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My skins still clear! Accutane is still working for me. I was really worried that I would break out after my accutane treatment but my skin has, if anything, gotten better. I'm really happy with it.

Anyone taking accutane, KEEP WITH IT. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know it sucks having acne, my acne was terrible and totally screwed my life for 5 years, but it seems that accutane has cleared it, and I'm sure it will for you.


I've been don for over a week, and unfortunately, I can see my skin breaking out again. Im only getting small zits, and they really dont look that bad, hardly noticable but still it sucks breaking out so early after getting off. A week ago I had my last accutane dermatologist appointment and he said a second course ould definately be an option if I felt I needed it, so hopefully I can get on it again laer this summer.

All in all, I'm really happy I did it. I dont think my skin will ever be as bad as it was, and Im confident that a second course will knock everything out. In my opinion, the side effects are overated.


day 146

I think today is 126? I only have 7 pills left. My skin is looking good, the red marks have healed almost completely. I still get small zits, but they usually disappear after an hour or two. Haven't gotten a cyst since february.

This feels awesome. I really can't describe the way I've changed. My confidence is so much higher. If your thinking of taking accutane, go for it.

Everyone is different but here are some things I've learned. If your a guy, I wouldn't shave right before you have to go anywhere, your skin will be irritated and red for a while after you shave. I gently shave before bed and by the morning I'm fine.

I've tried everything for dry lips and come to the conclusion that the little chapsticks you can buy at cvs or whatever work the best. blistex made my lips peel a lot, and vaseline wasn't strong enough.

Don't pick or pop. I know thats cliched but when your on accutane all the old rules you thought you knew go out the window. early in my course I had some big break outs that would vanish overnight as long as I left them alone. Your breakouts on accutane are not just breaking out its like a giant cleanse.

I used cetaphil face wash for all skin types. Its so gentle and it works both to clean and kind of like a moisturizer too. I never really used a moisturizer on accutane.

Drink lots of water.

Avoid hot showers. Showers always made my skin look irritated.

Avoid the sun. my skin was really sensitive and both the sun and the wind made me really red faced.

SLEEP ON YOUR BACK. I can't stress this enough. I have become convinced that sleeping on either side of my face is a primary cause of my acne. Whenever I sleep on my face I break out. If your breaking out consistently on a side of your face this could be a reason why.

Towels made my skin worse too. I would just wash my face with cold water and then let it air dry. This really had an anti inflammatory affect on my skin.

Thats all I've learned. I may or may not make another post so I hope you guys can learn from my mistakes. All in all realise that there is an end to this acne pain were going through and things are going to get better for you.



I think today is 124. My skin is looking really good. My red marks have faded well and I'm not getting any new nig zits. i'm still getting some small ones but they are tiny and come and go within hours. Everything is going well.

Side effects are the same. Still have dry lips and thats about it.


day 108

Im not even sure if people are reading this haha but if you are then I'm sorry i havent posted in a while. My skins been looking good, i've barely been breaking out at all and my post acne finally looks pretty much gone. I'm really loving accutane right now.

Side effects arent too bad. my lips are still dry, but its not to bad. The only thing that really bothers me is how easily my face flushes. It gets red easily and looks bad, so I'm trying to stay out of the sun.

Overall, things are going really good. I can't believe its been 108 days.


day 83

My skins looking pretty good. Still not great but im felling good about it for the first time in months. I still break out a little but not to bad, and the post acne red marks are finally healing and look so much better.

My side effects are the same, dry lips, kind of dry skin. my hands get really dry and crack, which sucks. But overall not to bad.

The only real problem I have right now is shaving. My beard grows fast, I have to shave every two or three days. But my skisn really sensitive, so everytime I do shave my skin gets bright red.

Overall, things are good.


day 68

Ok so I think this is day 68 on accutane. Last friday I went to get my monthly check up. The doctor didnt really say anything just said that hes going to keep me at only 30 mgs, which is fine I guess.

