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I am taking Aleve for premenstal acne now. I have seen a HUGE increase in breakouts in the past three days and I think that my cycle might be the culprit. I'm worried about taking too much. So just one a day for me I suppose.

My skin is really dry now too. I guess maybe I'll lay off the BP at least in the morning. Is it normal to experience flaking everytime you ramp up the dosage? I waited until all my dry skin went away from the previous amount. Now this amount seems to be way too much...

A little over one week until I go home for christmas. I'm not asking for any miracles. Maybe just a decrease in red marks and this one large cyst gone would be great. I was thinking about just a little cortizone cream on the huge one? Is that bad?

urrgh :redface:


DAY 12

So I thought everything was getting much better. But I am starting to break out again at the same old rate I was.

I am supposed to start my period next week so I am taking Aleve to try and curb the acne from my hormones. Overall this is upsetting, but I guess I was expecting this to happen. Maybe this is just an initial breakout because I increased my BP.

I will keep going! This has to work eventually! Right?

It sucks to feel like I look like a fifteen year old when in reality I am 22. I didn't go to a party on friday night because of it. I want a new job but I really can't imagine interviewing like this. I am also very nervous about flying home for Christmas because my family and friends have never seen my acne this bad.

Vent over.

Time to do the regimen.

And relax.


DAY 10

I have upped my BP dosage a little. Now I am doing a little over a quarter finger length with minimal dryness.

I still have breakouts. Less and less though. The redmarks are remaining for what feels like a long time.

But I am still very hopeful that in 12 days I will be looking even better. I decided against electrolysis OR any more facials until I am all clear. That will be hard but it will make it easier to tell whether electrolysis causes my acne. I am also very worried about my period coming next week. Should I start taking aleve now to prevent breakouts?

fingers crossed!!!!!

I have photos that I would post but it doesnt look like I've improved much because of my red marks. But I think in person it is very easy to see that I've come a long way in only ten days.

Also! Yesterday I was buying a water from a drugstore and the clerk,a fellow acne sufferer, was super friendly to me. Even if his friendliness was coincidental and not acne-sufferer-bonding like I interpreted, it was still nice. Because on bad days, even looking at a stranger while you buy a bottle of water can be embarrassing.


WEEK 1 day 6 (for real)

Yesterday I said it was week 1 day 6. I was wrong, today is infact week 1 day 6.

I feel like I am making progress. More pimples are coming, I can feel them under my skin. But I think that they will heal faster than before.

My skin is not as dry with less BP and jojoboa oil. I will probably continue at this rate of BP until more dryness has subsided. Then I plan to only increase the amount I am doing at night.

I would rather this process take forever than to get a horribly red and peeling face like so many write about on here.

I keep getting a few new pustules every morning when I wake up. And then some every night when I come home from work. I wait until they are horrible and have a huge white head and then I pop them. I know I am supposed to not pick at my face but its really hard not to when they look ready.


WEEK 1 Day 6

Due to a comment by on my last post I decided to decrease the amount of BP I am currently using to avoid the flakiness of ramping up too quickly. I think this is helping me already. My skin is much less dry and rough today.

I will keep doing a quarter of my finger length twice a day for awhile until all flakiness and dryness has gone away. I also started using jojoba oil before and after cleansing. This adds significant time onto my regimen but I suppose it is all worth it.

I am having trouble understanding how it is possible to use three pumps of moisturizer. I use two and it takes me forever to gently rub it all in. I normally give up when my skin feels hydrated, and my skin is pretty dry.

Emotionally is it so hard to grasp the fact that my skin very well might have to get worse before it gets better. I feel like it has already been worse in the past month than it ever has before.

Also, I tend to only get acne on my chin/mouth area. Rarely I will get them on my cheeks or forehead. But I feel like if I do not do the regimen on my whole face then it will look weird to have a red chin and mouth and not a red forehead. Anyone else know how to deal with this?

Also, does anyone know of any bad side effects for starting AHA too soon?




I am currently on day 5 of the regimen.

Prior to doing the regimen I was using a prescription Obagi set with BP so my skin is very used to BP. My first week I am using about the amount of BP I think most people would start using at week 4. More than half a finger length.

I am also using AHA at night. AHA seems to help my pimples to fade.

I am experiencing lots of flakes but overall the results from this first week are really encouraging. Some pimples that were very stubborn and have been healing for weeks went away completely in these first five days. Also a lot of pimples came to a head and disappeared in as little as three days which is really amazing for me. It seems like recently they just stick around forever.

I would love to have clearer skin before I travel home for Christmas. I know that is only two and a half weeks away but maybe just maybe since BP is nothing new to my skin this ramping up method will work quickly.

Also, I only have two pimples on my back!!!!!! that is amazing!!!!!!!

I am still taking herbs from my acupuncturist for my gallbladder that are supposed to aid in the healing process of my acne as well. I am still undecided as to if acupuncture is really helping my acne or not. I am following the diet she told me to follow to avoid inflammatory foods that cause acne. But I do not regret going to an acupuncturist because it is a wonderful stress relief and is probably leading me into an overall healthier lifestyle.

I am curious about the dreaded week 2 breakout. Does anyone know why this happens??

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