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Switching To Retin-A

So I guess prolonged use of Bemzoyl Peroxide can cause your skin to age way faster! Well that suck cause I just got my skin under control thanks to the BP! Hopefully my skin works well with this new stuff! If any of you use it can you let me know what symptoms or results you had?! That would be awesome! Cause I'm nervous about going through another peeling phase... Just recovered from the last one using BP.....screw you acne!

Also for people that are looking for full coverage foundation, that stays on oily skin as good as it can, I use the kat von d lock it tattoo. There's a video up on my channel:

And I use it so you can see the coverage. My skin is looking its best right now, and all the redness is pretty much gone so hopefully switching products won't be to much of a set back.....fingers crossed! I'll be posting pictures as well as a vlog soon :)


Hey everyone! It's been about 3 years since my last post and I must say my face is looking way better! I get small breakouts here and there but I haven't had any full blown painful as hell clusters in ages! I mostly owe that too being very strict with my face cleaning habits and the products I use. Sadly I still haven't found the perfect face wash, toner and moisturizer system but I make do with the random ones I purchase. I use the Mia 2 now and it really helps get every bit of makeup off my face! And I have been using 5% benzoyl peroxide every night for a week now. I noticed when I use the benzoyl peroxide everyday after about 3 weeks my skin finishes peeling and the redness somewhat a subsides. I was on a roll till I ran out.....and just never remembered to pick up more. Now it is just readjusting to my skin and it's still peeling after a weeks use. Can't complain since I have not one active pimple on my face!!! Once I get my skin used to the BP I will be going for my first ever microdermabrasion! And then hopefully find a serum that will help with the redness since that seems to be the next biggest problem. I am doing a skin vlog series on my YouTube channel, I find filming me jibber jabber about my skin takes much less time then it does to make an actual blog on it! (With two kids every seconds spared is a blessing!) if you want to follow along with my little skin journey feel free to subscribe at Let me know if you are on the healing path! I am so relieved that the worst might just be over :) *fingers crossed*

Currently Using

Wash: clairasonic gentle wash (sample, almost out so trying to find a new one....any suggestions?)

Toner: Clinique Step 2 Toner for oily skin

Moisturizer: Cetaphil


Getting Started

My first blog Ever! <a' alt=':redface:'> So....I've had a problem with acne since grade 4 and it has been quite the piss off. I've tried everything up to Accutane; which only worked for so long, plus I hated having blood test every month. I started to try different products together and create my own formula. And Yes....Sometimes that backfired on me something fierce. Now think I how found product that might work for some people. I've been using all of Dan's tips (soft applications, pat dry, use BP etc.) But I have been using the Biore products. I wash my face with the Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser (massage very gently for about a minute), rinse completely. Then I let my face dry 15 minutes after shower, 5 after sink wash (Dan's recommended times) I use Benzoyl Peroxide but only a thin layer so it absorbs completely. (I need to go to work so I don't want a ton of dried crap falling off my face all day.) I use the Biore Nourish Moisture Lotion SPF 15 next. It's not the highest rated moisturizer but it works for me. It might leave a small shine for some people. Then I use the Almay Clear Complexion Liquid Makeup. Hope that might help someone, it's working for me.

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