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My experience of accutane. Complete 5 months.

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Post accutane

Update - My lips are completely back to normal. It's so nice!

Also, the itchy arms have disappeared, finally. My scalp is just now tolerating regular shampoo again.

My heel pain is gone.

I'm still very stiff all over and having joint/muscle pain.

My face is still nice and dry (HOORAY) and no acne anywhere. (YES!!!)

Bad things: because the accutane is still in my system, it predisposed me to hyperacuity in my ears. Just suddenly, out of nowhere, my hearing became distorted last wednesday. The ENT I went to explained that it was almost always caused my medication, so that must be it.

Also, my knee is starting to act up...there is a sore spot on it and it seems like I have a swollen part on my knee. Very odd....never happened to me before.

3 weeks post accutane:

My hair is still shedding the way it did during the course....abnormally high shedding.

My face is just now starting to feel a tad oily.

My scalp is getting some oil back, but is still pretty dry.

Lips are back to normal, face is flaking a bit.

I'm having some knee discomfort after working out on the treadmill which I know is part of accutane's aches and pains. The other aches and pains have dissipated, though. HOpefully they are on their way out, never to return again.

My right nostril is STILL not back to normal. It's VERY irritated and sore inside. :redface:

And of course, no acne to speak of. Not even during my period. SO awesome.



Month 1 - 40 mgs, once per day (taken on empty stomach)

Day 5

- first side effect appeared: dry, flaky scalp

By end of Week 1:

-itchy skin set in: arms, neck

-scalp felt noticeably less oily

-fatigue became noticeable

-ears stopped producing oily wax

-lips chapped, of course

Day 12

- first sign of muscle/joint aches and pains appear

-slight redness appears in face

By end of week 2:

- Bacne calmed down

-overall itchiness increased

- leg stiffness appears, muscle/joint pain increases to almost intolerable levels

- gums bled strangely

- face became so dry the creases of my nose were sore

Day 22:

-bumpy rash thing appears on arms

-face is gloriously dry 24/7, barely have to wash it!

-pores have a much smaller appearance!!!

Day 26:

-vaginal dryness becomes very noticeable

-period is a month late at this point

- as of this point I hadn't had more than 3 actives on face at a time, chest has remained 100% clear for the duration. Back hadn't changed much.

Day 30:

-dry anal area caused a little bleeding upon wiping

-heel pain is truly intolerable at this point

- 2nd account of a short tinnitus episode

- 2 ingrown fingernails

Month 2: 20 for the first 7 days, then 20/40 alternatively

Day 32 -38:

-suddenly zits that were dying are returning with whiteheads

-face can no longer tolerate AHA or BP at this point

-back got worse

-itchiness subsided

-sebaceous filaments in nose disappeared

- heel pain subsided, though still there at the end of the day

-fatigue improved

-noticed I was dropping a lot more hair than normal

-oiliness started coming back

-ear wax retuned

-still no period

- bumpy rash thing disappeared

- day 39 started using eucerin oil soap to help the itching

Day 40:

-developed 6 zits all at once that ended up lasting 7 days (IB?)

-able to use AHA and BP again on face

-itchiness is much improved

-ODD arm acne appears all over shoulders and arms

- 2 more ingrown nails, one developed puss.

Day 41: started taking 20/40

Day 42-46:

-saw a significant improvement in bacne

-had one face zit suddenly flare with anger, then it died within a day

-rough patch of KP on back of leg got worse

-very happy with face


-short episode of tinnitus

-started period on day 46. Missed it completely in July.

-the red marks from the Big Six zits are still very noticeable, taking forever to heal

- still battling the ugly arm acne. WTF?????

-Can't stop drinking water. Habit or actually thirsty?

- no more anal irritation/bleeding since dosage dropped

- still dropping about twice the amount of hair I normally do - don't like it. :wub:

-ingrown nails got infected - not normal for me

DAY 49

-one new zit after a long period of nothing new.

-back feels very smooth in majority of areas, but inflamed acne still exists

-arm acne disappeared

Day 52

- 2 new actives appeared, then went away quickly

- 1 new active appears

- back is not 100% clear yet :pray:

- ear wax has disappeared again in the last few weeks!

-can't use BP or AHA on face now

-a little arm acne came back

-dropping less hair now

MONTH 3: 20/40 mgs alternating

-had random small zits popping up everywhere

-developed accutane rash on hand on DAY 78

-corner of mouth cracked and healed three times, despite regular use of moisturizer and aquaphor

- part in hair seemed noticeably wider, but not dropping hair as much as before

-arms got so itchy I scratched them until they looked like a meth addict's arms

-got a good case of excema on arms from not using lotion

DAY 80:

noticed creaking in joints, got a nose bleed that lasted 3 days. Not a free-flowing nose bleed, just a bloody nose when blowing it.

DAY 86:

amazingly clear back, just one tiny zit on chest, face is clear.

MONTH 4 & 5

DAY 150:

-100% clear everywhere, best months ever! Love my skin and it's dryness.

-my back is SOOOOO nice. Perfect!

-now I"m hoping it will stay that way. Can't wait to say goodbye to vaginal dryness, scabs all over arms, painful nostrils, dry lips, itchy arms, painful bowel mvmts due to dry anus, weird bump on lip, FEELING LIKE AN OLD LADY ALL THE TIME WITH MY JOINTS AND MUSCLES!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for it to all go away.

A note about the tinnitus (ringing in the ears,) I continued to have the short episdoes of this even 2 days after stopping the drug. None since, but I'll keep logging.


Complete Accutane LOG

Hello everyone. The day I started accutane I kept copious notes on my computer. I will post the long version and the abridged version (for those who don't have the attention span.)

I am a young woman, 27, 110 lbs, with mild acne, but very persistent (on face.) My back was another story. It was moderate and VERY persistant, itchy and painful. I didn't realize how bad either one was until it was gone.

I went off accutane today, and I will note my progress as all my side effects wear off. Please refer to the next entries for my log.

Products I used:

For months 1-3 I used Dan's cleanser, cetaphil moisturizing cream, oil of olay complete for sensitive skin (for sunscreen), aquaphor for lips. (It's the only thing that works.) I also used vaseline on my lips for a night treatment, and put aquaphor in my nose for the dryness there. Also, I took a LOT of ibuprofen for the muscle aches and pains.

For months 4&5: I did everything I mentioned in months 1-3 except I added The Body Shop passion fruit cleansing gel...I mix it in with Dan's cleanser.

-OH and for the dry, flaky, ITCHY scalp I used JASON scalp normalizing shampoo. It's a miracle!!! HEad and shoulders did nothing for me.

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