My skin is actually looking pretty good. The post acne redmarks are really fading quickly now and I havent broken out in 2 weeks. I have one small white head on my chin, and thats it. I'm really feeling good about my appearance for the first time in over 5 months. I saw a picture of myself from last month, and I couldn't believe how much different I am looking now. Only thing is, my blackheads on my nose keep coming back. One day they'll be totally gone, and the next they'll be rallying. But overall, things are looking good. I'm getting some confidence back.

Side effects are also looking good. My back doesn't bother me at all anymore. My lips are still really dry though, to the point where if I'm not drinking or eating something, I need to have blistex on. That kind of sucks but its whatever. My hands also get really dry and red sometimes, I need to moisturize them more.

My advice to any other accutane users reading this is drink tons of water. My doctor actually said that drinking a lot can actually effect wether or not your course is permanent. Also, blistex in my opinion is the best things for lips out there. Cetaphil mousturizing cream is also great for your face or your body. Most importantly though, stay away from long hot showers. They will not only dry you out but can make your skin look really bad.

Thats pretty much it. I do have a question to whoever might be reading this. Do you think it be possible for me to get sort of like a preeemptive accutane course after this one? Just to make sure these results last. Any feedback would be great.


day 57

Day 57. It was a little foolish for me to claim my skin was looking so much better because of the proactiv. Initially, my post acne redness did look a lot better, but its kind of reversed itself? Idk. But it does look a little better and I can tell its healing.

My skin is looking ok. Still have the redmarks, and I'm still breaking out on about a weekly basis, but the breakouts are really mild. On a positive note, the blackheads on my face are nearly gone. Its amazing seeing my nose nto infested with uncountable blackheads.

Side effects are really minimal. My skin is not dry, my lips are moderately dry, and my back doesn't hurt at all anymore. The skin on the back of my hands has healed up.

Overall, things are decent. i can definately see improvement. I have a dermatologist appointment friday for month 3. I'm hoping he will increase my dosage since my side effects are pretty much gone.


day 45

I cant believe this is day 45. Anyways my skin is looking alot better. A week ago I was so fed up with my post acne marks that I put a ton of proactiv repairing lotion on my spots. I did this for a few days, and at first it made my skin look so much worse, but i had school off and just stayed in the house. As i was saying it made my post acne look a lot worse, but after a few days my skin dried up and started peeling, revealing fresh skin under these spots. My skins still kind of bad but its ten times better than it was just a week ago. Seriously this was a miracle.

Idk if i would recommend this, cause like i said the first few days it made my skin look worse than it ever has. But in the end it worked out.

my side effects are the same as before, dry lips, dry skin, some back pain, but there not really that bad.

I haven't gotten a new zit in ten days. Thats unheard of for me. I really feel like this stuff is working.

On a negative note though, I'm really having my doubts that 40mgs for 5 months is going to be enough to put my acne into remission. My acne has always been so persistent, it always makes a comeback. I have a doctors appointment in about a week and I'm going to talk to my doc about this then. Im hoping he will increase the course to 7 months, or maybe let me do a second course a few months after I finish this one.

By the way the antibiotic im taking is called cephalexin. Idk if my skin being clearer is due to the accutane or this, so I cant really give you guys a good review about it. the only thing i can definitevely say is that it smells and taste absolutely terrible.


day 34

Things are going about the same. I got one new zit this week. It was pretty big but it came to a head and drained in two days. Now its just another red mark. My blackheads are decreasing, and I'm looking forwared to seeing more progress.

My face looks pretty bad right now. I don't have any actives now though, which is encouraging. Its just these red marks. They're everywhere and they don't seem to be fading. And it sucks because I know that it will realisticly be a few more months before this changes. The second semester of school starts in about two weeks, and months ago I had assured myself that by this time all this stuff would be behing me. But its not looking like that will work out.

Side effects are still the same. My skin is not dry, but my lips are really bad. My back hurts if I work out or lie down, and thats about it.

