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Day 19 : Good progress...

I'm pretty happy of the progress, almost all the side effects disappeared except for the dryness.

I still feel very dry, and my skin is really flaking, which is a good sign. The cysts are almost all gone, but the red spots persists.

It's amazing how Accutane works on the body.

I can feel (not subtle) changes on me, on my whole being, it's very strange...

I feel good now and I'm sure this medication is working and I'm on my way to REALLY heal.

I'm still using the creams I mentioned one week ago, they're still helping a lot.

And my diet is still the same... I only avoid to eat cheese, except on a pizza or over pasta, but in general I try to avoid eat it alone.

Still working out, still thinking positive... I'm persuaded that a positive attitude is the most important to keep out inner force.


I posted a picture.


12 day : It's working

It's my day 12 and I know Accutane is working. My skin is getting better (as you can see on my pics).

I'm getting very dry now, from inside and out, I got a lot of new cysts...which is not very pleasant :ninja:.

I'm doing my best to avoid sleeping disorders, and frankly I started by changing my diet to help my stomach recover back again and trying to move as much as possible, this is walking, working out, reading, and all kind of activities that could keep me away from depression.

It works... at least for today I feel enough motivated and strong to continue :shifty:.

Today, at least... Let's hope I'll be able to handle with side effects ;))

I hope this information can be helpful for you. I don't know if you can find those products in the US, but they're available in many countries of EUROPE. Maybe you can give them a try...

This is my regime :

Morning :

-Effaclar, Mousse nettoyante et apaisante, La Roche Posay.

I apply this one in the morning because it soothes the skin over dried with Accutane treatments.

-Advanced Night repair serum, Esthée Lauder.

My esthetician told me to use it also in the morning in small quantities before the day cream. It helps to regenerate new skin cells faster.

-Crème de Jouvence, Jean d'Avèze.

THE Cream ! It's amazing how this cream helps to reduce scarring and dark spots on skin... just look at my pictures before and after...and moisturizes enough.

-Toleriane, foundation, La Roche Posay.

Ma favorite make-up since I have acne... then I put some touches of Unifiance fine film-pro (also from La Roche Posay) which incredibly cover up the bumps and disguises the redish spots :wall:.

Night :

-Lait démaquillant physiologique, La Roche Posay.

This milk removes all make-up very quickly and veeeery gently!

Then I wash with very warm water and re-apply it until my face is totally make-up clean.

-Adavanced Night Repair, Esthée Lauder.

Once the skin is completly clean, I apply it as in the morning, before night cream.

-Effaclar, Nettoyant désincrustant, La Roche Posay.

For a deep cleansing.

-Crème de Jouvence, Jean d'Avèze.

Always a thin layer !

EYES : Clinique's total turnaround cream (rich) is good to keep the skin surrounding the eye smooth, day and night.

I try to eat as much healthy as possible... It's excellent for your metabolism!

Supplements :

Flax oil on my salad (which is rich in Omega 3's)

Zinc + Calcium.

brewer's yeast capsules on each meal.


10 days...Hard times.

Side effects :

-dryness (skin, mouth, lips and eyes)

-skin eruptions, flareups.

-sleeping disorders




I'm feeling very bad today, very tired and can't focus on what I'm doing at work. I forget everything, I'm slow... I don't feel normal ;)

I wish I was not feeling alone on this :wall:

I don't like to complain, but this is unbearable.

I just hope it will pass soon.


It has been a week already, and I think I'm getting used to. My stomach is getting used to, and I'm not dry, I don't know if it's a bad sign... I guess I'm supposed to suffer from dryness now?

Instead of it I've noticed significant improvements on my skin, not so many new pimples even if skin looks red and it feels sensible as if I was sunburnt (at this time of the year, in Switzerland there's no sun, just cold cold ;)).

Of course I'm not clear yet, I do got new red pimples and the old ones seems to re-infect...I'm only at the first stage of the treatment. At least don't have big cysts.

