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one down, many to go

Hey all! I just realized I hadn't updated in a while so here I am! My first month ended today so today starts week 5. My skin is still somewhat dry but honestly it isn't too bad. Dan's moisterizer, although goes on smoothly doesn't really keep the flakes away. I put that on and within 5 minutes I need to add my own. I use Pond's dry skin cream instead of adding jojoba oil only because I didn't want to have to order anything offline. I will just wait until I order my next batch of the regimen. Although the Ponds seems to work wonders. But honestly I wouldn't use Ponds without using Dan's first. If you have sensitive skin, I'm not sure how it is going to react for you. I know that I break out fairly easily and this stuff is amazing and hasn't broken me out. I have been using it for years, though.

I have some breakout but they aren't as bad as they used to be and they go away faster, too ... so I think. Honestly it is really hard to even remember anymore. I know I should take pictures but I am really nervous. What if I take pictures and there is not as much progress as I think and it looks really bad?! I don't want to be discouraged. My skin is definitely smoother than it used to be but that is something I noticed in the first week. If you have read the "what to expect" portion of this site then you have read that it says to expect a breakout around the 2 or 3 week. That didn't happen - thankfully, but like I said I still get a few small breakouts here and there. And I get them in places I never get breakouts. I used to get my breakouts on my jawline and under my chin and now I will get one pimple in a random place. Like right now I have one above my eyebrow. That has never happened. I think I am still getting used to the BP and the regimen in general. I am up to the full dosage so maybe that's why I get one or two in new places.

Other than that I still get a couple pimples in the areas that I used to but again they aren't as big or bad anymore. I can't tell if my face is any less red than it used to be but I will take redness over breakouts any day. A lot of people have said they are experiencing itchy, red and peeling skin. I haven't had any of that (and hopefully I won't) so if you have read that about other people, don't let it turn you off from the regimen.

As for right now I am going to continue doing the regimen the same way I have been since I am seeing improvements. You won't fully see any real/permanent improvements until at least 3 months so I am going to keep going and see what happens!!


In the midst of week 3

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. This past Friday marked the beginning of my third week on the regimen and this is what I am experiencing. I still have breakouts in areas where I normally break out. I will get one or two a week in those areas and they aren't terrible and start to decrease in size and color faster than they used to which is good but I wish they would go away completely of course. My face is noticably softer in some areas but I am still experiencing dryness and flakes so those areas are definitely not soft and smooth. I feel like I am doing something wrong. Like I am not applying enough BP or something. I know Dan tells you to expect breakouts still and you won't be "clear" until around month 3 but I feel like I should see some sort of difference. I know I should be patient and I know that the breakouts I have now are clearing up faster than they used to - so I think anyway - but it is still frustrating.

I'm not going to lie - I honestly have no idea how much BP I really am suppose to apply. I have seen Dan's videos and I printed out the sheet that tells you EXACTLY what to do and how much to use but it is still a little confusing. I don't mean to sound like I am dumb or anything but to be fair, Dan talks about how many pumps to use. This BP is a bottle that you squeeze. Maybe he should tell me how many squeezes to use! I know I have to figure out what works best for me but I like guidelines. And I have no idea if I should be adding more BP yet or not. I'm not trying to freak out or anything but it kind of is driving me crazy. But the way I see it, I have to use something on my face so it might as well be there. Hopefully I will see better results soon. I am going to keep using this for at least 6 months so I better get use to it. Thanks for listening!


Week 1 review

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas! I know I did. I thought my face was going to be a mess for it but it wasn't! The dryness has continued but it honestly isn't too bad. I keep lotion on me at all times and I apply a little when need be. I was going to get some jojoba oil from GNC when I was at the mall but they apparently only have it online. So I am going to see how much theirs is compaired to Dan's and see how much shipping is. Whoever is cheaper is going to get my business! I also have a couple new pustules but nothing too bad. They go away rather fast and it is as if they were never there. I can't be too sure whether I got them because I am still getting use to the regimen or if it is just my skin. Who really knows?! I have no complaints except I missed my morning application yesterday because I was so sick and didn't get out of bed until 7pm so hopefully I don't break out. I did wake up with a couple new ones but they are on my jaw line - well, just under my jaw line so they aren't too noticeable. I will take pictures of the progress and post them soon. I hope everyone else on the regimen is seeing positive results!! For now, I am and hopefully it just keeps getting better!


