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Okay so I don't want to be one of those people who spends their life on a forum trying to fix something then leaves half way through their own progress never to be seen again. My previous entries talked about how my acne came back after accutane. This was obviously devastating after going through all the acne, then all the treatments, then all the accutane side effects just to have it come back! The biggest solution I had was using sunbeds, all be it dangerous they gave me a great tan and a clear complexion. As with everything though more was needed as time went on and I was up to 12 minutes a week. I went back to the doctors explaining this and he put me back on lymecycline(Tetrasyal). Combined with this I have been using Lab Series Power Wash which doesn't have salicylic acid or any real acne ingredients. It's been about 3 months on the antibiotics now and I can safely say I hardly worry about my skin anymore. There is no acne on my face at all really.

I would definitely recommend going back on antibiotics as an alternative to a second course.

Good luck!


Just a nightmare, if this was as bad as it was going to get I'm sure I could live with it. I just know its the start of a new ordeal..

However, I found 18 accutane pills.

My friends Dad is a GP and he advised me to take an accutane pill Monday Wednesday and Friday. I could make this last for 6 weeks.

Ugh, what effort.

So annoying watching TV and looking at people with clear skin knowing it used to be me and then looking in the mirror and seeing tonnes of bumps.


Its back

To contradict everything in my previous post.

My acne has returned.

Slowly, but surely its crept back however not on my chest or back only on my face..

Dont know what to do now.

Getting quite heavy on my previous problem area that was my shaving area and I result to my old ways of burning my face with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid which leaves me looking red as a beetroot..

Where do I even go from here?

Sad days when you thought you were clear..


Sorry : Update

It really is true when people say you only hear about the accutane scare stories because the clear people have no interest in acne forums.

Since I've been clear I completely forgot about this blog.

Bascially a quick update. Skin on face is completely clear, not had a spot in weeks, back is clear and getting with about one spot.

Side effects: None, not even dry lips anymore for some reason.

However, I did have a stomach scare.. took accutane on empty stomach resulting in stomach cramps for a few days etc.. which appeared to be a stomach ulcer but wasnt it healed itself with some rennies and since has been fine and drank and everything on it while still taking the medication. This was scary though.

Also as for hair loss, stopped taking biotin for a week and lost about 2 or 3 strands everytime i even touched my hair, started retaking and again healed itself. So I'm a big advocate of Biotin on Accutane.

My face has some minor redness but I think thats due to shaving.

But basically so far Accutane has done me wonders, but we shall see if I have spoke too soon and some disaster side effect comes along.

Nearly finished, can't believe I'm at this point, I was sick and tired battling with my skin. I really do wish you all the best with acne I know how hard it is.


Half way there!!!!

8 weeks in!

really clearing up, face isnt amazingly clear but everythings slowly fading out, keep getting comments on how good my skin looks.

I think the hairloss was in my head...

My skin isnt even dry anymore so good.

However my face looks a bit red but I think its still cause I'm using acne products and left my cetaphil down at the borders!

But all that is easy to tame.

So far so good.

Getting my bloodwork done on tuesday, been abit over drinking scared of my liver tests...

Wish me luck!


Mid week 6

Skin is shockingly clear

Except the small spots that were the dark red ones that i managed to reduce alot except the one that remained I just popped which was honestly like a cyst.

Oh well, my skin isnt even really that dry anymore.

Loving life


Beginning of week 6

Skin is looking alot better.

Still bad, but better

Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide came together to treat the infected areas.

Those horrible dark dark red spots have lightened enough to be coverable I would say and should be fully gone in a week, thank god for that.

Had a nosebleed when I woke up today.

Fed up with fighting with my skin.


End of week 5

After my skin was looking SO good had a massive breakout.

Huge dark red marks on one side of my face like ive never seen before and tonnes of forehead acne.

So annoying as I was convinced this was the beginning of the clearing.

My birthday is in a few days as well fs!


Week 5

Skin: Minor breakout, my face is quite red...

Side effects: Still similar nothing new, nothing as crazy as before, no outbursts and just dry lips and skin.

Sorry that the update is boring just not too much has been happening thats why I didnt update end of last week!


Mid week 4

Skin is still clearing, didnt notice how clear my back and chest were!

Still getting spots now and then but not mass breakouts, thank god I think I am finally past the initial break out stage. My friends Dad the doctor again was talking to me about it and said my skin looked good and that this is when it should started getting clearer.

However, lip started bleading today due to sheer dryness. Also, had another outburst of insanity and one of my friends today. Definitley the accutane as this time I was sober. It's like a flipped switch literally cannot control it ugh.

Worth the results but I guess.

Feel free to email me or comment!

Write soon


Week 4

Skins looking good! Had a breakout last week clearedish now though...

Side effects still dryness and getting my nose bleeds.

Good a new one this week though. Apparently drinking on accutane makes me insane. Was out on Monday night first time ive proper went out on roaccutane. My friends and me always make fun of each other and a usual I was made fun in humour as a laugh but totally went out of character and threw a fit infront of a big group of people and stormed off and left. Couldn't even control it, it was so bizarre as I've never done anything like that I'm a relatively happy drunk. Did go out last night again but with no incidents so we will just have to see.