Just a tip for any new accutane users, I wouldn't take long hot showers anymore. When I do it really irritates my skin. And if you live in a cold climate like I do, try to limit your time outside. The wind and the cold make my skin really red.

Thats pretty much it guys. Have a good week.


day 31

I don't want to jinx myself, but i feel like i've turned the corner on this. I haven't gotten a new zit in over a week. I dont think ive been able to say that for 6 years lol. My nose has always been absolutely infested with blackheads, but there starting to disappear. My back is 100% clear, too.

I had my one month checkup the other day. My doc says to up the dosage to 40 mgs a day, which is fine with me.

My side effects are getting a little worse. I just had a bad nose bleed earlier. My skin gets really red sometimes, like if i work out or am outside for to long. The back of my hands are really scaly and red and dried, and my lower back hurts from time to time.

Overall, I'm happy with how its going. My skin still looks pretty bad from the red marks left over from the beating my face took a few months ago, but they are definately improving. Hopefully my breakouts will stop now or at least be cut back so that my skin can get a chance to heal.


Day 25

I think its day 25. Anyways that bad breakout I had earlier in the week is pretty much gone now and my skin looks pretty decent. My post acne marks are definately still noticeable but have improved a lot. My face is covered in tons of tiny black heads. They don't really bother me, its kind of cool seeing the accutane pushing everything out.

Side effects are pretty much the same. Dry lips, kind of dry skin. My lower back hurts sometimes but its not really a big deal.

My one month checkup is on tuesday. I'm hoping my dermatologist will increase my dose, but at the same time I'm afraid that if he does, my skin will get a lot worse. Thats what sucks about accutane, I have no idea what to expect. I hope that I'll see my breakouts stop or at least decrease within the next few weeks or so.


week 3

So today marks week three. Symptoms are pretty minor, my skin is kind of dry and my lips are pretty chapped but its all under control. My skin is breaking out right now, I have three smaller pimples on my left temple and a massive cyst just sprung up on my right cheek.

Thats pretty much it. On the positive side my red marks are pretty much gone now. For anyone who is using dans bp on their face, I think that using that stuff actually prolongs red marks because ever since I've stopped using it my red marks have rapidly faded.


day 12

Skins been breaking out, I have a big zit on my right cheek, a few smaller ones on my left. I got really impatient earlier and popped some of them, then I tried exfoliating to help reduce red marks. That was really stupid of me. The zits I popped look worse, and the exfoliating only made my post acne marks look worse as well. Needless to say I'm looking pretty bad right now lol. School should be fun tomorrow..

Symptoms are minimal. Lips and skin are sort of dry. Not bad though. Thats about it. Nothing else to report.

Mentally I'm alright I guess. Acne just been taking a toll on me these last few months and it sucks. Its gotten to the point where I dont even like talking to my parents. I stopped doing things I cared about because of my skin. But on the bright side, this to shall pass. It wont last forever. And in the grand scheme of things, acne is not a big deal at all.

I picked up the guitar again and have been playing a lot. This has really helped pass the time and keep my spirits up. I definately recommend finding some sort of hobby to do if your like me and have gone into isolation mode haha.

Take it easy everyone.


Day 8

My face is looking a little better today. Not so inflamed. Red marks are fading pretty fast. It looks like the blackheads which have infested my nose for years are going/gone. I had a nosebleed today, idk if its accutane related or not but either way it wasn't a big deal.

My skins clearly less oily than it was even yesterday. And my lips are so chapped and dry. Kind of sucks but aquaphor has really helped.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good. Mentally, I'm not the best but I don't blame that on accutane but on the fact that my skin has been bad for the last 4 months.

