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I want this to be over. I am starting to count the days. I will stop around mid-May.

The side effects I feel are starting to get not so good. I think it is starting to mess with my health. So i am really keeping an eye on myself because, to be honest, I try not to worry and think i need to tolerate one more month but on the other hand im sorta trying to figure out how much is enough...

I've had my period for 3 weeks now, with a 2 day break in the middle. I am telling myself its because of accutane, and i am trying to be calm and see if it stops... because there is no other logical explanation for it and i dont want to alarm anyone.

Also today i showered and i felt a lot of hair came off. And also after when i brushed it. Again, I am trying to remain calm...

My skin is so dry and sensitive (i mean its beyond dry) that it breaks.

I wonder how will i deal with one more month.

Not to mention i am scared to death that after the treatment it will all come back :(

My face is clear, ive had no pimples or anything whatsoever in a long time. I do feel my scars have become more apparent. Which sucks but i guess its the reality of it. I guess accutane sorta ended up drying EVERYTHING up and so you end up having more scars (before not apparent cause there was a cyst under)

I really want this to be over... Its a relief to know i only need to buy one more box of accutane and that will be it... and time does fly so this last month should fly. But like i said im feeling it is taking a certain toll on my health...

My derm said everything goes back to normal when u go off it so i trust her...


WEEK 9 i guess?

it is no wonder many people stop posting after week 4 or so. i have not noticed any changes since then and everything stops being new. my face is def smoother, i only wash it once a day to prevent dryness. its summer here, and even though my face gets sweaty... it doesnt get oily as it ususally did.

i kinda wonder if that will be forever or not. itd be so nice if it was...

i have id say... no blackheads whatsoever. which is weird. i fell back into my picking habbits the other day and i realized... i had nothing to pick on!!!!!

blood tests came back normal, so my body is taking it well. when i saw my dermatologist she was def really happy with the results in general so that made me feel a whole lot better in general. she thought i was taking cortizone, and when i said i wasnt she couldnt believe how "great" i looked without it (she gave me cortizone to prevent side effects like inflammation etc)

secondary effects are in fact no biggy at all. i have aquaphor with me all the time but i even noticed i need to put it on less than in the begining. i dont feel particularily blinder at night haha or more sensitive to light. i mean at least i dont see a difference.

the lack of concentration thing was true for me the first maybe 2 to 3 weeks. i am 100% normal at this point. i have no trouble with that.

i do have occasional headaches. but i dont know if i should blame accutane or the heat lol...

the sun is REALLY bad for you when youre on these meds though. because of my job, i spend litterally 3 minutes under the sun (haha) and i get very red.

i am currently on 70mg a day, i weight about 68 kg or so.

i am sorry not to have done this earlier and to have been so scared off by many people, esp for the 2ndary effects!!!.


if i had never come to this message board i would have never heard of the innitial breakout. i know now that my derm helped me avoid that by having another med the first two weeks.

what i would have known, from her, is that weeks 4 to 6 can be the worse, acne wise.

she was right in the sense that i had new cysts last week. two. one is healing in the same way one i had prior to accutane did with this medication... it flattens completely overnight, and it looks purple floom blood as if i had picked for hours. then it leaves a red mark. blah.

so i know it is not mathematical but since its been 6 whole weeks, i hope it means i will have no new things coming up.

i have my apointment on the 10th which i feel is too late in into my treatment for a 2nd appointment. but the lady took a vacation!!! ugh

i honestly feel my secondary effects are almost none and that worries me a lot.

yes, i have dry skin, but i can do without moisturizing its really no big deal, my eyes feel sometimes dry but again, i dont need drops, my sclap almost doesnt itch anymore... etc etc.

im having 60mg and i weight 69kg so i dont know if i shouldnt have 10 extra mg a day.

btw i have my blood results on the 4th!...



40 days... nothing new. i think yesterday i got my first new cyst since i started with accutane.

according to my dermatologist, whom i havent seen in all this time, weeks 4 to 6 could be the "worse". indeed everything has been looking redder and then this new cyst...

wow i am realizing i am about to hit the 6 weeks mark so theoretically the worse should be about to be over.

i feel the side effects are turning into nothing really. i am not bothered by any of them except the dry lips which i have totally under control with aquaphor. dry skin and stuff is normalish, nothing to be alarmed about (and to think i was so afraid of the side effects)

i am still on 60mg and since the side effects are almost none i think maybe my derm will up my dose?? i dont know


DAY 20

secondaty effects:

-itchy scalp is making it today to #1 position today

-dry skin

-dry lips (dropping from #1 thanx to aquaphor - lips feel normal)

-red eyes, less bad than at the begining.


