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DAY 8 on the REGIMEN :)


I missed yesterday's update.. :wub:

Day 8 is looking good for me. Skin is yes, DRY, RED and FLAKY but I'm seeing

improvements on my skin overall.

I'm impressed with this regimen bcuz I haven't had CYCSTIC ACNE thus far. :dance:

I usually have 2 or 3 or them grow on my face which creates scars when they dry up. hmpft. :pray:

I'm increasing my BP to half a finger now!!

:clap: YAY!! MORE FLAKING FOR ME. HAH :dance:

That's all for now.

:whistle: Will keep you posted!!



DAY 6 on the REGIMEN :)


Okay. I am new to this. :rolleyes: I don't normally write down stuff online, especially updates on my skin but I figured, everyone is doing it so why not try?? :mad:

I'm on my 6th day with the REGIMEN-- Dan's cleanser, BP and moisturizer.

-My problem is mostly on my cheeks where i have scars ( :( ) and I'm hoping this

regimen will help fade or lessen the redness.

-Skin is VERY ITCHY. Mostly on my neck and around my eyes.

I know we're supposed to keep the Benzoyl Peroxide AWAY from the eye area

so I guess I should be more cautious when putting the BP.

-Pimples are dry. My scars are flaking which is a GOOD sign for me

since I want my scars to fade.

-2 or 3 small pimples but not a big deal.

-I'm wondering how much BP other people have used during their first week???


If some one is reading this.. let me know how much BP u used for the 1st week?

-I'm using 1/4 of my finger thus far. Is that too much for the 1st week?? hhhmmm.

Have a fantabulous day everyone!

Don't let these suckers (pimples) ruin your day. Keep on smiling! :(

In the mean time.. check this out. Hope it makes you smile :mad:


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