Will write soon x


Half way through week 3

Just about to hit the weekend, and am now halfway through week 3.

Side effects: No new side effects, just dry lips and sometimes my eyes get sore if I look at the computer screen for too long? Dont know if thats a side effect or not.

Skin: My forehead is still breaking out but is calming down. But today, I woke up and round my mouth/upper lip/chin which is my main problem area is near enough completely clear! along with my nose and round my nose! My back is still breaking out but not as ferociously. I didn't expect to see results this soon but apparently the accutane is working faster than I anticipated... or maybe I am just speaking too soon.



Beginning of week 3!

Wow this is actually going faster than I expected.

Start of third week

Skin is looking better! not great, but still better than the past few weeks. Not expecting much though I know it wont be till a few months I will start getting reliable results.

Most side effects have calmed down, even the dry lips arent as bad. Only thing remaining really bothering me is this fucking itchy scalp! I'm sitting typing this scratching away I dont know why its this bad. If anyone reading has completed Accutane can you tell me you're experiences with itchy scalp? and what you did to remedy it??

As for the burn, its still healing, very slowly but none the less is healing.

Keep you guys posted!


End of week 2

End of week 2 and things are looking up!, side effects are easing off. Today no itchy scalp, no dry skin and no nosebleed! Forgot to add yesterday had 3 nosebleeds, very minor ones but still can't be normal right?Basically still keeping up with my Biotin for my hair, moisturising shampoo and putting conditioner on my scalp. Washing regime: washing face once daily with simple moisturising cleanser followed by cetaphil moisturiser. BEST PRODUCT FOR ROACCUTANE IS BURTS BEES! Honestly was sick of the oil spill yet still dry that was vaseline but no, burts bees was found at the back of my wardrobe and no stickyness, matte and no dry skin whatsover not put it on in about 2 hours and still completely soft.Skin is still the same, worse than pre-roaccutane but not as bed as previously!


Sitting in my friends bed watching a movie and can't even concentrate on it because my scalp is that itchy. Such a headache too, not washed my hair in 3 days and it's still this itchy had to put Cetaphil on it. Starting to think if this is really worth it. All these side effects and I'm not even two weeks in. Starting to regret accutane. Today has been a tough day.


Half way through week 2

Still breaking out like crazy, still very dry lips and very dry skin.

Burn taking ages to heal hardly changed at all.

New side effects: woke up this morning with a nose bleed and had a banging headache all day about to go back to sleep cause its really sore.



Few days into week 2

Right a few days into week 2, was going to do this on a weekly basis but never mind just gonna keep updating when things happen. Also, I'm going to keep up with this blog and not half ass it like alot of people do.

So I thought my initial breakout was clearing up at the end of week 1, but alas obviously not. Still getting tonnes of under the skin sore spots and whiteheads. I dont know if you would call it a cyst but its the most cyst like spot i think ive ever had on my face. Tried to pop it but clear water just came out(this does happen to me but not from one this big usually) and now its a hard lump. Face and lips still drying like crazy, being a country with a foot of snow at the minute probably isn't helping couldn't even get my car out so walking everywhere which probably is just really bad for the dryness of my skin and lips. The burn on my arm is really sore and hardly healing whatsover, who the fuck gets this from a radiator honestly, but my friends dads a doctor and going there tonight so see what he says and write back.

Other than that not much else is going on.

Also i hate milk like no other so taking my accutane with cheese and forgot to mention how much I'm on 40mg a day.

Feel free to comment/ email me.

Il write soon friends!


Accutane week 1

Should have started blogging from day 1, but basically heres this jist. I'm 17 years old and got prescribed roaccutane(accutane) for moderate facial acne and significant back and chest acne after differin/ benzoyl peroxide, tetracycline, erythromycin etc etc. Not to mention my expensive experimentations with clinique, acnefree(shipping from america may be cheap in wal mart but expensive to get to the UK), clearisil, garnier pure active and the famous pro activ.

Just about to finish week 1.

So far, I have experienced not a huge tonne of side effects. Mainly the usual dry lips, dry skin etc. I used to wash with clinique anti blemish foaming cleanser twice a day, now I cant even use it once without a flaky outburst. Also fell onto a radiator and my arm stuck to the radiator resulting in a 1st to 2nd degree burn, I don't know if this is due to accutane or the burn itself but it is huge and hearing that waxing will cause permanent scarring im sure this will. Also, I think I'm in the initial breakout stage because my skin is mental at the minute.

But basically I am obsessed with my acne and I mean OBSESSED, I think this is one of the reasons why I got put on accutane on the first place. I am being careful and taking biotin for my hair, oil supplements for joints, limiting drinking but going to a club every weekend this will be hard especially as a teenager in Britain (I know alot of people on here are USA) and drinking water.

I will keep this updates along with a photo journey!


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