... and bring on the flakes

I woke up today and my face felt tight. I didn't even have to look in the mirror to know that it was drier than usual. So I did my regimen and morning routine (luckily there was no snow on my car so I had time to actually eat breakfast) and when I was done applying the BP, my face was really dry. I put on the moisterizer and all was well except my chin is dry. But my chin has always been the driest part on my face anyway so it's nothing new. It has been flaky this morning but I have a tiny lotion bottle on my desk that I have been using forever and I know it doesn't break me out so I have been dabbing a tiny bit on my chin every couple hours. We will see how that turns out. Since my boyfriend is a super procrastisanta we are going shopping on Thursday night and I plan to stop at GNC and get some jojoba oil and start adding that to my moisterizer. Hopefully that will cure my problem. And hopefully I won't have new problems after that. I.E. breakouts, redness, etc. I will let you know how that goes!


Day 4

Happy Monday! This morning starts my fourth day on the regimen. I only use 1 1/2 - 2 pumps of the cleanser and moisterizer because like I said before 3 full pumps is WAY too much. I don't know if that is a bad idea but I feel like I am wasting it. With the cleanser, it is only on my skin for 10 seconds and to me I don't need to use 3 fulls pumps. It's not on there long enough to need that much but if everyone says you should use 3 and it works, then I guess it is a bad idea to use less. But I am willing to give it a try and see what happens. Also 3 pumps of moisterizer is just insane. How big does Dan think my face is?! There is only so much of a circumference to cover. I don't want to cake it on if I don't need to. Maybe I only think that because my face isn't dry yet so after a few days or weeks it will be and I will need more. I also think I am not using enough BP. I know that you aren't suppose to use a lot at first but I feel like I am not using enough at all. I am probably doing something wrong but who knows.

I haven't been exeriencing anything negative (yet) other than slight itching and a little burning but it doesn't bother me and doesn't last all day. I am not any more or any less dry than I was before starting the regimen which is good. We will see if that changes. That little group of pimples that were forming were definitely going, not coming. Although after they were gone, a bigger one popped up but it really isn't that big and hopefully will go away fast. The pimples I had before starting the regimen are fading but I don't know if that is because they ran their course or if the regimen had anything to do with them. I guess I won't really know if it is working until after the old ones have gone away. I haven't noticed any new pimples except that one I already mentioned so that is good and hopefully there won't be any new ones.

I am anxious to see how my skin is going to react over the next couple weeks. I am expecting the worst with purging, flaking and itching but hopefully I will be one of those people who won't experience that. So here is to hoping!


Day 1 done. Now day 2 ...

Good afternoon, everyone! Well, good afternoon to those of you on the East coast and good morning to those of you on the West coast. To everyone else in the world, well, good day! Last night before doing the regimen I noticed that there was a tiny group of pimples forming on the left side of my face near my jawline. They weren't big or bad. Nothing to be scared of but new pimples none the less. I did the regimen and then went to bed a couple hours later and then this morning I looked at them and they were almost gone. At least I am hoping. It is kind of hard to tell whether they are coming or going. They look better than yesterday so I can only assume they are going. But you know what happens when you assume ... you also know that skin can turn on you at any second without warning so who knows for sure.