-my skin has started clearing out. ive had new cysts on my jawline on week 1 but theyve cleared out.

-last night i noticed that on a healing cyst (that may i say it has been "healing" for years", its more like a red-slightly active-mark) i had a white head. this morning it has the same shape but is red (like with blood eek). im proud i didnt try to pick it last night.

-its summer here and i am sweating a lot. normally my skin gets really worse in this condition, all the red marks redder... this isnt happening. the heat and the sweating isnt affecting the look of my skin and that is pretty amazing.

i cant believe in 10 days i am taking my blood tests already...

i dont know whether or not my skin was genetically prepared to have an IB, but i know that one reason why i didnt is because my dermatologist gave me pills for the first two weeks. maybe without the pills i wouldnt have had it either, but the fact of the matter is i didnt and i am relieved.

however, she said it could get really bad between weeks 4 and 6... YIKES!

i guess i need to be ready for anything and def STOP PICKING although i have nothing to pick, why do i do this?????????????????????


yesterday i was in so much pain from my lips. i suffered. i started considering staying home for the next 5 months if my lips were going to look the way the looked and felt the way they felt.

i bought aquaphor today and it-s a miracle... i know its not even been 24 hours, but right now i recommend this product 100%. my lips feel almost normal, they look normal... i feel good :redface:


my scalp is itchy but its really almost nothing.

my skin is dry but nothing i can't fix with moisturizer.

my eyes are red, but i use drops and i just deal with it.

my problem right now are the dry lips. im starting to feel it's worse than acne itself. they are dry, sore, red, and peeled. around my lips it's also red. the corner of my lips is a MESS. and it hurts i can't open my mouth!

chapstick didnt do anything, i was applying moisturizer straight onto my lips and it helps for like 2 minutes but gets bad as soon as it gets absorbed.

i was thrilled to discover they sell aquaphor here but i hadnt been able to go buy it. i just did. and applied. i cant say much yet as i put it 5 minutes ago lol... it's not getting absorbed, is this normal?

ugh i really want normal lips, people were staring at me yesterday :redface:


2 weeks in. my face looks better but i dont really know how long that will really last... i am scared for a breakout.

not to mention that today i am supposed to increase my dose from 40 to 60 mg a day yikes! that is super scary. i guess it is to expect an increase in all of the secondary effects...

so far, the only one that is kinda bad is my dry lips. they feel horrible and chap stick aint helping. i switched to using the moisturizer for my face directly to my lips and its way better. it gets absorbed in minutes which is scary and i need to reapply several times a day... about 15 id say. but it makes my lips feel and look normal. (chap stick was seriously like doing nothing at all). it is a bit insane how i need to reapply so much, i guess they are super dry?

i should look to see if there is anything more specific for lips but since i have this i might as well use it.

wish me luck on going on 60 mg eek


DAY 12

let's see.

the super thirsty feeling has diminished a bit. i feel dryness in my eyes, nose and lips. they are not cracking or anything, they just feel dry - as if the air i am breathing was dry (like when you spend too much time with air conditioning).

my face seems to be clearing out, at least it's less bumpy. the redness remains and actually everything is healing in a strange way. maybe before everything would heal from the outside in and not its backwards and that's why the process looks different?

not being able to be under the sun makes things a bit difficult esp since here it's summer. but i'll manage, i hope.

i've been having trouble sleeping, and i wake up very early. i have nightmares most night (not blaming accutane for all of this, i'm just describing my mood).

i keep thinking about this guy who is far away, in another country, and with whom when i had my chance, i ran away from.

blah. it's eating my brain lol



skin seems to be clearing.

i don-t feel any dryness on my skin, just my throat and eyes. starting to feel it on my nose as well as i breathe. i feel i am constantly thirsty too. the dry lips started around day 6 i-d say. nothing severe yet.

i'm barely washing my face and have stopped using BP a few days ago.


DAYS 4 5 AND 6

for the first 3 days my face had seemed to get really better. however, these last days have not been so good. my face is super oily. a weird oilyness... even if i wash it it still feels greasy. it is also redder than usual but nothing to be alarmed of.

today, day 6 the redness seems to have diminished, but i am still oily. it is disgusting. i started breaking out after day 4, and i have picked ugh. stupid me. basically cyst/nodules on my jawline and minor whiteheads on my cheek.

i had trouble falling asleep last night and i woke up super early today so i am exhausted. i dont know if it is fair to blame accutane for this but i thought id mention it.

not so exhited bout all of this...



life is indeed starting to revolve around Accutane. Hopefully that will change eventually.