Well, I got to say I'm taking care of my skin (face, body, eyecream, hair) a lot maybe this is the reason I'm not drying. The esthetician gave me a rejuvenating cream, it's very concentrated and helps to renew the cells and prevents flaking. I started using this cream expecting it doesn't give me more pimples... Actually it doesn't (until now), and I'm surprised it's helping, I didn't get any new pimple and my skin looks better. But I prefer to use it one week more to see significant results. :ninja:

The remaining problem with Acctuane is that I'm still having trouble sleeping. Last night I was insomniac for more than 4 hours, and when I could finally sleep, I had nightmares.... :wall: I can sleep better after 5 in the morning, and this is affecting me at work, because I'm always arriving late, or worst : last time I stayed home because I felt so tired and unable to go work.

For the rest, I'm still going workout, drinking lots lots of water and eating chocolate, had beer on friday...

Well... I'm still wondering why Am I not getting dry lips and everything??? :shifty:

Let's see what happens on next days. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.


6th day on Accutane

Very important : you take your Accutane w enough fat on your meal!!

Otherwise you're not assimilating the medication.

I'm feeling good today, no depression, no stomach disorders, there's only some headaches, but they don't last.

My secondary effects: I feel thirsty all the time + interrupted sleep at night.

People noticed my acne is getting "better", I think so too. But I still have whiteheads, some new infected cysts but I don't touch them at all (it's veeeery hard to resist) ;)

I'am about to use a night cream to reduce the scars... let you know the results.


Accutane...4th day

Nothing really special today. I'm not anymore depressed, not yet an excesive dryness of my skin. Same thirsty sensation, but I got more pimples today.

This morning I had palpitations and last night couldn't sleep.

I think my body's getting used to Accutane, but my stomach is still very very upset.


Yesterday I felt very depressive and irritable. I cried a lot and had a crisis at night. I can't deny the fact my period has something to do on this, I think it can explain my increased sensivity. But I NEVER get like that on my period...never. It has been at least 5 months that I don't cry... :wall:

This morning my skin was... I got to say : NICE.

ALL the white heads are GONE.

I only have red cysts, two of them big infected with pus, and I took them out (yes, I know I don't have to do that, I know, but how could I resist?), BUT did that very carefully, I washed my face with my Effaclar© cleanser, and then gently "massaged" a little to remove dead cells with a very very mild exfoliator (Clarins© Nettoyant gommant à la Sève d'Orange), then apply gently to dry face some orange flower water, it helps to heal the wounded cysts and it calms the skin as it tones it. Then I moisturized my skin with the Dr. Hauschka© Normalizing Oil, which has very concentrated plant extracts that helps purifying the skin and avoid breakouts by normalizing sebum production (it's excellent!).

I got to say I don't experience any significant dryness on my face... Maybe dryness comes after a while using the medication ????

I've heard that when you're on Accutane, you GOT to experience dryness, and if you don't, then it means your body is not assimilating the medication because either you're not eating enough fat on your meal when taking it either you're not taking the right mg. dose.

But I'm eating enough fat (Omega-3 and chocolate ;) ) on my meal and I DO feel other secondary effects, and it means Accutane is on my blood...so the 30 mg I take dose must be the right one.

Some of you may think I'm crazy, but I'm persuaded that Accutane is succesfull because it can -somehow- trigger the "real cause" of acne and that's because we got those horrible secondary effects, and that's the way we HEAL, by finally "flushing" out things (whatever it may be) we kept inside.

I think when we stress a lot our inner life we learn to resist by building a sort of immune psychological "wall" and we modify our body's reactions, and it appears to be we people having acne are genetically predisposed to react like that. And it's also coincidence that people having acne have a tendency to get depressed and/or stomach or digestive problems. Hmm...Everything seems to be on relation! But science can't explain those things, there's no proof of things we cannot see...

I've learned about all that on TCM, naturopathy, homeopathy and Ayurveda.

Accutane is more than a medicine, but as the traditional allopath medicine approach is an EXACT science, it cannot explain things by considering not visible things. Medicine concentrate on physical evidence. And that's good, because medicine works. Medicine heals symptoms, but not causes. Maybe Accutane does something to causes but that's just a wonderful coincidence.

When I'm on Accutane, I get very depressed having painful souvenirs of my past...things that hurt me a lot, things I never said to someone, I felt sensible, again... because I've been TOO MUCH deniying those feelings for so long time...and it's exactly when I felt stronger facing stress and problems, my acne crisis started.