The only other thing to really report is that my skin is slightly itchy. It isn't too bad but it is really hard to stop yourself from scratching. You know how satisfying it can be to scratch an itch. I have been gently scratching a little bit but I am really worried that it will feel so good that I will start digging in deeper and cause irritation. Let's just hope I don't give in to temptation! I do have one or two new pimples on my chin, or I should say under my chin that are in the same area as where my other ones are but I am not getting upset about it. I decided to not let new pimples, old pimples or anything else bring me down or ruin my day. My mood and attitude for the day used to be based on how my face looked. It is really pathetic and something that shouldn't stand in my way so I am letting it go. No more worried what it looks like. I know this is a process and I need to give it time to do it's thing and hope for the best. Instead of hiding from people I am going to go to Buffalo to visit college friends, do a little outside ice skating, make dinner and go out for some drinks. Let's just hope that Buffalo doesn't decide to be sunny for the first time in Winter today. Dan (and others) say you need to put on SPF so you don't burn and look like a lobster but I don't use SPF. Never have and never will. Although I am sure that once the summer is here, I should probably use some. I do like to lay out on the beach and get my tan on.

Ok, time to look up the Buffalo weather (it's an hour from here so who knows what their weather is doing), then get my stuff and hit the road with my girlfriends. I will continue informing everyone of my progress!! To everyone else on the regimen - good luck! I hope it is going well for you!!


Good morning everyone! I finally decided to go for it and just do the regimen. I ordered it and I wasn't sure if I wanted to start right away with the holidays coming up. I didn't want my face to break out or be red or flaky. Basically I was nervous (still am) that my skin was going to look worse than before I started. I have read so many entrees from people saying the first month is horrible. So yeah, I am skeptical. I don't want my friends and family to see my face a mess but last night I needed to give it a try. So I grew a set and tried it last night. I decided to do a blog instead of have people follow me on a personal regimen log because this seemed more appropriate. So I plan to post updates daily or weekly. It depends on the progress and I will post pictures. First! If you want or need or just have to know some background, PICTURES INCLUDED just click here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/me-t285014.html

Hopefully that link works. I am not as computer savy as I should be.

Anyway. How I use the regimen. I literally follow Dan's directions. I only splashed water on my face, not rubbing it, I was extremely gentle (although it seems too gentle) I don't wipe, nothing. I used three full pumps of the cleanser which honestly is waaaay too much. I generated a lot by rubbing my hands together and I only used it for the 10 seconds like he says to use. If you are only suppose to use it for 10 seconds, there is a lot you are wasting. I think tonight I will only put two pumps and see what happens. I don't want to waste it especially since shipping alone is $17. Then after 15 minutes I used the tiniest amount of BP. It literally seemed like nothing. Maybe I didn't use enough but there was almost nothing. It said to gently glide it over your entire face. The amount that it recommends is not enough to put on my entire face. Unless I literally am just not using enough. The BP burned slighlty but was barely noticeable. Then I waited another 15 minutes to let that finish drying and set in and then I moisturized. That said to use 3 full pumps, too but again WAY too much. So I will adjust it to what works for me.

My first reaction is my face feels clean. I walked out of my house this morning to clean off my car (stupid upstate New York snow!) and I noticed that the cold air on my face made it feel really good. Not because my skin was burning but because it really felt clean. It was nice. Hopefully that continues. I have used so many products in the past that made my skin feel clean for the first week and after that it felt like it wasn't doing its job and obviously it wasn't since I clearly am not using it anymore. When I woke up this morning my face was a little red on my cheeks like I looked a little flushed. It usually doesn't get red but honestly I am ok with it. They weren't bright red or anything so I wasn't alarmed. I started the regimen at 6:30 this morning and I noticed it was slightly dry but nothing too serious. It is now 9:30 and it feels dry but looking at it, it doesn't look dry at all. So that is good!

One of the things I am worried about is doing it 10-12 hours apart. I get up at 6:30 for work but I really don't want to have to do it at 6:30 tonight because that means I would have to do it at 6:30 tomorrow morning which isn't happening! I like to sleep in on the weekends and who can blame me?! So I am thinking I will do it around 8:30 or 9 tonight and then hopefully wake up tomorrow and do it again around 10. Some people have said they wait 15 hours in between and it is fine so hopefully if I keep it between 12-15 hours, I should be ok. Here is to hoping!! So this is the beginning and my fingers are crossed :redface:

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