At least two Vitiman C tablets EVERY day

- enough sleep

- Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion (normal to dry skin)

- Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleaner

- Sephora Mineral Compact Powder

- Don't touch my face during the day

- Try not too eat TOO crappy




I used to have really oily skin, I would put my powder on in the morning, blot before I left the house, get to work, have to blot AGAIN, blot again maybe like eight frigging times during the work day. The last two days or so, my face has completely stopped producing oil, I didn't blot once today and nothing, not even the tinyest bit of shine, it's nice tho, not complaning one bit! haha.

so yeah, stuff is still going good acne wise, a few of the old ones still need to go down completey and those ones on my forehead yesterday are working their way down too. But holy crap, those clogged pore things, shit is getting nasty. my skin is so rough from them all coming up, when i look up close, you can see tons and tons of like the ends sticking up, a few come out now and then, but there's so many, i have a feeling it's gonna take a good month or two for them to all come out. and since my skin is so dry now too, there's nothing helping them out, so they just sit there. it's better than zits, but they still do give my skin a pretty rough looking texture, even when you step abit back. huh.

liking the Cetaphil tho, definite thumbs up to that.

day eightteen... i feel like i'm starting to really make progress now!



Sooo... I'm almost afraid to type this, but... everything still seems to be going ok. three little ones on my forehead formed tho, but so far they just seem to be drying up and nothing else feels like it's coming up, so maybe that's that.

I went out yesterday and bought myself a bottle of Cetaphil lotion and a bottle of the Cetaphil face wash stuff, my skin is so dry, and i think what i use usually is just to harsh for me now. And so far, the Cetaphil, it does seem to dry thinhgs out less, it feels very soothing almost, and everything while still pretty rough and crusty feeling in places, is less so now. so after only two uses, who knows, maybe good things ahead. lol.

those little blackhead/clogged pore thingys are still coming up, alot seem to come loose and fall out when i wash my face, so i guess that's good.

anyways yeah, :redface:


AKA: day sixteen. lawl.

So in about half an hour, when I stop being a lazy asshole, I'm gonna go in public, during the daytime (dundundaaa) for the first time since my horrible IB. I'm so scared!!11!. LOL. The only time've left my house since Wednesday was on New Years, in the dark, to hit up my friend's place, that's been IT.

Things improved again over night, the dying ones; died more, only one whitehead, skin is still very rough, those little blackheads are still coming out, when i look up close, i can see the little holes the ones that have fallen out left behind, kinda gross, kinda cool at the same time.

that medium one on my forehead tho, that one i think is gonna have to get it's own name at this point, it's filling right out, butttt, that means it should start going down soon.

One nasty side effect i've been dealing with tho besides the dry skin/lips etc: ASTHMA. on the pack it says to tell your doctor if you have asthma befor taking, i have a mild case, it flares up so bad for the first few hours after i take my pill, i've been having to leave my window's open to help, but err yeah, winter in Canada, not exactly the greatest temputures outside but yeah. :redface:

anyways, other than that, nothing else too new i don't think.



I look like a normal person again!!!!! Albiet one with maybe not the greatest skin ever, but not one with horrible fucking acne everywhere either.

Stuff got so much better during my sleep. Acne went down, big hard gross ones went down, only have five whiteheads compared to litterly the 30 from wednesday, thursday and yesterday. Some pretty big redspots where the zits were, but hell i will take that any day over those gross festering beasts that were there before.

Skin on my forehead, around and my nose and chin is VERY rough, I looked closely, cuz I was worried it would be more acne coming out, but what when i got right up to it, it turns out it's tons (and tons grossssss) of little tiny, not even a pin prick really, blackheads coming out, litterly probably like fifty of them. to the point where it just feels like sand paper almost when you run your fingers over it. but thats ok, cuz those shouldn't cause any problems, and when they are out, nice smooth skin.

i'm so scared to hope that that was it for the IB, but oh man I hope so, that sucked

have currently one medium one on my forehead, acouple dying ones on the sides of my face, three whiteheads beside each other on the left side of my nose and one the right side.

I think what might have helped, insane amounts of vitiman C, i got my sister to buy me a bottle of the Bolthouse farms c-boost stuff, which has, get this, in one cup %1250 of your daily intake of vitiman c, drank lots and lots of water, tryed not to touch my face, and tried to just not think about it, stress only makes things worse, went out to one of my more calmer friends houses last night for new years, we just watched movies on netflix, but it's just the getting out, talking, laughing, it all calms you down, it's good for your immune system.

anyways, here's to hopeing!!!! :redface:

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