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My time using retin a

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Giving up hope. Rapidly

all i can say so far is that retin a is not working.

Not only is it doing nothing for my pimples, (new ones are ever present in the morning) it also seems really bad for my skin. My face is always much redder than its suppose to me, but my nose, forehead, beneath my nose and chin all remain regularskin colour, because i dont put retin a on those parts.

Basically it has become my worst enemy, i have no hope left for retin a and i am seriously considering throwing it in the bin. Right now.

I have just wasted almost 3 months on this product, and its done nothing. Im going to ring my doctor and book an appointment with him to tell him it isnt working.

Just a quick question, i think i asked it in my last post, but has anyone else out there given up on retin a?

Or, has anyone seen retin a AFTER 3 months of applying?

you answers and advice really would be appreciated.

Oh and another thing, im only applying retin a at night, from about 9pm to 8am. Iv found that if i put it on more it make me break out more :/

could this be why im seeing no results?

Thank you everyone, you support is priceless


another update, must be getting close to 3 months now, possibly even past it.

Iv named this entry 'the roller coaster' due to the fact that so far my retin a experience has been like one. By this i mean that the second things start to be looking up, and my skin looks clearer, it suddenly gets worse than ever. Its like my body is saying to itself 'ooh hang on a second, his skin is clearing up, better give him another break out!'

this week, its now sunday, i really did think that retin a was finally having a real impact, in that my skin was looking super clear. Now though its not looking so good. The interesting thing is that i began the retin a course with my cheeks being by far the most affected area. Now though my cheeks seem good, its my jaw line and either side of my chin thats taking a hit. Also on my cheek bones near my temple either side of my face seems popular at the minute too. Anyway, the big question i have in this post is - how long do you stay on retin a for without any signs of affect??

As iv said, it has been possibly just under, but im pretty sure over 3 months now. My doc first told me i should see affects after 1 month. hmmm

So if my skin isnt clear after 3 months, is retin a right for me?

Id also like to say a big thankyou to everyone who has posted so far, i really appreciate anything that anyone can offer

Thanks guys


2 months +

just for anyone who actually reads this, a new update.

Over 2 months now using retin a 0.25%, applying at night.

recently recovered from a big bad breakout, scabs and red marks still healing. I am almost positive though that as soon as the scabs and red marks heal, i will have yet another breakout. At least half a dozen times now my skin really starts to look like its getting better, then i have a bog breakout. Is anyone else finding this with retin a?? it cant just be me.

anyway, another point id like to make is the fact that people dont have acne forever, i am currently 17, there must be soo many people who have bad skin at this age, that have clear skin now, i just would like to know what they did to get clear skin.

thanks guys



hey guys just a little update, coming up to 2 months using retin a. As iv said my skin was really looking damn good when i got back from my holiday 1 week ago. it carried on looking clear until about 2 days after i got back where i just started breaking out again. Recovery from that breakout still. The trend continues with retin a of just as soon as my skin seems to be clearing up, it suddenly gets worse again. Has anyone else experienced this??

trying to think of things iv done differently that may affect my skin since getting back, cant think of anything at all. My diet was pretty bad when i was away, due to the desserts in the buffet meals being too nice to resist haha, but this didnt affect my skin at all, as iv said it was looking really clear. I have been taking omega 3 fish oil tablets since i got back, as i didnt take them away on holiday with me. Im beginning to think that my bad skin is caused my the environment i live? sounds stupid though but does make sense when i thunk about it. Anyway, i'll press on and let you know whats going down, wish me look!


first entry

hello guys, just thought id start up this little blog to let you all know how my retin a experience is going. I started on the 17th of september, with 0.01%, and moved up to 0.025% on the 1st of october. Sorry for the late start hah.

Anyway, il describe to you my situation before i started the course. Im 17, a guy and iv suffered on off acne for pretty much all my teenage years, although it only started to become serious about a year and a big ago. By serious i mean more than just an occasional yellow head, i now get regular 'under the skin' which hurt like a f****r and dont 'pop' as such. however give them maybe a few weeks and youl get them out, only to have a big ugly scab for a few days, then a big red mark for, )well it seems), forever. i try to keep upbeat about it, but sometimes it really gets my down. Like today for example i yelled at my girlfriend and we had a bog row for pretty much no reason, besides me being moody and grouchy because of my awful skin.

anyhow back to the subject, my first few days using retin a were pretty tough, my skin broke out loads, however it cleared up, only to a point where i got hopeful that it was actually clearing up, then i would have a new breakout. This has been the pattern ever since. I dont know about you put i tend to pop my pimples, gross yes, but i go by the motto of better out than in. Iv found that if you leave an 'under the skin' spot when you could pop it, itl just stay there for months. Only problem is as soon as you pop it, youll get a big scab, then a big red mark, which lasts a while. On the other hand, if you go for a under the skin pimple that isnt ready to pop, boy your in trouble. Youll get a scab, like you would if youd popped it, but then everything will heal,(probably take about 2 weeks maybe?) then youll still have the spot under there. what b*****ds they are!!

anyway, iv been using retin a for getting on to 5 weeks now, and my doc told me results would show in one oenth. No such results yet though doc :/

il keep using it though, even though i got to a point during the week where i actaully believed my skin was healing up for good, then another big breakout. so now im sitting here with lots of nice red scabs thatl take a couple of weeks to heal, and il probably find that a few still have big spots underneath them.

Il try give regular updates, even though no one will probably read any of them, itl be helpful for me to know what was happening when i look back :wub:

thankyou to anyone who has actually read this :pray: think its probably quite long for a 'blog' dont know though iv never written one before

hope everyones well :whistle:

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