On a personal note, things are rough right now. There really is a stigma around having bad skin in highschool. People just judge you for it right off the bat. Like I said my skin was always pretty bad, but not awful, until this year. I can't believe the difference in the way I am treated now. Friends I've had for years no longer want to hangout. Girls who used to be interested in me have made fun of my skin to my face. There was even this one girl I know, who used to have terrible skin, who went on accutane and cleared up, who made fun of me. Really? She should know what it feels like, people treated ber bad when she was breaking out. Idk. Its making me realise how superficial people are. Nothings changed about me my skins just gotten bad. Idk this whole experience has just opened my eyes to how fake people can be, and that the people who I thought were my good friends aren't at all. The minute I started breaking out and things started going down hill, every single one of them has treated me increasingly worse.

To be honest though, acne has made me a better person. I was a jerk sometimes, and it took getting made fun of for having bad skin to realise how messed up it is to put anybody down. Acne has made me a better student. If I'm not going out, I'm studying, and that has really paid off. Since my skins bad, I don't party. And I was the kind of person who could never say no. But not going out and getting messed up because of my skin has made me realise how stupid it is to be doing that in the first place. Acne has sucked but honestly its taught me some really important lessons on what really matters and how to be a good person, that I wouldn;t trade even for clear skin.

Lol im sorry for getting all philosophical but it feels good to write about this. If anyone else is struggling mentally right now because they get mocked or their friends are jerks or whatever, just try to look on the bright side of things. Having acne in the long run might not be a terrible thing.


1 week

1 week down! My face is still incredibly oily. It sucks I'd rather be dealing with dry akin but I guess thats still to come. My face is looking bad. I don't have that many actives but I still have those damn red marks from old breakouts. But it's all good theyre healing up.

My back has been breaking out much worse than t ever was. My derm gave me a short prescription of prednisone, some antibiotic (can't remember name) and told me to take only 30 MG a day for the next two weeks. Im not happy about being dropped down but its whatever. Only taken 3 prednisone and already see a big decrease in inflammation. I'd love to neblooking better for the holidays.

Overall, things are fine. My face actually is better than t was a week ago. But it's still pretty rough. I'm getting by by thinking how great this summer will be without acne. When your on accutane thats really the only way to get by. Just try to focus on how nice things are going to get. Stay strong you guys.


Day 5

My skin is a lot less oily today. I've probably gotten 15 new pimples in the last few days, but they're gone over night. Right now I have like 4 small actives and one dying cyst. Not to bad. But honestly I must be going through an ib right, I've had so many zits popping up and leaving as fast as they came. If this is an ib tho it's really not to bad. I've had worse.

Yesterday I was outside for like 2 hours and my skin got so red and irritated. I guess it was wind burn. I washed with cetaphil and today it was fine but just watch out for that if your on this stuff.

Overall I can't complain. If your on accutane you just got to be in the mindset that your going to take some hits.


Day 4

Definitely seeing some changes. My skin is really oily. I've been breaking out too. I get a couple sits a day but they pretty much are gone by the next day.


day 2

Hi everyone. I'm a 17 yr old highschool junior taking 60 mg of amnesteem(accutane) a day. I decided to make this blog because reading other users blogs really has given me confidence to get started. A quick history of my war with acne..i've had moderate acne since i was 12.. It ws never awful but always pretty bad and really bothered me. I didn't go to a dermatologist untill i was 16 because i was embarresed to tell my parents. I've been on retin a, epiduo, duac, glycolic acid, amoxicillian, minocycline, and erythmycin. None of them really worked. I've also done dans regimen, as well as a dozen other otc products. NO SUCCESS.

Anyways, i guess i was really stressing over school or something, because i broke out terribly early this fall. I had like 8 cysts on either side of my face, all clumped together. It was without a doubt the worst time of my life. It looked horrible. They eventually went away, and my breakouts have gone down now, but i still get pretty bad acne. Red marks are the worst.

So i convinced my derm it was time for accutane and he was cool with it. Itw only day 2 and i dont really have any side effects to report. My skins looking ok right now, I have like two active zits. Just a lot of these stupid red marks.

I'm expecting an IB. hoping i dont obviously but i probably will get one. ill keep you guys posted.

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