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Sudocrem Remody.

Posted on my blog the other day about the sudocrem method of clearing skin.

Well it has reduced all redness and my skin is clear again.

I have a few very small white head-heads, that I immediatly remove when i see, (Which everyone should do).

Skin is looking and feeling great:)


Sudocrem Remody!

Well, today, we had fancy dress at work, and ofcourse i had to go over board with the zombie make up.

Was well worth it to be fair.

Had sa great day, came home, went for a shower, and found it was very difficult to remove the make-up, After about half an hour of trying, i got it off, only to find it had left my skin red, and i could see a possibility of a break out,

I reached for the Tea tree foam wash (Super-drug Uk sells this product, very good.*)

gently cleansed face. Applied the 5star Sudocrem cream, which works wonders. Now just waiting for it to take effect, will update you tomorrow, to tell you the result:)

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