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hello all

Hey!! It's been awhile!! My face is a lot clearer, but my skin picking has not been going very good!! I only really have acne on my chin and jawline though so when i pick its never to bad, but i think its making my face not clear up dammit!!! I have been using dans stuff for about 5 weeks now and it is looking promising which is awesome!!


grr arg

Hello all, it has been a while. I went to that concert, which was crazy, but i think the alcohol i consumed gave me a giant cyst on my cheek. I never get acne on my cheek. It has healed up a lot already though which is nice. I started wearing make up again, not wearing it was making no difference at all. I know my acne is mostly caused by my PCOS and that bums me out because it gives me basically no hope of getting rid of it!! I know it will eventually go away I am just impatient!!


Make up free!!

So I picked yesterday, which I am super upset about. I had 4 whiteheads that in my opinion, were taking way to long to heal, so I killed them. This morning however they did not look terrible. That didn't really surprise me though because I didn't super dig at them. There is one giant cyst on my jawline that I have been leaving alone!! Anyway, I decided today was day one with no makeup. I am going to banff on Friday for a concert and want to have the clearest skin I can get for that! I was very self concious when I first left my house and almost went back inside to apply makeup!! My husband stopped me though and told me I was looking pretty cute! He told me that I notice my skin problems when others probably don't even take a second look at them. He also said the way I look at my face reminds him of people with eating disorders just because he thinks I still see my face the way it was when it was at it's worst. Kind of like when someone loses weight, but still see themselves as fat. That gave me a new way to look at my face.

I didn't actually go all day without makeup I did use some translucent powder around noon, after using blotting papers, to kill the excess shine on my face. I still consider this a huge break through for myself though!!



I fell off the no pick wagon... I just can't seem to help it I'm trying really hard to stop. I've decided today is the new day one! I'm going to be positive and try some of the tips and advice others have given on this site. I will no longer do face checks in the mirror 500 times a day so I don't get the urg to pick my face as soon as I get home from work. I need to stop so I can stop canceling my evening plans due to picking. I am almost going to try my hardest to stop touching my face. I am also I nervous head scratcher so I am going to try to stop doing that aswell. The good news is now that I started taking zinc omega 3s as well as doing the regime my face is a lot clearer! Yay!!


Okay so no money back for me on the stupid acne no more book I cannot believe I was that stupid!!

Okay so I am going to go into the history of my skin now...

I am 24 years old and have been fighting with acne since I was 14 years old. I had it undercontrol with the help of proactiv and birthcontrol. I also have polycystic ovarian syndrome which effects my hormone levels which makes my skin very unpredictable (it also causes hairloss and many other symptoms) so like I previously stated my skin was under control with the help of birthcontrol and proactiv. I recently went off of birthcontrol because my husband and I would like to start a family (even though the chances for me to actually get pregnant are not very high) after going off the pill my face exploded!!! It was terrible, broken out but super dry at the same time it made me feel as though I was 14 again!! Super depressing!!

I have now starting the regime and it seems to slowly be working!! Yay!! My only problem is I am addicted to picking my face. I don't scar at all (I almost cut my finger off and you can't even tell, I'm lucky like that) the problem is not scarring for me it's that I think the picking is what's holding my skin back from healing completely!! So this is my no pick blog day one!! Wish me luck!!



I feel so dumb today!!! i ordered that stupid ebook acne no more paying 40 something dollars for it and it is the biggest scam ever!! Maybe it has worked for some people, but i am not all about giving myself an enema, or living off juice for 3 days!! hopefully the 60 day full money back guarantee is true, because i would like my money back. All I want is nice skin I don't think that that is to much to ask for. I'm 24 year olds and there are still days that I wish I could call in sick to work so i could just hid at home. Oh yeah and to anyone reading this, don't be stupid like I was and order that dumb ebook!!

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