My face looks better... is that possible on day 3?

I also feel thirsty and dehydrated the whole time. So I keep drinking and going to the bathroom, but my mouth is still dry. So are my eyes, that "hurt" a little... like how your eyes feel when you're super tired.



so yesterday i felt way more thirsty (like dry inside)... its obviously me getting these ideas cause i cannot be drier because i took 2 pills.

i still feel dry today, and my eyes also but i am convinced this is my imagination...

nothing else to report, obviously...



day 1...

first two weeks will be 40 mg then the following two weeks will be 60 mg (i am 150 lbs - 69 kg)... my dermatologist also gave me a bit of corticoid to... well i dont know, to diminish the bad effects of the first 10 days??? i will be taking a really small amount...

took my 1st pill, obviously no effects whatsoever yet hehe

wish me luck...

PS: if you're reading this and are or have been on accutane, would u tell me how much you weight and what dose you take ?


let's describe ME today.

i am off antibiotics, only washing my face once or twice a day with cetaphil (i was using other soaps and switched back to cetaphil and i think i can see a difference, cetaphil is more gentle), and using BP once or twice a day.

i have a few bumps on my jawline and chin (used to be HUGE but became really small with antibiotics), a larger bump on my jaw/side of my chin, a horrible cyst on my cheek and several previous red marks, that have been there for years, really.

the cyst appeared a few days ago. i'm trying to remember if it is where i picked, but who knows anymore :pray: its horrible, painful and very sensitive. it doesn't seem to be getting any smaller.

that is me, today. well, my face. :wub:

i have an appointment with my dermatologist wednesday. she'll prescribe accutane and will start i dont know, friday probably. i haven't told my family but i obviously have to.

i read many of you wear make up, but i can't. the minute i put it on, my face starts to itch. i once left it on for maybe 10 minutes and got a rash!!! my skin seems to absorb anything i put on it... (i've tried 3 different brands of good make up and all three gave me that effect so i am bot interested in trying anymore).... so basically i have to go out with my face "au naturel"

blah. i have an important event friday and not only i look bad on my face but my body: i have gained 15 lbs... blah. and i need to buy a dress!!!

so, me today: not happy... and i should be thrilled cause its a good moment :whistle:


made the decision...

well i called my dermatologist, because she told me to do so with my decision about Accutane. She says it's the only solution for me but i was too scared. I told her, i decided to take Accutane and she said "bravo". That makes me feel better I have to say.

I see her on the 24th so i'll be starting Accutane couple days after that i assume?...

*is scared*


one of the many reasons why i am scared of Accutane is i have heard it can get worse while on it. there is someone i really like that lives abroad and is coming in 1 month time, and i was thinking i didnt want to use Accutane and look like a mess if he's gonna be here.

however, my friend really messed things up on facebook today (really long story) and ruined things for me. so i think i don't even want to see this guy anymore. or at least he shouldnt be a reason not to start with the treatment immediately.




Short intro:

Hi, i am a 27 year old female, and i have had acne since i was about 20/21... never a single spot or zit or ANYTHING before that. I remember i was seeing a guy that had acne at the time, really bad (worse than mine has ever been) and i wanted to make a horrible comment because he was starting to annoy me: he was complaining about acne and i said "we've all been thru that" when i hadn't, really. I just wanted him to say "you had acne too?" and i'd say "well, not me, i never had a zit". I never told him that, but sometimes I think because I had that mean thought, that's why I got acne...

I have been on most antibiotics, some didn't take any effect, some did but i was never 100% clear skin. After several years of no results my dermatologist suggested me to go on accutane. i didn't accept, i was too scared. My acne has never been TOO bad... yes i have all kinds of acne but my face is not covered or anything at all... and so I though Accutane wasn't for me.

When I ran away from Accutane (and my derm), I saw another derm (the best in my city) and she gave me birth control pills / Diane 35. Took them for 2 years and my skin was pretty decent but never perfect (but pretty good i must say, can't complain).

I stopped taking it and immediately broke out again. This was 3 months ago. I started doing the regimen, and hasn't worked either. My new dermatologist suggested me to go on Accutane. Again i was too scared and i am now on antibiotics but i am realizing it is not helping and probably never will, like before.

I have 1 week left of antibiotics and so this week i need to call her and tell her if i have finally decided to take accutane.

I blame my eating habits, my touching my face... but are these really the reasons??? i don't even know anymore. i dont know if i want to keep waiting, how many more months, waiting for some miracle cure...

If anyone reads this and wants to give me your thoughts, i'd appreciate that.

I'll post again when i call my dermatologist with my decision...

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