I'm sure, since yesterday I'm flushing out my supressed feelings that MAYBE indirectly caused my acne to get worst... and that's because I feel better now.

I hope i'm not the only one who thinks that way.

What do you guys think about that?


Second day on 30 mg.

I feel tired. I didn't get any headache yet, but I can feel a heavyness sensation. I've noticed irritability, I get mad very easily... I was surprised I had my period today (5 days earlier), I guess it's because of this drug.

I also feel little sad/tired, (like needing to be hugged ;) ) and above all : I'm very thirsty really all the time!

I am drinking more water for sure, but I don't know if being thirsty like that is normal even if drinking water is always good.

My acne has not aggravated that much... only some new small red pimples here and there over the front or on cheeks, I can hardly notice them, and got to say they look quite different from those I had before starting two days ago, I mean, as if those new pimples were another "type" of acne.

Please, does any of you felt those symptomes already?

Your comments are wellcome.


First day on Accutane

Hi everybody, this is my first post on acne.org. I'm 26 years old, an hard longtime acne sufferer as you might think, and I decided to stop here and take my time to follow and share with you my whole experience with this drug. I think I'll need some support as I already know how this thing works on the human's body...I was on it 8 years ago.

After my first experience with Accutane on 1997, I had a new acne crisis on August 2005, and the dermatologist put me on a treatment with Mynocin© and Diane 35© (anti-androgens). This treatment had good results on 4 months. I took minocin for two months and Diane for a year.

I thought I'd never have acne never again!

I had some pimples periodically, but nothing serious till new flareups started on 15 august 2007, so ending the european summer... (by the way, I'm on Switzerland, and I'm a french mother tongue speaker, so sorry for my not very good english) and I've tried EVERYTHING by my own during last 3 months : changing cleansing regime, diets, homeopathy, even Minocycline again (which turned my stomach on a mess!), but no give. I still have acne.

First, it started with little whiteheads on my cheeks and forhead, then, red cysts and pustules...they multiplicated till I was full of red cysts only over my cheeks.

Mynociclyne helped, of course, but I have the impression that my skin became red, even if the cysts are almost gone and I still have flareups but they're less infected.

The thing is, I realized there's no way to stop my acne... so I decided to visit a dermatologist, afraid of what he might say : to get on Accutane again... and actually that's what he said.

So here I am, once again... I've just swallowed the pills (30 mg) with a very greasy meal! LOL ;) The dermatologist gave me a prescription from now up to six months.

I got to confess I'm very optimist regarding this treatment, even if I know the risks of using Accutane, and because I'm persuaded that this drug can effectively suppress the acne, but not HEAL the causes, which is important for me. I prefer to know what triggers acne rather than supress the symptoms. But I can't anymore looking myself at the mirror with all those red pimples on my face... and using foundation and camuflating my skin everytime I go out.

I lost my confidence since I'm having flareups all the time, I avoid dating new people, or even going out with my friends, I feel unattractive, and always hiding something on me...... I gave up.

I never wanted to feel like a victim and never let acne rule my life as I'm always doing efforts to live with it.

Despite acne, I'm a very healthy person, I'm rarely ill, I practice mindfull eating, I DO sport, I do have regular sleeping paterns, sometimes I get depressed but I quickly recover as we all do...it's s incredible how this illness come to be a part of our lives, we, sufferers, we just can't avoid it. Even if I'm a woman, and can use make up to disguise my acne, is not funny at all having it.

I'm pretty sure that having acne is not that simple, there must be an explanation behind it to answer why some people have it... and this is something science can't explain yet. I'm sure there are too many factors we just can't understand.

That's because I think we should turn ourselves on alternative medicine to prevent illness and to help us keeping a positive attitude towards life and understand our body, our whole living being and how to heal it.

Well, enough talking... I want to share with you some pictures and some personal appreciations about using Accutane and acne on general. I think while using this drug we got to adopt a VERY healthy lifestyle, and it starts by doing the necessary to don't agravate the secondary effects.

I'll try to post here regularly to keep you updated of the progress...I cross my fingers!

Please look on my gallery for some actual pictures !!!

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